Urban Games

Studio info:

Urban Games is a young, dynamic, highly motivated and talented team located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Team members feature deep knowledge of the genre and expertise in game design and computer graphics. Train Fever was the team’s debut title and Transport Fever is their second game.

Founded in spring 2013, the company developed Train Fever with four employees and shipped the title in September 2014. With more than 150.000 sales the debut title was a big success and enabled the company to double its workforce. After two years of development, Transport Fever, the sequel of Train Fever, was released in fall 2016.

Established: 2013
Debut title: Train Fever (2014)
Second title: Transport Fever (2016)
Employees: 10


Basil Weber, Founder and CEO
Urban Weber, Founder and CTO
Tom Schrettl, Project Manager and Community Manager
Stephan Schweizer, Project Manager and Senior 2D Artist
Christian Regg, Software Engineer
Stefan Blumer, Software Engineer
Manu Mikael Oehler, Senior 2D/3D Artist
Karl Heinrich Klein, Senior 3D Artist
Susi Stühlinger, Game Design and Text Artist
Nils Dobberstein, 2D Artist Intern


We are looking for a Software Engineer to start in spring/summer 2017.