Fact sheet:

Name: Transport Fever
Genre: Tycoon game, business simulation
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Game modes: Endless game, campaign mode, tutorial
Developer: Urban Games
Publisher: Good Shepherd Entertainment
Release date: November 8, 2016

Press materials:

The official press kit can be downloaded here.

Launch trailer as MP4 video: EnglishGermanRussian

Gamescom trailer as MP4 video: EnglishGermanRussian

Annoucement trailer as MP4 video: EnglishGermanRussian

Developer Blogs as MP4 videos:
#1 – Vehicles – English#1 – Fahrzeuge – German
#2 – Constructions – English#2 – Konstruktionen – German
#3 – Mod support- English#3 – Mod Unterstützung – German
#4 – Tracks and Streets – English#4 – Schienen und Strassen – German
#5 – Cargo system – English#5 – Güter System – German
#6 – Sound Effects – English#6 – Soundeffekte – German
#7 – Town Simulation – English#7 – Städtesimulation – German
#8 – Campaign – English#8 – Kampagne – German

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