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  • Final vehicle list

    46Final vehicle list
    Today we have completed the Transport Fever >vehicle list<. In addition to a bunch of new locomotives, buses, trams and trucks, all cargo train cars have been added. While the header image shows the European vehicles, the following image lists all American vehicles: And, for the sake of completeness, here are …

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  • Gameplay preview and official release date

    158Gameplay preview and official release date
    Both the Gambitious Digital Entertainment and the Urban Games team are incredibly happy to release the first Transport Fever gameplay video. The 15-minute gameplay preview shows typical scenes from the endless game of the current beta version: Also, we today officially announce the game’s release date. …

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  • Vehicle page update #8

    44Vehicle page update #8
    One week before we announce the release date and show Transport Fever game-play for the first time, we unveil another ten vehicles. This time, we added two locomotives, two trucks and six buses. Highlights include: The 4-8-8-4 Big Boy, a real monster of a locomotive …

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  • Developer blog #8: Campaign

    82Developer blog #8: Campaign
    We are very happy to today release the eight developer blog. This time, we present the basics of the campaign game mode. By using an early beta version, we show some scenes of the first mission of the America campaign: While two historical …

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  • Vehicle page update #7

    61Vehicle page update #7
    The vehicle page received another update today and now contains all airplanes and ships which will be included in the release version of Transport Fever. The very exceptional designed Lockheed Super Constellation concludes the list of now 10 airplanes. From the sternwheeler Klondike up to the …

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