• Mac patch and next steps

    38Mac patch and next steps
    Today we released a patch to fix some issues that came up with the newest macOS High Sierra. Also, we would like to give you more information about the upcoming performance patch. The Mac patch fixes two major issues on macOS. On the one hand, systems with the High Sierra OS …

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  • Thank you and happy holidays

    25Thank you and happy holidays
    We are reaching the end of a great year and wanted to say thanks to all of you. We wish you a happy holiday season and all the best for the coming year. Thanks to your interest and feedback we were able to develop and release …

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  • Convenience patch released

    55Convenience patch released
    The Urban Games team is very happy to finally release the convenience patch today. The patch makes your player’s life easier by introducing several usability enhancements. The following video summarizes the most important improvements: Patch highlights include: Scalable user interface Fully-functional scroll bars Reworked mod …

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  • More info on the upcoming convenience patch

    18More info on the upcoming convenience patch
    Development on the upcoming convenience patch enters the homestretch, and the Urban Games team is super happy to announce that the patch will be officially released on Thursday, November 2. In addition to the already announced improvements such as the scalable user interface, …

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  • Convenience patch announced

    74Convenience patch announced
    Urban Games is working hard to further improve Transport Fever, with a particular focus on performance optimization. However, in order to achieve a real performance boost, some fundamental changes and therefore more development time is needed. To bridge the waiting time, we decided to release a …

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