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Developer blog #1: Vehicle features

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Developer blog #7: Town simulation

Developer blog #8: Campaign


    • completely agree – need to have multi-stage productions lines for different condumables (food etc), and also for non-consumables (white goods, electronics). with a varying mix of demand vs price charged – demand for food is constant but price given for transport is low, whereas demand for other goods is lower, but price for transport is high.

  1. Elevated train station, larger cities (actual cities not villages) and undergrund rail (including the possiblity to see trains in tunnels) would be highest on my wish list!

  2. I’m very happy to see this game being developed, but I would like to see this game have a more verious types of resources to transport an a much larger manufacturering industry for example recourses to make cars, paper tawels, cloths, furniture, gasoline, diesel, gold, flour & verious food types, concrete, rebar, tires, an so on. I just would like to see you guys go crazy with tons of different industry’s, an large cities an underground rail.

    Another thing I would like to see is the capability to develop a high tourist attractive city’s….the possiblitys are endless of you guys can do an I hope to see you guys pure tons of love into this game an make it the best it possibly can be. I can’t wait to see more about this game.

  3. I see some nice crossover on the tracks. I am curious about camera control support this time around would love to see some camera controls to adjust scroll speeds also being able to hide UI is nice for screenshots and videos. Perhaps having some cinema style camera that randomly shows different vehicles you have built. Just some early thoughts. Cannot wait. 🙂

  4. Maybe it would also be nice to build your own industry… Just to have the possibility to place the whole processing stream close to it and to create an huge industrial area… Where to transport goods to every corner of your empire…
    I like what you did (and you show it right away in your trailer) to cross rails or to make the junctions more realistic and easy to build… A good marketing tool ;)) good job with that..
    It looks amazing and i really hope it will have (at least) the same success as train fever 🙂

    • I was thinking this. Traffic lights and other useful road based traffic functions such as one way streets and bus/tram only streets. Even perhaps roundabouts and pedestrianised areas. All of these could be easily switched to let all traffic through and vice versa. And as the other person said, road way points. It was often awkward to see a bus or lorry going where you didn’t really want it to.

  5. Great to find Ships, and planes that would come into the World… only thing would the size of the maps get bigger to actually make it feasible to use them?

  6. What about the possibility of laying down multiple nodes before hitting enter and build a whole track section between two stations? This would allow a much much better control of the route and elevation of the track, in contrast with the many rebuilds (and the scars in the landscape that they left out) required today.

  7. I am extremely excited for this game and I am defiantly going to buy it no doubt but I did notice something when going through all the vehicles and what I saw was that most of the trains are the same from train fever ( but at least there were a lot of them ) but with everything else there was no more than about 5 vehicles. I am hoping that this is because this was very recently announced but if it is going to stay that way, just turn this into an expansion pack to Train Fever. Also if you are adding 150 years worth of vehicles then why is there only 1 ship and it is a paddle boat, and why is there 3 planes newest being the Comet. The trains go up to Bullet Trains, why cant everything else. Now I have just read through this and realised I sound like a monster and I hate this game which I don’t! I loved Train Fever and I’m just trying to make sure this will be better than the original!

  8. I would like to see following changes;
    Food and mail transportation can be added.
    More factory can be added.( such as wheat livestock gold silver grapes )
    Electric Tramvay should need catenary for power.
    The catenary and high speed train lines should be more expensive.
    Waypoint should be able to added on transportation routes.
    The time (years) should be slow also timewarp should be more fast.
    Vehicles can be broken and maybe they need rescue locomotive until they arrived a station together.
    Vehicles should only be changed in the depot not on station.
    The roads should be able to added on train lines as train lines.

  9. COOL:)
    Just one tip “Idea” I had : Limit the maximum production of a factory by the size of city it belongs to >> the need to actually grow a city to use factories full capacity AND DONT LIMIT THE FACTORIES OUTPUT SO MUCH:)))

  10. I’d like to see waypoints for road vehicles. Even ‘invisible’ dots, like in Cities in Motion 2. As in Train Fever when the cities grew, extended it’s road systems, the trucks suddenly were going via the city and got stuck in traffic, rather than using your orbital highway,
    Also, some one-way roads would be nice addition.
    What else? I think something like villages, towns, so there would be a good use for commuter and express trains .

  11. i cant wait too.. and perfect timing, as it should go to market in fall im gonna play durring winter or christmas..
    My tip for you guys.. Focus on economy, infrastructure, and everything arount transportation and vehicles to make game very stable and playable.. Graphics is on 2nd rail really… lot of people play transport tycoon 20years.. make it same way please, thousand of variations, possibility to grow cities and all this kind of small things making game more attractive.. And endless possibilities to build everything, it will make the game to be the best… graphic is nice for maybe 2years..

  12. Also für mich ist das nur eine Erneuerung von Train Fever. Das hätte man auch mit Updates nachreichen können. Tut mir leid, aber ich bin da enttäuscht von.

    For me is this only a new Version of Train Fever. This all have came with Updates for Train Fever, but the Creator like more a new game made. Sorry Gus but that is my mean.

    MFG HavockLP

    • Die Karten/Stadtgröße soll anders werden, es gibt phisykalische umbauten so das in vortschreitender Zeit nicht alles ruckeln soll, es sind Schiffe und Flugzeuge dabei, das Gleissystem wird grundlegend verbessert…. mit Updates nachreichen? Träum weiter! Es gibt halt Leute die kriegen den Hals nie voll genug.

  13. If your unable to lay a road down over a Train track, such as was NEVER fixed in Train Fever, then I surely will NOT play this game. This was a game breaker for me with TF. We were told many times that would be fixed, but never was.

  14. Also ich war überhaupt nicht enttäuscht von Train Fever sondern total begeistert von all dem was Ihr da geschafft habt und bin jetzt gespannt wie es mit Transport Fever weitergehen wird. Ihr habt Euch ja ganz schön was vorgenommen…

  15. Could factories be placed *in* cities this time (on the outskirts)? I’ve always found it strange to see a factory situated in the middle of nowhere. A steel factory next to an iron deposit makes sense, but building a steel factory miles away from anything seems like a very poor business decision.

  16. I really would like to control the rail elevation in the new game.
    Also ideally underground & elevated stations and possibly having much larger cities and the ability to have a metro.
    All the new features are looking like an extremely good game to come after train fever

  17. I am really looking forward that game. Now I play Train Fever. I can see (also in train fever), that you “misspronounce” original names of vehicles (Atramk, TFV..). Can you make possible to make these names editable and let player to change the name (and signs, marks etc.) be its own?

  18. Would be great to have some kind of “build planing” tool/mode. Entering this mode will allow player to place new roads, railways, dig ground etc without their actual building, using only “ghost” (transparent) models. Then player just “confirm” the whole construction or part by part and new constructions will appear. I keep this idea in my mind for many years while playing different transport/city management games and impacting the problem when I can’t connect railways or roads because of angle or height restriction, thus spending money to bulldoze all previously builded elements to redesign them. Planning mode will actually eleminate this sort of problems.

  19. Everything I’ve seen I’m more than happy.Not complaints here the Train Fever is awesome, but never saw the point of no costs. To play through and having to keep in mind the budget made the game much more interesting, the key I ove in not to try and build to fast think and plan is what made the game.

  20. Hi Zusammen
    Ganz geil 😀 ich hoffe, dass noch das Limit der Industrien von 400 gesteigert oder vollständig aufgehoben wurden.
    die Videos soweit sind klasse, viele “einschränkungen” meiner meinung nach von trainfever wurden soweit behoben. ich freue mich riesig auf dieses spiel und herzlichen dank, dass ihr ein neues wisim erstellt!
    ich wünsche euch viel erfolg und spass

  21. One major thing I would like to see is the ability to slow down time. So often in games like this, time travels so fast that you cannot just sit back and enjoy your work as you go. It’s rush, rush, rush. Money is usually only an issue in the first few years anyway.

  22. Sieht SEHR lobenswert aus! Bin gespannt wies’ dann am ende wird…
    – Also; ein bisschen schmunzeln tue ich ja die ganze Zeit, was Ihr alles so einbaut…. ist schon lustig.
    Aber – bei die letzte Szene vom Video (5:00) hat mein Kinn echt nur am Boden gehangen!!
    – also, DAS ist doch mal eine UNGLAUBLICH schöne Aufnahme!?
    Das sieht ja fast ECHT aus!

    Zur Thema input:
    – ich würde es SEHR begrüssen, wenn es eine Funktion “ON/OFF” geben würde – beim erstellen eine Neue Spiel-welt/runde.
    Also; will ich NUR Zuge? Nur Fracht? Nur Personen… etc.
    – So kann ich dann mehrere Welten machen/speichern, wo ich je nach Laune – die richtige auswählen und weiter-entwickele…
    (Optional dazu könnten man sogar bei Welt Erstellung, die stufe/gewicht vom “Genauigkeit” diese sparten einstellen… ?!?!
    – also ich will Personen zur 80% “echt” oder “genau” gehandelt haben, und als Zusatz ein wenig transport als spass dazu haben…
    (nur 20% “echt” – das würde dann vieles vereinfachen…. und zb. nur kleine Industrie-Ketten geben)).

  23. Good work fixing many Train Fever flaws, keep it up!

    Things that comes in mind are:
    – Are you going to work on mildy poor performances fix, especially on large map, because it was a game breaker (for me) in TF ?
    – Are large map will be large enough to have worthy long hauler train/planes ?
    – is “even spacing” using multiple vehicules on the same line will be re-worken to space out better and quicker (not taking a whole year in example on long lines) ?

    Kepp us update,
    I felt let down by TF but if it took TF to make a decent OTTD successor, then you got my vote.

  24. Is it possible to add an animation for the pantographs on the multiple units? Like, if a multiple unit has more than 1 pantograph, and it reaches the end of its line, is it possible to add an animation showing that the Train switches pantograph (like Trains in real life, they do that when they reach the end of its line)? It would be very cool, but this is optional, of course.

  25. Will we get a wider range of vehicles in game per type compared to Train Fever? Such as perhaps being able to buy and operate 2 different types of Aircraft such as the DC-3 and FW-200A for example.

  26. Was ich bissher gesehen habe, Freud mich sehr..! Fantastische Arbeit…!!!!

    Ein kleines Detail, warum haben die Elektro Lokomotiven den Pantographen vorne , in Fahrtrichtung offen….? Normal sind sie immer hinten offen, in Fahrtrichtung..!
    Ist es machbar, dass man in den Führerstand -Sicht wechseln kann..?

    Freue mich, sicher viele andere auch, auf die Veröffendlichung der Simulation…!!!

  27. This is my first time commenting.

    I have played a few train simulator games (Train Fever, Trains Simulator [’06 – ’12], Trainz a New Era [TANE], Sid Meyer’s Railroads!, Rail Cargo Simulator, and Railroad Tycoon [3]), and I have enjoyed Train Fever the most to this point. It has the feel of TANE without the need for such in-depth construction, and the enjoyment of Rail Tycoon wsith more fun and detail (and no crashes….so far).

    I’ve been watching the development of Transport Fever and an very excited to see it and play it when it is released.

    There are two things I was wanting to comment on and ask questions about:

    1) Regarding train and locomotive sounds, I noticed the wheel squeal when trains were turning corners (great!), but will there also be sounds when wheel bogeys are crossing junctions (I miss the clacking of wheels in junctions in Train Fever)? Also, will there be air compressor noises included for locomotives (i.e. discharging air when compressors discharge).

    2) I live in Vancouver, Canada, and most of this country (except for areas where the “Safetran” [United States] signalling system has been implemented, mostly in cities where Canadian rail systems conjoin American systems), uses searchlight (one head, two head and three head [interlocking]), as well as one, two and three head dwarf signals. Will searchlight signals be included in Transport Fever? I know it’s late in the development stage of Transport Fever to ask this question, but I haven’t has the opportunity to ask these questions until now.

    Thanks again for a wonderful game in Train Fever, and I am looking forward to the evolution of train simulation games with Transport Fever.

  28. I would like for the game to me in its own window so it could be minimised. You could then do other things on the computer if needed and not have to go thorough the tedious process of shutting Train fever down.

  29. In answer to connecting 2 locomotives on a train and have 1 reversed, I have done that in Train Fever many times, just add 2nd loco at the back of all carriages and it faces the opposite way to the one at the other end. Looks really good with big steam locos. 🙂

  30. What is the maximum map size?

    How large extent 1000kmx1000km2?

    The maximum map size beyond the recommended specification must be broad and should have no limit

    SimCity 4 like the big map there is no size limit

    It should have no limit

    Please freely adjusting the stopping time

    Stop time is an important part of the game railroad

    It must necessarily be

  31. Ich freue mich schon auf dieses Spiel. Habe es zufällig durch Train Fever entdeckt u gleich vorbestellt.

    Ich finde die ganze Spelsteuerung sehr umfangreich und auch besser als bei TrainFever weil man Gleise sowie Strassen besser verlegen und verbinden kann. Was mich auch dann zur ersten Frage bringt: “Kann man die verschiedenen Linien, wenn man mehrere auf einer Strecke hat, auf die jeweiligen Gleise platzieren oder wird das wieder sowie bei TrainFever automatisch gemacht?” Da man bei TrainFever durch platzieren von Signalen auch die Linie auf andere Gleise verschoben hat und dann der Zug nicht mehr gewußt hat welches Gleis er benutzen sollte und dann einfach stehen geblieben ist..

    2te Frage: Wird man die Mod´s von TrainFever auch in Transport Fever übernehmen können bzw durch das ModModul an das Spiel anpassen können??

    Vielen Dank an das gesamte Team für die Arbeit an dem Spiel


  32. I have “train fever” and I love, is a very good game
    I watched the firsts game-plays of “transport fever” and must say that almost perfect game, has improved a lot, but there are still details:
    -The ability of vehicles is exceedingly small, should put the capacity of reality, but rather, all the lines have an overly high frequency and too much vehicles, or a train there are too much wagons. When a vehicle arrives at the station, collect only a minority of passengers / goods waiting.
    -The day-night cycle would be very aesthetic, see how it progressively change day and night, and night see the lights of buildings, roads and vehicles.
    -The streets and roads, of one-way as reality, because can make roundabouts and intersections.
    With all this, this game could improve a lot.

  33. driveways ,parking at shopping ,and work places .also stop lights and car plants . less traffic and activity late at night . cant wait till Nov.8 thank you in advance .

  34. I just want to say that this game is a huge improvement over Train Fever and although I have been following Planet Coaster, over the past twelve months, I have just pre -ordered this game through Steam. This game together with Planet Coaster will keep me satisfied for many years to come. Well done Transport Fever Dev Team for another excellent transport game.

  35. Liebe Erfinder von Transport FEVER!

    Meinen allergrößten Respekt und Glückwunsch zur Idee von Transport FEVER! Ich bin sehr begeistert von Eurem Spiel! Und das, obwohl ich es noch nichtmal besitze; es mir aber demnächst zulegen werde!Ich weiß schon eins; es wird mir bestimmt sehr viel Freude bereiten und meine eigene Ideen-Pallette ist schon recht Vielfältig, in wie weit ich diese im Spiel versuchen werde umzusetzen! Anregeungen werde ich dabei ebenso entdecken und sie Euch dann auch schon bald mitteilen! Informationen habe ich mir schon aus dem Internet geholt und mir diverse Videos angeschaut! Ich bin weiterhin sehr neugierig und würde mich freuen, wenn es Euch möglich ist mir per e-mail weiteres Anschauungs Programm des Spiels zukommen lassen würdet. Ich würde mich sehr darüber freuen! Ich bin der Ralf, bin 54 Jahre alt und schon großer Fan von Trainsimulator 2017. In Erwartungs alsbald von Euch zu hören, verbleibe ich

    mit freundlichen Gruß

  36. would love to see this game in a global map play that way we can play and travel the world over. also notice it is hard to get the large airport to fit the map on some maps due to over aggressive terrain due to such a small map size to play on so it would be great to consider the size of the model you have to place on the map as well as have the small airfield be able to upgrade from dirt runway to concrete runways as time pass on. over all think the game is great and fun playing but see alot more possiblities with the game for improvement and advancement

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