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  • Vehicle page update #7

    38Vehicle page update #7
    The vehicle page received another update today and now contains all airplanes and ships which will be included in the release version of Transport Fever. The very exceptional designed Lockheed Super Constellation concludes the list of now 10 airplanes. From the sternwheeler Klondike up to the modern motor vessel Graf Zeppelin, …

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  • Developer blog #7: Town simulation

    54Developer blog #7: Town simulation
    We just released the seventh developer blog video. Today we present how towns look and feel in Transport Fever. Towns form the basis of the game and consist of residential, commercial and industrial areas. Each resident is individually simulated and lives in a specific house. People …

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  • FAQ page updated

    27FAQ page updated
    We are very happy about the mostly positive feedback which we receive since having presented the alpha version at gamescom in Cologne. A lot of new questions were raised, in particular about the campaign and the differences between Train Fever and Transport Fever. Consequently we …

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  • Vehicle page update #6

    23Vehicle page update #6
    The vehicle page received an extensive and important update today: Passenger wagons and middle cars from multiple units, a core part of the rolling stock. More than 20 models from Europe and North America were added to the current vehicle list. Our selection …

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  • Developer blog #6: Sound effects

    35Developer blog #6: Sound effects
    Today we published a next developer blog. This time, we speak about how we designed the sound effects in order to make Transport Fever a game which is not only nice to look at, but also nice to listen to! There is a multitude of sound …

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