Modding contest «Design the future» announced

Welcome to the future! What will the world of transportation look like in the year 2050?

About this topic, we organize a big modding contest to honor the commitment of the modding community. Contributions will be awarded with attractive prizes with a total value of more than 5’000 Euro.

The exact rules and more details are available on the >modding contest page<. We look forward to discovering many contributions and are curious how the future game world will be shaped.

In addition, we wanted to let you know that we continue working on big improvements for Transport Fever, and more details will be disclosed as soon as possible. At this point we ask for some patience, but be assured that the further development of Transport Fever will continue and continue.

The whole Urban Games team looks forward to the future and sends the best wishes.

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Tom (Community Manager)

Community and Project Manager at Urban Games


  1. I would really want to join – however it is exam season so I expect many people will not be able to contribute – perhaps extend the deadline to July sometime?
    I definitely want to get into modding (which is what this is about I’m guessing), but all my time has disappeared until late June…

  2. I’d be happier with a general modding challenge. We dont need hundreds of future things, rather many different little improvements and models that the devs didnt have time for.

  3. what an awsome contest … unfortunately not tallented enoigh to mod but totally have some ideas …. fingers crossed for nsa and star trek inspired designs .. and the hyper loop style transport option. also how about some cyber punk or steam punk encase life progressess either way. (can i also ask again for ability for accidents to happen as its a big lacking feature poor track layouts should result in damage… and ships that arnt maintained should sink ) good luck to everyone entering.

  4. Can we please have additional transport networks like Maglevs, rack railways, maybe even cable airways for both cargo and people? Cities Skylines is adding some of those to their new expansion.

  5. hallo. ihr macht ewig neue sache. aber ihr seid nicht in der lage wenn ich flache landschaft eingebe das ich auch auf eine brettebende landschaft spielen kann. wieso müssen da berge sein, wenn ich das nicht möchte. ist das so schwer zu verstehen. flache landschaft heißt flache landschaft. ohne berge und hügel.

  6. This game is very lacking several goods for transportation , for example, put a tick you need and everything is super. One product it is not convenient, often mixed

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