More info on the upcoming Thank-you patch

We made good progress with developing the upcoming Thank-you patch, and we are happy to confirm that the patch will be officially released around mid December.

Suitable trains can finally drive forward and backward without flipping at stations. Moreover, we improved the track construction tools, realized various improvements, extended the modding capabilities, and fixed a long list of small issues.

Today the patch reaches beta state. For those of you interested in testing, please see the “Testing version” paragraph >in the Wiki<.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and all the best from the Urban Games team!

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  1. Will it also be possible to display destination names on the trains, just like the two trains in the images saying ‘Thank you” and “Patch”?
    That would be pretty cool!

  2. Danke euch! Schön wäre mal eine Funktion womit ich den Personen oder Gütern eine Linienbevorzugung geben könnte. Sonst warten immer alle auf die S-Bahn weil diese häufig fährt, sondern den TGV zu nehmen der etwas seltener kommt aber schneller am Ziel ist…

  3. hello how are you I would like this patch or some in the future add more factories and more products that make more varied the type of transport either by train or others. I know that there are mod that fulfill this … but I am more loving that this comes as part of an official patch … if something had fun this type of game in addition to the tracks was the variety of products.

  4. Can containers be loaded and unloaded by cranes like in real life with estimate wait timees per length of each freight container trains?? Realism is a big part of the game and hope to see more business side to each company playing a map all at once. Thank you all. I play this game 8 hours out each day. #NextLevel #Realism #ThankYou.

  5. Looking all over the website for the announcement date for your next project??? The update you posted to steam said the date you will announce your next project is on the website where is it?

  6. Hallo,
    im Forum von Trainz bin ich auf Euch aufmerksam geworden.
    Habe mir das Spiel gekauft bei Steam und bin positiv Überrascht.
    Sehr schnell kann man hier Eisenbahnstrecken bauen und Züge fahren lassen
    was bei EEP , Trainz oder Zusi sehr lange dauert .
    Auch der Umfang an Rollmatrial ist sehr gut.
    Achim aus Berlin

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