1. Another game that can’t make a runway the proper length, sad. Why do people think an airplane can take off on a runway no longer than an average grocery store.

    • In the screenshot of the underside of the plane, the runway appears to be around the same length as half of the neighbouring town… maybe not perfectly “correct”, but certainly not tiny.

    • It is the longest runway I have seen in this type of gain so far so I think it is fine. But longer runways would be so difficult and expensive to place In the game world. A 5 platform terminal in train fever was already difficult enough to place so I think this size is the optimal compromise the devs made

      • Respect to Booby who said it just right lol. This is a GAME its supposed to be FUN. One of the things that bought down Train Fever is that they set out to make it too realisitic and this took some of the fun out of the game

    • Are you serious? The average grocery store is basically the size of one of the big planes in the game. The runways are much, much, much longer than that…

    • Of course the runways are shorter than in reality. The cities are also smaller than in reality.
      In real life, a city which has the size to justify an airport will not even fit on a 16 km x 16 km map.
      But in Transport Fever, you have multiple cities on such a map, connected with bullet-train tracks and multiple airports.
      Of course you have to make some compromises in order to fit this on the map.

      Nevertheless, as already mentioned, you can always modify the buildings in the game to your liking.

  2. I just wish that the focus on unnecessary detail creates again performance issues and takes the focus off from the more important things like map size and realistic train lengths and loads.

  3. I just wish that the focus on unnecessary detai doesn’tl create again performance issues and take the focus off from the more important things like map size and realistic train lengths and loads.

  4. It looks really great.. But most of the content is just modified content from TrainFever? Shouldn’t this have been a patch og even DLC instead? Feels like buying the same game with some extra content again. And wouldn’t be surprise to find the same mistakes… A part from the crossing rail that is missing in TF.

  5. It certainly looks brilliant. I can see inside the drivers cab, large stations, grimy looking engines. It makes me so annoyed that, instead of be positive about all the work that has obviously gone into this, people immediately start moaning about things that are “wrong” or that they only THINK are going to be wrong. I do have one little request… If you can’t manage it it really does not matter and I will buy the game anyway… PLEASE can we have left hand side driving traffic? Pretty Please. I am British but there are many countries throughout the world that drive on the wrong side of the road and it just makes the game experience that much nicer to have the raffic driving like that.

  6. I am just expecting that cities should be realistic and map should be big because in the last game it is very easy to cover the map if we got a good backup money. And this time i am expecting that the 20 minute rule should be replaced instead of that some good rules should be their.And moreover i want you to tell my dream feature for these type of game is that their should be a section which give us our company to upgrade our system by applying and this section is like a scientific industry in which we give our sources and we select some kind of feature in it and it give us output. For example, if we want to upgrade our rails and switches it should not be like the last game that after 1925 we get the fast rails and we upgrade instead of that it should be realistic. Either we buy it from some scientific industry which we do not own or from our own scientific industry. And if we buy it from the other industry several option should be their like that industry is going to give the technology to our scientific company and if we don’t own a scientific industry then it will manufacture for our company and the rate should be higher if we buy it from that other company. This type of features make the player not to fast the game as we all are doing i the last game.

  7. Unfortunately this would kill my laptop, as it can hardly cope with Train Fever. I hope the track tools, weathering and so on are put into train fever.. I hope they dont discard Train Fever all together. It has so musch potential.

  8. I like, how trains are getting older. They are more and more dirty and rusty thru time. Thats cool. I really miss railroad crossing bells, tram bells and RV horns in Train Fever. I hope, that those details will be implemented in Transport Fever. Trains should use their horns too, if they are close to unprotected crossing or tunnel. But game looks perfect. I cannot wait. This should be a really enhanced Transport Tycoon in 3D. And please, platform choosing should be dynamic – train will choose available platform instead of assigned in line manager. This technique is used at big train stations/main terminals. Thanks a lot.

  9. Big list of ideas!

    Please make the factories, transport buildings their actual size like in reality! Just look at the screen shots of airports of North America! The airports in the screenshot look very small like in cities skyline. Perhaps there can be Airport design from North america and Europe so we can see real airplans take off from their terminals so as the city grows so does the airport and the amount of plans park at the terminals. These plans come and go and then don’t just turn invisible because each plan is real and not just visual effect.

    The ship ports should grow in size as the city expands like in reality as they are tons and tons of frights being offloaded!
    Factories should grow in size not remain tiny.
    There should be some reality in how the good are taken off from the trains and please don’t just make them disappear its got to be realistic.
    Transports needs fuel to run so there need to have some connection of how they will get fueled and maintained?

    It be so lovely to see a large connection of all these things working symbiotically so if any of these systems fails then production fails. You can’t have one thing with the other so there are several levels to keep this operational. Low demand in air flight could mean that the airport could close? Cheap airfares could also mean poor services and maintenance and they could be a disaster and airport close.

    The automation of building should not always be perfect because you need to factor in human error also! Does not mean you got a medium size city that means the city will have big airports. There needs to be space for the airport and perhaps you can give control of how big an airport should be like zones? And then computer can take over and build an airport to that size? So if it is too small then they could be a suggestion to the players its too small and need a bigger area?

    Perhaps one day you allowed the airport to be built in a residential zone and so resident will not be happy? So perhaps it good to allocate industry zones for what building get build where? And the building will be built automatically or else everything will be too perfect or not right? So each city will be unique to each player as they play it?

    Electricity, Sewage other basic needs for a city?
    And please have it more complex then just placing power lines and powerplants or under ground pipes? have different types of powerlines and underground cable some fit for small residential areas others for large cities?

    With the Sewage pipes it could also be complex and interesting and how the pipes if done properly all connect to this beautiful network system. If you look up sewage system diagram you will see what it involves? As it more then just connect pipes to plant and then everything is all good.

    Again this is a transport game but transportation does not mean it cannot extend to other critical infrastructure like sewage? Because of the transportation of sewage is also important for the city to be maintain and built with any new city that is being developed.

    There could be a disaster in the city and it could provide some very interesting game play if the Sewage starts spilling out and flooding everything!

    Thank you for all the hard work your doing to make this come true and thanks for looking into our ideas!

  10. Dude first finnish Train fever before you start something new!!

    And this should be DLC for Train fever not an new game because you are obviosly going to use everything that was already in train fever!

  11. What I’d love to see is being able to have trucks deliver to train cargo stations so we won’t have to build a station at every goods manufacturing facility. Also, more cargo options would be great.

  12. Endlich!

    Sowas gab es seit dem 2D Transport Tycoon Deluxe nicht mehr. Entweder gab es nur Züge und LKW wie in “Schiene & STraße” oder nur Schiffe oder oder oder.

    Ich freu mich riesig drauf! Besonders die Individualisierung mit Farben, Logos, Dreck und Rost find ich echt super!

  13. I know that it’s probably too late to add these features, but it would be great to see:
    -touristic railroads (i.e. having a “tourist destination” that attracts passenger traffic on mountain tops) Mountain lines were fun to build and nice to see in TF, but they were also economically unsustainable.
    – cable transport (aerial tramways and gondolas for passengers; aerial ropeways for cargo)
    – weather

  14. I can never quite understand why, when a gorgeous game like this is so rich in content (especially when those hugely talented Modders get their hands on it) runs so fast the game years blast along even at the slowest setting. You become utterly engrossed in diligently developing complex transport routes, absorbed in the graphics and mechanics of a new game, if you are like me you would probably be thoroughly admiring the work of developers who dedicate themselves to these projects. Your transport system looks like it’s going to flow smoothly, so now you can gaze into your monitor with smug satisfaction, watching the fruits of your labor satisfying customers and supply/demand of Goods. Horse drawn carriages set out on their arduous journey across perilous terrain, your steam engines begin flexing their muscles, hauling the first passengers and bulk cargoes over your hand build tracks. Bloody wonderful! I could watch that for hours. Enjoying the detail of the graphics, looking forward to the first successful transits and transactions. A tweak here or there is anticipated, but I’m looking forward to perfecting the old World before me.
    No I can’t …
    Before the first horse drawn carriage had reached its far off destination “Steaming Bile Creek”, where I was hoping to zoom in and watch the battered and beaten sweaty disheveled passengers being dumped unceremoniously at the feet of Purulent Puss-Poking “Half-Nostril” Pete the town Pickle-Brain .. what do I get?
    “A new pain in the butt ‘you-need-it-now’ form of bloody horse has been invented”, and apparently I have to have it, or look stupid!
    I wanted my steaming horses to last another month in real time, while I tweaked and perfected my grotty smelly inefficient old world. That’s how it was and it lasted for more than 30 minutes. I’m still trying to run shagged out smoking marvels of Engineering on Electric Track, having the piss taken out of me by big boobed tarts in printed T-shirts !!!!
    Oh for the ability to slow things down. Games of this nature are supposed to be “Nurturing” games. One nurtures and develops this type of game world. If you want a game that’s over in 20 hours, pay £2 (1$ probably). Please, just that; the choice to slow things down so the game lasts until your next superb offering.
    Thanks to everyone involved in making this what it is; pretty damned good 🙂

  15. Will there be a “replace vehicle” Feature like in Open Tranport Tycoon Deluxe? I remember replacing like 500 vehicles one by one in Train Fever, when a newer Model comes out or the maintainance got too expensive, and it was very annoying.

    Does the prefered transporttype (fast vs cheap) solve the balancing issue of Train Fever regarding the advantage of busses over trains because the citizes consider the waiting time?

    Will the cost and acceleration Models for Trains be copied from Train Fever or can we expect some changes. I know that these Models are very realistic, but the distances on the map were often too short, for the most of the Trains, to reach the top speed.

  16. What is the maximum map size?

    How large extent 1000kmx1000km2?

    The maximum map size beyond the recommended specification must be broad and should have no limit

    SimCity 4 like the big map there is no size limit

    It should have no limit

    and Please freely adjusting the stopping time

    Stop time is an important part of the game railroad

    It must necessarily be

  17. Man könnte vielleicht eine Welt machen wo teile Freigeschaltet werden können sodass man eine unendliche Welt haben könnte, denn für mich war es bei Train Fever immer das Problem das ich so schnell durch war und keinen Platz mehr für neue Strecken hatte.

  18. [Question] I’am a Youtube partner. My question is can I monetize my “Let’s Play – Transport Fever” (video recording) – seams that I can’t find any 100% accurate answer on my question. I don’t want that my channel get flagged. Thanks!

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