Gamescom trailer released

We are very happy to today publish a new game trailer.

While illustrating all aspects of the game, the trailer in particular highlights the game’s towns and demonstrates popular modding options. In addition, it shows campaign elements for the first time and proves that multi railway crossings, a very important element of the track construction tools, are powerful and intuitive.

We hope that you like our newest trailer, and as always, the whole team looks forward to receive your feedback.

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Tom (Community Manager)

Community and Project Manager at Urban Games


  1. I assume with the addition of air and sea transport that we will see larger, more intricate maps. Has there been any developer discussion about the size of maps, or the availability of options for terrain generation/editing?

  2. Ich hätte dies am liebsten jetzt schon. Es sieht richtig Klasse aus, man sieht richtig die Vorschritte welche es gegenüber des Vorgänger gemacht hat. Kann es kaum erwarten.
    Ein Erfolgreichen Beta-Test noch.

    Viel Erfolg Liebe Entwickler!!

  3. Das ist großartig. Aber seid ihr euch auch sicher das ihr bis Herbst fertig werdet und könnte man vieleicht neu Funktionen in Videos auf YouTube vorstellen? Wann kommt auserdem endlich ein bisschen Gameplay?

  4. Bend-able stations ?! Check 1:09

    Cityes are more colorful. Its good you have a woman in team. Former Train fever looked like 8 color palette. All those small details matters.

  5. Bahut achha he. Ye to Hit he boss.
    That was a nice one. I liked the curved stations. Looking forward for more blogs regarding how the game handles economy and production.

  6. The trailer “demonstrates popular modding options”. From 1:00 to 1:12 we see the section “Modify and extend your world”. In that section we see a steam locomotive in the dark (can’t exactly see what’s being modded there), a plane changing colors, a station that can be curved, and an electric locomotive changing logo’s. Because it is in the ‘modify’ section, I assume the curved station is not something that will be in the base game, but something that modders can add/change after release. Am I correct, or will curved / curvable stations be in the base game?

  7. I simply love how the cities look in this trailer! Buildings and their placement are much more realistic. That’s an amazing work you’ve done there. Looking forward to the game release! Best of luck 🙂

  8. Love the look of this… can’t wait to experience it. All the new features look great, looking forward to trying all the new rail configurations. I hope that when they say mod and extend your world that those are with the base game as features that you can turn on or off and not something that is reliant on someone creating mods for

  9. Looks absolutely great. Looking forward the planes. But I really like to know a few things: Are the landing strips fixed to the airport? I’d love to build my own taxyways and so on. How will that work with the plane routes, will they be adjustable? Will there be connections to outside the map for tourist to come in?

  10. I’m still a big fan of Train Fever (play it still), and I’m looking forward to play it’s bigger brother: Transport Fever. Since I’m very fond of large integrated networks, I’m especially looking out for the simulation aspects:
    * How about vehicle unbunching? Are measure take to avoid the bunching up of trains on one line?
    * How about the 20-minute rule for cargo? Is that still used in Transport Fever?
    * How about making slower locomotives a valid choice? In trains fever they were useless because of 20-minute rule and line frequency considerations.
    * Will new cities appear at remote hub stations?
    * Will trains now have their own path-finding, or still dutifully follow their line path (without possibilities of alternative paths)
    * Will signaling system be the same?
    * Will some form of scheduling be possible?
    * Will ‘wait until full/half load” work? (now it’s a useless option, because of spireling down of service frequency)

    So, all candy presented until now is nice, but what about the core game play and simulation mechanisms? Will Transport Fever bring improvements?

  11. Looks great so far. I can see a lot of improvements since the Train Fever which I am huge fan of. But haw is it about MAIL SERVICE ?

    Mail was/is still a really important thing in our lifes. PLEASE CONSIDER ADDING MAIL SERVICE.
    Would love to see a train with let’s say 4 passenegr carriages plus 1 mail carriage.
    Ps: Hopefully that day a night cycle will be implemented in the base game.

  12. I think that announcement trailer from April was much better then this new one.
    And… I have two questions regarding this trailer: why you made trailer from alpha stage of game in time when you already strated beta testing, and second question: near end of trailer we can see train in the dark (night)… so, is this mean that we will have day/night cycle in Transport Fever or…?

  13. I just noticed that both in the Announcement Trailer, as well as in the Gamescom Trailer, whenever ships are moving, you don’t see any wake (Kielwasser?) behind them at all! I assume (and hope) that is because it is Alpha footage, and in the released game ships will have some kind of wake behind them. Would make things a lot more realistic.

  14. The trailer looks awesome with some great new features and possibilities! I very much would like to know more about the signalling system. So far what i have see in the video’s and trailers is that i has the same system and signal posts as Train Fever. Will there be a more in depth system? Or maybe going from Green – Yellow – Red aspect depending if the block ahead is free?? I understand that the trains only take red signal into account and brake accordingly. As a train driver myself i wish there could be a more in depth signalling system in the game it would be far more realistic.

  15. Is there a mini map to navigate easily in the game? It would be great if there is, so that it become much easier to go to on town/city to another.

  16. Es gab ja einige Verwirrung weil es im Trailer eine “Abendszene” gab, ob jetzt ein Tag/Nacht Zyklus vorhanden ist oder nicht. Das ist ja nicht der Fall. Ausserdem hat man gesehen das der Bahnhof “biegbar” ist und auch das ist im “Vanilla game” nicht wirklich geplant (wegen der hohen Nachfrage wird überlegt das Feature doch einzubauen). Ich finde wenn es nicht im Vanilla game möglich ist, sollte es auch nicht im Trailer zu sehen sein. Ich meine gut, bei dem Abendmodus könnte man sich streiten da man ja nicht unbedingt die mega mod dafür braucht aber ich finde man sollte es trotzdem nicht zeigen.
    Aber der rest sieht große Klasse aus! Ich bin schon echt neugierig wie alles funktioniert, Unterschiede zu TrainFevef entdecken usw. Freuen wir uns auf das neue – geilste Spiel überhaupt! 🙂

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