• Convenience patch announced

    71Convenience patch announced
    Urban Games is working hard to further improve Transport Fever, with a particular focus on performance optimization. However, in order to achieve a real performance boost, some fundamental changes and therefore more development time is needed. To bridge the waiting time, we decided to release a convenience patch as a next …

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  • Gameplay patch released

    64Gameplay patch released
    We are excited to officially release the long-awaited gameplay patch today. Based on the feedback we received over the last couple of months, the patch fulfills many important gameplay requests. The following video summarizes the most important improvements: Patch highlights include: Non-disappearing people and cargo when …

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  • More info on the upcoming gameplay patch

    23More info on the upcoming gameplay patch
    The Urban Games team is working with full steam to complete the upcoming gameplay patch. Official release of the patch is scheduled for Wednesday, July 26. Highlights of the patch include non-disappearing people and cargo when upgrading streets or stations, waypoints for street vehicles, an …

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  • Modding contest announcement of the winners

    8Modding contest announcement of the winners
    In early May we asked the community to create and submit mods for the “Design the future” modding contest. We are excited about having received many creative contributions, and today we announce the winners! Contributions include great ideas like a hybrid hydrogen-electric multiple …

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  • Gameplay patch announced

    62Gameplay patch announced
    One week prior to the >modding contest< submission, we today announce the next major patch. Based on the feedback we receive every day, we identified many important gameplay requests and worked hard to realize these. The gameplay patch brings waypoints for street vehicles, explicit line track/terminal …

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