Modding contest announcement of the winners

In early May we asked the community to create and submit mods for the “Design the future” modding contest. We are excited about having received many creative contributions, and today we announce the winners!

Contributions include great ideas like a hybrid hydrogen-electric multiple unit, a hexagon residential building, a hyperloop train or a levitation harbor. For those who want to feel the future, we made a Steam Workshop collection with all the creative work >here<.

Subscriber voting:

Vehicles Stations Miscellaneous
1st prize: TG HyRT 1st prize: Future Tram/Bus-Station 1st prize: Street Mod Pack
2nd prize: Galaxy 2nd prize: Hexagon Bus and Tram Station 2nd prize: Hyperloop tubes
3rd prize: Lighting Hawk 3rd prize: Levitation harbor 3rd prize: 2050 levitation track

Jury voting:

Vehicles Miscellaneous
1st prize: Citybus NewGen 1st prize: Hexagon Residential
2nd prize: WTC 0813 2nd prize: Carbon Bridge
3rd prize: Peter Pan 3rd prize: Future Car

Congratulations to the winners! They will receive a Steam private developer comment with further instructions.

As promised >here<, we are currently finishing and testing the upcoming gameplay patch. The patch will be officially released in July. Until then, have a great time!

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Tom (Community Manager)

Community and Project Manager at Urban Games


  1. Congratulations to all those winners.

    It’s always appreciated what you all do for the community in taking the time to create some truly wonderful Mods, Assets and Maps which extend our World and expand our Horizons.

    It’s great you have been acknowledged in this way and I look forward to seeing and using more in the future.

  2. To be honest I think Alex’s hydrogen train should have won the jury voting. In my opinion, is by far the most believable and beautiful thing that came out of this contest. Something that could exist someday. Don’t get me wrong, almost all the contestants are superb but the TG HyRT stands out.

    • I agree that Alex´s train is an outstanding piece of work. However, it was decided (before the contest started), that the jury will only pick from the contestants which did not win a subscriber price.

  3. Also ich finds Prima und hoffe das die Gewonnenen Mods ins Spiel per DLC finden 🙂 von mir aus auch bezahltes DLC.

    Schade das keine Flugzeuge dabei waren 🙂

  4. Congratulations to all those winners!

    It’s a little surprising that the street mod which is the least likely related to future has win the top price. However, good idea, and hope to see it be integrated into the game with some retouches.

  5. I’d say some more remarks on the tram only street. A request to UG

    Is it possible that the tram track being improved? There are two problem:
    1. They can only be flat
    2.They have different gauge to railway.

    If these two can be solve, it will be great to have a tram-train system in the game!

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