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  • Robustness patch released

    44Robustness patch released
    Today a major robustness patch has arrived. The patch includes both bug fixes and game-play improvements. Please find the complete release notes >here<. On the one hand, the patch solves a list of stability and compatibility issues. Most of the crashes that occurred randomly, at the end of a month or …

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  • Post release plans

    67Post release plans
    The Urban Games team is very happy about the successful launch last week and is now ready to share the post release plans with the community. Not only did Transport Fever reach the global top seller spot one on Steam, it also received great review scores …

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  • Transport Fever officially released

    63Transport Fever officially released
    Both the Gambitious Digital Entertainment and the Urban Games team are super happy that today Transport Fever was officially released! Here is the official launch trailer: As stated earlier, the 15% loyalty discount for owner of the predecessor game Train Fever will be available for …

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  • Transport Fever ready to leave the depot

    61Transport Fever ready to leave the depot
    With only six days left until release, both the Urban Games and the Gambitious Digital Entertainment team are incredibility happy that Transport Fever will be officially available very soon. These days we at Urban Games are very busy with putting the finishing touches …

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  • Transport Fever reaches review state

    38Transport Fever reaches review state
    After two years of development, we are excited that today Transport Fever reaches the review state. As of today, members of the press are testing the game. While reviews that include ratings will be published starting on November 8, content producers such as YouTubers are allowed …

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