• Next game announcement date

    41Next game announcement date
    Urban Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment will officially announce an exciting new game on April 24, 2019. We are incredibly happy to finally unveil details about the new game and look forward to receiving your feedback very much. Best regards from both the developer and publisher teams and hear you soon!

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  • Thank-you patch released

    72Thank-you patch released
    Today, we are very happy to express a big thank you by officially releasing the Thank-you patch. Based on player feedback, the patch brings a long list of small improvements and bug fixes. Better track construction tools and new modding options were realized, and we follow …

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  • More info on the upcoming Thank-you patch

    16More info on the upcoming Thank-you patch
    We made good progress with developing the upcoming Thank-you patch, and we are happy to confirm that the patch will be officially released around mid December. Suitable trains can finally drive forward and backward without flipping at stations. Moreover, we improved the track construction tools, …

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  • Thank-you patch announced

    64Thank-you patch announced
    Almost two years after release, Transport Fever is still very popular on Steam and similar platforms. It’s time to express a big thank you. We thought the best way to say thanks is by developing another game patch. We received a huge amount …

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  • Performance patch released

    108Performance patch released
    We are super happy to release the long-awaited performance patch today. The patch brings a major performance boost along with additional improvements and bug fixes. The patch improves the rendering, simulation and user interface performance. Also, stuttering due to monthly calculations or camera movement has been …

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