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  • Developer blog #6: Sound effects

    31Developer blog #6: Sound effects
    Today we published a next developer blog. This time, we speak about how we designed the sound effects in order to make Transport Fever a game which is not only nice to look at, but also nice to listen to! There is a multitude of sound effects and they can be …

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  • Transport Fever at gamescom

    20Transport Fever at gamescom
    This week, part of our team is at gamescom. We’ve joined the nice folks of Gambitious Digital Entertainment to show Transport Fever to members of the press. Therefore, you can expect new previews, reports and interviews to be published over the next couple of days and …

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  • Vehicle page update #5

    21Vehicle page update #5
    Today we added another ten vehicles to the existing list. The update includes four ships, two planes, two locomotives and two street vehicles. Three vehicles are highlighted in the following: The Wilhelm ship was built with the support of King Wilhelm I. of Württemberg and …

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  • FAQ page updated

    22FAQ page updated
    We are very happy about the great feedback we received after publishing the gamescom trailer. Though the trailer answered a lot of question, it also raised a number of new ones. Consequently we decided to update the >FAQ page< once more to answer …

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  • Gamescom trailer released

    42Gamescom trailer released
    We are very happy to today publish a new game trailer. While illustrating all aspects of the game, the trailer in particular highlights the game’s towns and demonstrates popular modding options. In addition, it shows campaign elements for the first time and proves that multi railway …

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