Vehicle page update #7

The vehicle page received another update today and now contains all airplanes and ships which will be included in the release version of Transport Fever.

The very exceptional designed Lockheed Super Constellation concludes the list of now 10 airplanes.

From the sternwheeler Klondike up to the modern motor vessel Graf Zeppelin, the diverse newcomers expand the existing fleet to 13 different ships for cargo and passenger transportation.

In addition, various new street vehicles from Europe and America were added to the list.

Please visit the >vehicle page< to find out more about the new additions.

We will still expand the comprehensive pool over the next weeks, among others with additional street vehicles and cargo wagons.

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Tom (Community Manager)

Community and Project Manager at Urban Games


  1. I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I click on the new vehicles the information at the top doesn’t open/load. Please can other people tell me if they have the same problem as I don’t know if it’s just me.

      • Sorry… but we don’t buy games because we hope they will become great in the future somehow…. I’m not a venture capitalist, I don’t speculate on future performance, 10 planes is just NOT worth my money.

          • Exactly. trainfever’s community is huge for all the rough (dare i say beta) game that it is, image a fully polished game that now has the experience? This game should be huge and the community will provide as well. I bet most of the developers time is in testing that the modding api is robust and fullproof enough to handle the onslaught of community development. And… if you’re going to be like that, we don’t want you anyways.

          • Exactly. trainfever’s community is huge for all the rough (dare i say beta) game that it is, image a fully polished game that now has the experience? This game should be huge and the community will provide as well. I bet most of the developers time is in testing that the modding api is robust and fullproof enough to handle the onslaught of community development. And… if you’re going to be like that, we don’t want you anyways.

            And second thought, I’d way rather they release the game with 10 vehicles in each category, rather than wait on release to have all the models in existence.

        • WTF Some people just cant get enough… Its so sad to watch such comments on such a great game… The developers spent so much time to make our wishes come true and they are working so close with community but some people still dont get enough and are complaining. Its really sad… Maybe you should learn to create your own games, then you can add as much planes as you want…

        • BAz…. Sorry, but you’re a fool, if you hold to that view.

          I notice that you used “we” in your comment…. based on that, I have no option other to assume that you represent a company.

          Regardless, I strongly suggest that you…. or those that you represent, invest no further money in ANY games. Star Citizen has been years in the making, but it is still far from being being openly released by the developer.

          If you cannot make a comment that is productive and useful, for you or those that you represent, then I suggest that you make no comment at all.

          • Adding to my previous comment, since I couldn’t find any way to edit….

            Star Citizen has been years in the making. That doesn’t mean that it’s bad, it just means that the dev found ways to improve, whether on internal or external advice from the community.

            This game appears to be following a similar trend. The dev’s are considering input from all sources, else Transport Fever would not be so different from Train Fever.

            I must reiterate though….. BAz,, that is the most foolish comment that I have heard in a long time.

            If it were true, then all of the major films, in the last 30 years, would never have been produced… since all of them required some speculation on how well they would be received by the public. Much of that speculation involved major risk….. Star Wars took a major gamble, going against the views of a well-known film company.

            Would you like to debate the results of that gamble?

            Transport Fever has been well researched, and if the “we” that you posted cannot understand that, then I would suggest that you refrain from making any other comments, unless those comments involve something that is actually useful?

      • No problem, we’ll all wait with purchasing the game until the workshop is full of the a/c that we’re waiting for. Just hope some modders are up for creating content for a game nobody’s buying….

        • @BAz you are spreading your negative comments all over this page.. We already know you dont like the game and you would do it so much better yourself… Maybe you should just stop set your comments and forget about this game cause it seems not to satisfy you enough.

      • I admire your optimism. Even IF people decide to create a/c for the game, it’s always a risk to see what kind of quality the workshop items will have. Creating a mod is not a trivial task, you need to get a quality model that doesn’t break the performance of the game. That’s why these games take to so long to make, the developers need to balance out all the content (planes, trains, trucks, boats, etc..) to make sure they have the right balance of looks vs performance. So there may be a TON of planes on the Workshop… the questions is how many of those will be worth downloading?

        • Just visit, click downloads and have a look. There you’ll see almost everything that was created by the community for Train Fever; at the moment there are 2039 Mods, most of which are additional vehicles and almost every day there are more. I myself downloaded about 250 additional vehicles for my Train Fever install through this Website. If hell doesn’t freeze over in the next moths, I assume these people will also provide lots of mods for Transport Fever. But if you don’t trust me or anyone else here, you’d better wait a couple of months before buying the game.

  2. Da gibt’s gar kein Problem, die Mod Community wird alles nachmodden was es so gibt, da bin ich 100% sicher weil es beim Vorgänger auch jede erdenkliche Lok, etc. auch gab. Ein großes Danke schon vorab. — There’s no problem , the mod community will mod all the stuff .. i am 100% sure because in Train Fever there was the same. Big Thanks 🙂

    • Now here’s an interesting comment…. The maps would have to be pretty big to fly the concorde, but the only other plane on the list that can sort-of match the concorde for range is the B757. So we’re all going to end up with a fleet of B757’s…

  3. “Transport Fever is scheduled for release in fall 2016”
    – It’s 22 september, exactly 16:21 (Netherlands, Switzerland). Fall is here!

    Just a little hint, I’m not impatient! Nooooo, I’m not! 🙂

  4. I really can’t wait to play Transport fever! BTW what date in Fall? It’s official fall but it didn’t come out ;( so what date? Also please add a A319 and B747 it will be cool (I LOVE THE A319 BTW. sorry xD)

  5. I cotice that they STILL have not made a tender for the Baldwin six-wheeler. The six-wheeler was never able to operate outside the factory yards without a tender.

    • The game will only depict campaigns at North American and European territory, not making sense to put vehicles of other parts of the world, maybe it comes in some future dlcs that depicts other parts of the world, but it will have an complete list of vehicles of that region, not only 1 or 2 vehicles…

  6. Well it could be just me but i am not so interested in which planes or vehicles are in the game. If it are 20 or 30 it doesn’t bother me much. Much more interested in proper gameplay and connection building for tracks and stations. Also industry and cargo.

    • so 10 planes, 10 boats, 10 trains and 10 trucks is enough, right? ( I know, repeat of another reply I made elsewhere). Maybe Urban Games could spend less time developing vehicles and more time on making it easy to create vehicles and then just let the mod community go crazy after release. Honestly, that wouldn’t be a bad tactic in today’s gaming market: Just lay down a solid, easy-to-use foundation and let the people make what they want. I’d buy that.

  7. Das es Leute gibt die den Kauf des Spieles abhängig machen von der Anzahl der Flugzeuge?!
    Was wollt ihr mit vielen Flugzeugen? Rohöl fliegen, oder Eisenerz, oder doch lieber Kohle?
    Das Spiel heißt nicht Flugsimulator, sondern es soll alle Transportebenen abdecken.
    Oder fliegen in der Realität alle mit dem Flugzeug? 120 Transportmittel gibt es bisher,
    mir reichen diese erstmal aus. Ich freu mich schon auf das Game. für alles weitere gibts Mods.

    • (thanks to google translate)

      I hear what you are saying, but following your line of thought, I would argue that 40 vehicles is enough: 10 planes, 10 boats, 10 cars/trucks and 10 trains. The only thing that matters is the gameplay and the accuracy of the simulation. Right? Yes, this is not a flight simulator. Yes, this is not even a Airline Management game. But YES, this is also not a Train Company Manager game either! This is a transport management game, and i want lots of modes to manage the transport of goods. In fact, I would even like to be able to play the game without a single train…. (I know, I know, not going to happen)

      All I’m saying is that we always see in games like these that the trains get all the love and the planes are a side-thought. I’m pleading for fair and equal opportunities for ALL modes of transport. Say it loud: “I’m a plane and I’m proud!”

  8. I’m pleased with the current collection of planes and ships. Both were to me always secondary to trains, and used as alternative/competitive means of transport, to make the train-game more challenging and varied. I’m looking forward to see how the integrate in the train game (with of course a hugely expanded collection of trains to choose from, compared to Train Fever where the collection of trains (*TRAIN* fever) was rather disappointing)

  9. I’ve had a lot of flack on my comments (no worries, I’m a big boy, I’ll cry when everybody’s gone home) but I would like to make some remarks on the “Mods will save us” sentiment.

    I’m an avid fan of Steam and I love the Workshop concept. Just click to subscribe and the mod’s in your game, LOVE IT. The only problem I have with the workshop (and with mods in general) is that it’s hard to find the quality mods and there’s often a lot of junk mixed in there.

    Here’a scenario I see developing:
    After release, there’s going to be huge cry out for larger aircraft (let’s go with the B747). So a couple of folks are going to sit down and start developing a B747 and after 1 or 2 weeks there will be 15 different B747’s for you to chose from the workshop. But one of them won’t have animated wheels and another won’t have editable colours and this one’s wingspan is slighty to wide and that one doesn’t have a nice engine sound and there’s one that is scaled a bit too small so it looks about the same size as the default B757…

    What I’m saying is that the default, out-of-the-box vehicles (not just planes) are all built to fit exactly into the game, not just in terms of appearance but also mechanics (don’t clip into buildings, the ground, other vehicles, etc). That takes a lot of work (ergo a lot of time) and that’s why there are only 120 vehicles in the base game because seriously guys it’s a SHIT TON of work to get the vehicles looking and working as nicely as they do. (well at least they BETTER 😉 ).

    Now it sounds like I’m downplaying the modding community, and that wouldn’t be fair because there is absolutely no reason why a modder can’t make the same quality vehicles as the default vehicles. But it will take time (and maybe some tiral and error) before we see quality mods in the Workshop. And this is where Urban Games can make a huge difference: The ability of the community to produce QUALITY mods is entirely dependent on how easy Urban Games makes it to create mods.

    I really hope that Urban Games is aware of this and that they put enough effort into the modding features of the game. This is something I’ll be watching out for the coming weeks/months.

    And in the end it doesn’t matter what I say. Everybody will have their own reasons for buying/not buying this game. You decide on yours, I’ll decide on mine.

  10. Wow, a lot of comments suddenly appearing about the number of planes in the game. Urban Games has made it very clear from the beginning, that, although the game is called ‘Transport Fever’ the focus will still be mostly on trains. And I like it that way. Train Fever had a number of issues regarding track laying, that promise to be solved in Transport Fever, so personally I’m looking forward to being able to make even more awesome railway connections – a better Train Fever so to say.

    No idea how the airplanes and boats will fit into the game, but at the moment I’m considering them just a nice extra, not more than that, and I’ll just wait how planes and boats will take their place in the game. Don’t know how the gameplay will feel of course, but maybe I’ll play some games even without boats and planes, only trains! And I think that most of the Train Fever players will think the same. Some (or most?) of them are avid train fans, watching real-life trains, building their own miniature railways and now playing Train Fever, and soon Transport Fever.

    And for those who really want many more planes: as others have said before: Mods will be coming. In Train Fever mods could be very easily entered into the game with the Game Manager. I downloaded hundreds of mods. Some of them were not very good, but the ones that weren’t good, could just as easily be deleted from the game. And Urban Games has promised that implementing mods will also be very easy in Transport Fever. So try a mod, if you don’t like it, get rid of it, and try another one.

    And mods will be coming indeed. Personally I’m astonished by the fact that ever since Transport Fever was announced, the mods for Train Fever still keep coming, almost on a daily basis. I expected that modding for Train Fever would drop, because: why improving on something that will soon be replaced? But it keeps going on and on. Even this week, while fall has already started, and Transport Fever is coming soon, still a number of great mods were uploaded for Train Fever. So the modding community for Train Fever (and soon also for Transport Fever) is very active and very capable. And I think there’s a reason for that: most of the people who play Train Fever, really have the TRAIN FEVER, they really LOVE TRAINS!

    Besides, Urban Games has said that they expect that most Train Fever mods will, maybe with a few adjustments, also be able to be imported into Transport Fever. If that’s correct, not only will the game start with the 120 vehicles that Urban Games has developed, but hopefully soon most of the hundreds of mods from Train Fever will be playable too.

    So in the case of Transport Fever, “Trust the modders” are certainly no empty words. And to the guys of Urban Games: You are focussing mainly on trains, including boats and planes as a nice extra. I think you’re on the right track! 🙂

    • You have expressed my exact feelings on what this game is as well, and I think Urban sees it that way.

      No doubt will there be not only achievements that are “trains-only”, but i bet there will be scenarios that are trains only. I don’t know if you’re correct about the mods being portable to transport fever. I’m sure some of them will be, probably models can be adjusted, but i can’t remember which comment thread that stated the game is different underneath, so anything that changes those features will not work. People will develop them though. They said customizable features, models, and scenarios will be available. I bet a lot of time and energy went into just making sure modding doesn’t break the game, alot less into building the available models.

      • From the FAQ page:

        Q: Can mods created for Train Fever also be used in Transport Fever?
        A: The goal is to ensure that most mods from Train Fever can be converted by the mod authors with limited effort.

  11. Mich würde es freuen wenn ihr für die einzelnen Personenwagen z.b. bei Doppelstockwagen auch einen einzelnen Steuerwagen veröffentlichen könnte den man ranhängt an eine x-beliebigen Zuglänge, das würde für einen Kopfbahnhof realistischer wirken beim Wenden.

  12. please please add the Antonov 225 mriya thats an awesome plane for cargo! six engines…… search the plane up you will be amazed!

    ( ps sorry for my english im dutch 😉 )

  13. Reading the vehicles stats, it seems that middle/late game the urban vehicles capacity is unbalanced in favour of buses.

    For example, in 1950 there is the Mercedes Benz O, with a capacity of 60 passengers, then, in 1960 we have the GM Fishbowl bus, with a capacity of 55 passengers, while the latest tram available in that era is the Gothaer Type T1, that has only a capacity of 48 despite the two wagons. In 1966, with the release of the newer Be 4/6 Mirage, things get worse, because the new tram has only a capacity of 45 passengers.

    This doesn’t respect reality, in real life tram capacities were near always vastely superior to bus capacities, especially when the trams had two or more elements (wagons). In real life, both the Be4/6 and the T1 + waggon had had a capacity of over 100 passengers.

    I would suggest to Developers to increase the capacity of all the late game trams (or to decrease the capacity of buses), at least of a 30/40% to balance things.
    It’s true that this datas should be easily moddable, but I think that it would be better to have them already balanced vanilla game.

  14. The 747 revolutionized both passenger and cargo transport. Thats a fact. The 707 likewise the jet that made jet commercial passenger transport viable. But they are not in the game? But the A319 and Concorde are, this is why people are upset.

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