Weitere Infos zum kommenden Usability Patch

Uns ist bewusst, dass der Usability-Patch bereits sehnlichst erwartet wird. Wir arbeiten darum mit Hochdruck, um ihn so bald wie möglich veröffentlichen zu können. Wenn alles nach Plan verläuft, können wir den Patch noch vor Ende März offiziell veröffentlichen.

Der Patch bringt viele Neuerungen mit sich. Um sicherzustellen, dass diese reibungslos funktionieren und gleichzeitig dem Wunsch nach offenerer Entwicklung nachzukommen, laden wir alle Interessierten herzlich ein, die Neuerungen vorab zu testen. Der Beta-Test startet voraussichtlich am Donnerstag, 23. März und die Teilnahme ist ohne Anmeldung möglich. Gerne möchten wir auch darauf hinweisen, dass aktuell bereits ein Patch für bessere Stabilität auf Mac OS getestet werden kann. Alle Informationen zum Testen finden sich im Absatz „Testing Version“ >im Wiki<.

Zusätzlich >zu den bereits enthüllten Features< beinhaltet der Patch auch ein überarbeitetes Fahrzeug- und Linienfenster, verbessert das Bremsverhalten von Zügen und optimiert weiter die Leistung im späteren Spielverlauf. Zwei neue Sprachen werden zu Transport Fever hinzugefügt: Alle Texte und Untertitel sind dann auch in Italienisch und Portugiesisch verfügbar.

Der “Debug-Modus”, der besonders auf die Bedürfnisse von Moddern ausgerichtet ist, wurde überarbeitet und enthält jetzt auch ein umfangreiches Kameratool, das u.a. die Aufnahme von Keyframe-Kamerafahrten als Screenshot-Sequenzen erlaubt.

In diesem Zusammenhang möchten wir auch ankündigen, dass wir gerade einen Modding-Wettbewerb mit attraktiven Preisen vorbereiten, um die hervorragende Arbeit der Modding-Community zu würdigen.

Wir danken unseren Spielern recht herzlich für das Vertrauen und die Geduld und sind sehr zuversichtlich, dass sich das Warten lohnen wird!

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Tom (Community Manager)

Community und Projekt Manager bei Urban Games

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  1. Hype-Train is coming! Tolle Neuigkeiten. Ist denn schon etwas bekannt, wie es mit den diversen Mods aussehen wird? Oder zerschiesst der Patch mit größerer Wahrscheinlichkeit ein gemoddetes Spiel?

      • traffic lights:
        waiting since the first photos in train fever many years ago, why is this that difficult and so much other „just workaronds“ for traffic jams?
        i love the game very much but this is very dissapointing, also because my hope was with new money from transport fever perhaps this could be realised

        train crossings:
        yes but this is not always realistic. why can train crossings not work like the new track crossings, (track free only if all vehicles left track)

      • Perhaps, although it is not clear why the station should go blank if I just need to add one platform. Most worryingly, also lost cargo/passengers in cars traveling to this station. Also removes the cargo/passengers from the station of departure, which was going to go for upgrading station. It for a few months stops the delivery.

      • I have a line A->B.
        I add one platform at the station B.
        I lost:
        – all cargo at station B
        – all cargo in all trains, traveling now from A to B
        – all cargo at station A

        I think it is no good.

          • In my opinion, if it is a game mechanic or a „feature“ it is a really dumb one. I really like the game (despite its flaws) but find it annoying when people try to defend it against all logic and reason.

            In real life when you reconstruct / expand stations they normally are not fully closed but remain operative (works are scheduled to avoid a shutdown). For sure all passengers and cargo wanting to travel to that station do not disappear from the world. Also remark that disappearing cargo also occurs when upgrading tracks or roads just near the station… So this argument really is indefensible.

            Second argument: a game mechanic to encourage players to plan. I don’t thinkg that this game mechanic does not really encourage players to plan … just build bigger stations from the beginning or upgrading stations / electrify / high speed etc. at the same time (if you lose all cargo best losing it just one time). If that is the goal is to force players to plan there are much better alternatives. The most appropriate penality should be the cost of demolishing and upgrading the stations as well as higher infrastructure costs. To me cost of infrastructure should be much much higher (especially initial investment, but also running costs should be added or raised): it is risible when compared to running costs of vehicles and trains (in real life it is the other way around). The way the game is now, just build big station and spam double tracks everywhere for each separate line … it is not really worth to cope with signals and merging lines on the same tracks (at least in terms of the economy of the game) .

            Really really hope that developers address this issue, but I don’t have many hopes. This problem was already present in train fever, was really felt as a problem from the community and developers were still not able to address it.

            To the devs… can you tell us if you plan to address it in this patch or in future patches ? Can you tell if it is really a „feature“ you want the game to have ?

  2. Just please add ENG language option to czech version of game, so I dont have to repleace language files (czech translation is poor and there is no possibility to switch to ENG, only RU etc…) :/

  3. ENGLISH;the main problem now is, the cargo/passengers vanishing on station upgrade //// and when we change a line all passengers are lost.
    please make a option to make all signals on that line ‚ONEWAY’without having to do it manually it takes soo….. long.
    waypoints for road vehicles.
    more freight stations.
    Better mod manager.

    GERMAN; Das Hauptproblem ist jetzt, die Ladung / Passagiere verschwinden auf Station Upgrade //// und wenn wir eine Linie ändern alle Passagiere verloren sind.

    Bitte machen Sie eine Option, um alle Signale auf dieser Linie ‚ONEWAY‘ machen, ohne es manuell zu tun, es dauert soo ….. lang.

    Wegpunkte für Straßenfahrzeuge

    Mehr Güterstationen.

    Besser mod Manager.

    • It is enough if you change one signal to one-way on one segment of track, you don’t have to switch all of them between two junctions. The line will see that one one-way signal is there and the train will not turn around I believe.

  4. This is my second comment about this game: it’s a great planning game with amazing models and very stable coding(I did not have any crash) from this end. Plus it’s building a great modder community around it with very high enthusiasm. There is high hopes for this title to expand and take lead in this category of games.

    A couple of things are missing:
    -Corporate HQ building
    -Feature to name our company(not just logo switch)
    -City services building(City Hall, fire hall, police station).
    -International connection for vehicules(off-map).
    -Advanced cargo: cars, electronics, appliances factory(seperated from goods), and so on!
    -Better terrain tools with ground paint brushes.

  5. As many in the comment field, I must emphesize the need of veichle routing as I requested alrady in Train Fever and in the discussions while making Transport Fever.

    Please let us decide the route for the veichles.

  6. Please work on optimization and consider porting the game engine to Vulkan or DX12. As it is, the framerate is all over the place – especially when panning around cities. I have an i7-4770K overclocked to 4.4 GHz and I get drops to the 40s and even 30s late game when around cities. You shouldn’t need a Kaby Lake CPU at 5 GHz just to stay above 60 FPS, and I don’t even think that kind of CPU power would be enough.

  7. Thank you for all you work ! You’ve done a really nice game.

    Suggestions for trains :
    – A tool to put all signals on one route, instead of putting them one by one. It would be really helpfull, specially with really long routes. This would also make adding signals in deep tunels or bridges easier.
    – An option to set a cross section between 2 tracks with 1 click. Because sometimes we have to „fight“ against the game mechanics telling us that the slope is too sharp.

    Suggestions for roads :
    – Let the player decide where to put pedestrian crossing on the roads. Also ptions to build bridges or underground ways for pedestrians. In large cities, pedestrians use to block the circulation and create big traffic jams.
    – Option to disable cities to downgrade highways into smaller routes (6 lanes highway –> 4 lanes middle road).
    – As many suggested, waypoints for trucks, cars, trams, etc.

    I think those tools would spare a lot of time and energy to the player and improve game experience.
    Let me know, everyone, what you think about this and if it’s feasible (in further patches ?).
    Sorry for my English, i can try to explain it better if needed.


    • – Let the player decide where to put pedestrian crossing on the roads. Also ptions to build bridges or underground ways for pedestrians. In large cities, pedestrians use to block the circulation and create big traffic jams.


  8. Mein problem ist, dass nach ein paar Minuten das Game einfach abschmiert. Kein Fehlermeldung, nix. Das bild friert und nach ESC wird das spiel geschlossen (nach laden einer alten Savegame, egal, mit welchen mods)

  9. Well, I don’t mind if they can work out how to keep cargo and passengers on stations while upgrading, as long as we have the option to get rid of cargo as well from lines that no longer exist or have been rerouted.

    Currently you can get rid of such ghost cargo, by upgrading and downgrading a station, but if you remove that, then we need a different method for getting rid of unwanted cargo.

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