Usability patch announced

We are incredibly happy that Transport Fever was received so well and that the game is still very popular on Steam and similar platforms. Every day thousands of players enjoy the game, and several new mods are added daily to the Steam Workshop.

As a consequence, it’s without question that we improve and support Transport Fever also in future. As a next step, we will soon release a major usability patch. Thanks to the huge amount of feedback we receive every day, we identified several usability flaws which we try to smooth out with the next patch.

In addition to various user interface and usability improvements, points of action include the long-awaited replace-vehicles-now button, don’t disable achievements when only cosmetic mods are active, adding names for people, a new layer to display track and street speed, and another round of performance enhancements. Also, there will be several bug fixes and game-play improvements.

The upcoming patch will also improve the stability on Mac computers. Unfortunately, there is still a problem with some specific Mac systems where the game can crash after some minutes until some hours of playing. This problem is addressed with highest priority. For those players experiencing this problem, we wanted to again apologize for the inconvenience caused, even though the problem is unfortunately caused by the Mac graphics driver.

Thanks a million for your interest in Transport Fever and best wishes from the whole Urban Games team!

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  1. Great news! Thanks for the info! Let me also request three not too big things that came to my mind:
    – Road vehicle waypoints to let our trucks avoid city traffic by useing alternative routes (eg. my biggest city got a 3×3 line ‘highway’ around it but vehicles wont use it unless i put bus stops on it which are totally unnecessary there)
    – Dont force upgrade all roads to city roads when the city grows. Let the player decide. (again previous example: highway through or around city gets auto upgraded to city roads and that couses a decrease in its speed limit)
    – Mini truck stations that can be perfect for spreading the goods inside the cities which came from outer distributor points. May be just the size of 1 or 2 truck. Like these are the shop’s or factory’s own unloading area. Or i can be just a marking on the road where turck can stop and drop cargo. (eg.–v3275161-1600.jpg )

  2. I’ve got a number of requests that I think would be a HUGE deal that pretty much everyone could get on board with.
    1: Let us whitelist/blacklist types of cargo instead of having to choose between “automatic” and only 1 specific type. Like a checkbox system instead of radio button. And let us alter this in the line manager instead of handling each vehicle manually while it has to be in the depot! Either that, or let us control this at stations if that’s easier to implement.
    2: Please for the love of god fix whatever causes lines to mindlessly change un/loading zones inside stations when changes are made to lines. Ideally, let us choose the zone to be used when we add a station to a line. The way it currently works, it’s very easy for the game to suddenly have multiple lines using the same zone at a station while other zones are completely free! This is extremely relevant when it comes to shipping lines and the 6-slot tram station but it happens to everything and it’s a huge headache with no solution at the moment.
    3: Let us modify rivers! Modify their width, dig new canals.
    4: Give cargo WEIGHT. It makes no sense the way it is right now. Given a choice between speed and power, the answer is always speed in the current system.
    5: Change the loan system. It’s so broken. Consider the way Big Pharma does their loans: only 3 available at a time, new ones don’t become available until you repay the old ones, larger loans have higher interest rates, and you can only take out a finite loan.
    6: Give us road waypoints for rerouting around cities.
    7: Give us more map generation control with regards to terrain, features, water, ISLANDS?, and density of industry/towns (I realize some of this can be handled in config but not all)
    8: Extra lanes should be used for passing so faster vehicles can overtake slower ones. Or let us designate a passing lane, like a bus lane.

  3. Wow Replace vehicle now and the show speed. Hope we will get releived from performance breakdown
    However Waypoints for road vehicles will also be apprciated

  4. Hervorragend! ich freue mich schon auf die bevorstehenden Änderungen. Vieles von meinen persönlichen Wünschen ist ja in den vorangegangenen Posts schon gesagt worden. Neben 1.) der Änderungsmöglichkeit des Frachttypes auch im Linienmanager als auch die Auswahl mehrerer Typen als nur “ganz”, also “automatisch” und nur eines Frachttypes und 2.) der Schaffung von Wegpunkten für Fahrzeuge würde ich mich 3.) über eine Überarbeitung bei der Empfindlichkeit beim Kreuzweichenbau freuen. Der “Hosenträgerbau” ist mitunter reine Glücksache.

    Ich bedanke mich ganz herzlich für die bisher geleistete Arbeit, ihr macht einen guten Job. Viel Erfolg weiterhin!

  5. It is nice to hear of this patch, with some useful improfements. I hope that in the “bug” fixes the following problems will be addressed:
    1) disappearing cargo/passengers when upgrading stations, track or roads (even if in pause)
    2) more stable industry production even when overcapacity of transport is supplied (e.g. adapt production to stock and demand levels and transport capacities/frequencies)

    Other wishes
    1) I agree 100% with the other user asking for giving cargo WEIGHT 🙂
    2) I would also add (from an idea in the steam forum) give different prices to different cargo (e.g. goods > intermediate products > raw materials) to incentivize the construction of longer lines

  6. Super. Besten Dank für die positiven News. Eine Bitte: Städte wachsen standardmässig. Ausser man schneidet sie komplett von der Aussenwelt ab. Es wäre genial, wenn man das Wachstum besser steuern könnte. Zum Beispiel einzeichnen, wo Städte oder besser gesagt, wo sich Wohn, Gewerbe und Industrie in Zukunft ansiedeln soll, z. B. mittels Zonenplanung. Dass zum Beispiel Häuser in steilen Gebirgen oder auch über Gleise (!) entstehen, ist alles andere als ideal. Auch wünsche ich mir eine Möglichkeit das Wachstum zu begrenzen, um die Performance im Spätgame aufrecht zu erhalten. Liebe Devs, wäre sowas möglich? Besten Dank

    • Endlich mal jemand der das Problem mit dem Städtewachstum versteht. Ich würde gerne alle Städte mit so vielen Gütern wie möglich beliefern, aber wozu, wenn dann die Einwohnerzahl explodiert und ich nurnoch Performance Probleme habe. Stadt Wachstum begrenzen, wäre eine tolle Idee.
      Echte Städte wachsen ja auch nicht unkontrolliert und vervielfachen ihre Einwohnerzahl stetig. Bevölkerungsbegrenzung wäre sehr wünschenswert. Nicht nur wegen der Performance, ich will nicht überall eine Metropole haben, nur weil ich sie mit 2 oder 3 Gütern beliefere…
      Trotzdem vielen Dank an die Entwickler. Super Arbeit von euch bisher… 🙂

  7. Can we have a better performance after a long-term playing?
    My hardware is excellent (I can play GTA5 in the highest performance), but when I play this game for more than 1 hour or couple of hours, the game responds very very slowly. I even need to wait for a few seconds when I just click a button, or change the view. The game is very very unsmoothed and it absolutely affects my mood of playing!
    I tried to save the game and reload it. It might be a little bit better when I loaded it, but a few minutes later, it becomes the same as I save it before.
    As you guys may know, people will play one game for a relatively longer time especially for such simulation games. Consequently, I think this issue could be your first priority to address, because I give up Train Fever for this reason. I can’t bear the delay of the game! It makes me crazy!
    If you can’t fix this issue, maybe I will also quit Transportfever for the same reason!

    Some tips for you:
    As my observation, CPU occupation and GPU occupation remain at an acceptable level after a long playing; however, the memory occupation rises significantly after long-term playing. Could this be a memory leakage? You use new memory addresses, but you don’t release or dispose memory after you use. Memories are using up while players are playing. The result is that the game becomes slowly and slowly, and finally a memory overflow. The reason I think as a memory leakage is that when I load a saved game, the initial memory occupation is reasonable, which means you guys can deal with all items in the game with such amount of memory. Although I don’t do anything to the game (just let the previous lines operating), the memory occupation increases, which probably means that you use new memories but failed to release them.
    No matter what reason causes the poor performance, please fix them as soon as possible before we consume all of our patience! Thanks for your hard work!

    • Agree completely!!! Only one improvement is absolutely mandatory now…fix the performance issue!!! And then focus on all the rest. The problem is not related to hardware…so its related to Urban Games…it’s your fault guys! And please, next time test the game before release and do not mess with details such as dusty trains in time or passengers sitting in the tram…

  8. Some excellent upcoming improvements coming

    In a future release I’d like it so if you have a station you can specify a platform, and if that isn’t available then (an) alternative.

    A easier way of getting a train to call all stations, say have an start station and end station and an option that says “stop all stations en route” or similar rather than the current method of having to add each station, or the flip side is assume to stop all station unless told to go “non-stop”.

    Some sort of timetable balancing, so rather than trains all just following each other, have an option that allows you to specify a timetable headway from the train infront, for example, “Wait 3 minutes after last train departed before departing”, to alleviate all the trains bunching up and then a large gap in the service.

    You’ve took the trouble to represent the point frogs/crossing. How about animating the point switch blades?

    Also a way of adding signals in tunnels, the way I’m currently doing is by guesswork and zooming right in, unless someone knows an easier way.

    • Sorry to fart on your pizza but I doubt it would come to switch anytime soon. I would assume that Urban games would rather have their team focused on improving their current game rather than port it to a console.

  9. Please add traffic lights, and more deco things like water tanks or coal storages for steam locomotives and ring engine sheds with turnable railways. Thanks for the fantastic game . Whats about rack railways to reach villages in alpine regions?

    Transport fever you did a great job, i hope new patches of dlcs improve game expieriences.

  10. It’s great to see regular and significant updates to the game ! Its nice to know what they’re currently working on, hopefully more requests will be implemented before next release.

  11. Implement overtaking 🙂 That would solve older vehicles holding up all the newer oens.
    And you could add a random (very low chance) accident event which can happen to any two vehicles (citizens or yours) that would halt traffic on the road and block it for a minute.

  12. Bin ich eigentlich der einzige, der sich über die Funktion, das man 2 Gleise oder mehr gleichzeitig, mega freuen würde? Wenn man dann noch einstellen könnte, dass nach einer bestimmten Distanz ein Signal automatisch gebaut würde, dann würde es das bauen von neuen Verbindungen so viel einfacher machen!

  13. Dear colleagues devs:
    You might have already done or tried this
    Although the difference in performance and efficiency
    of this is not so extreme as it was say 10 yrs ago:
    Where ever you can in your modules:
    replace Floating Point (e.g. Float,Double) with Integer arithmetic.
    The range of a (long) int is in most cases more than sufficient
    to encompass the geographic range of your models, this also
    goes for speed, weight, altitude, etc. And also store them as Integers.
    2. use SQLite database format for saved files, that way you can partially
    update instead of everything.
    Kind Regards

  14. When a truck station gets overwhelmed with cargo and traffic, allow us to add an adjacent train station and pull the cargo from the truck station. I had a train sitting and waiting for cargo for hours, but the fuel supplier would not send fuel to the train station.

  15. oh bitte…….. macht die performance super ruckelfrei!!!!!!! ich krig da echt die motten…. will schon jedesmal mein PC treten aber kann mich zurückhalten da es nicht an ihm liegt, der hält einiges aus.
    zu so einem riesen Spielspaß muss ruckelfrei sein…..punkt

  16. Hallo !!
    Danke für das super tolle spiel !!
    Das spiel macht irrsinnig viel Spaß !
    Top arbeit was ihr da leiste ! Weiter so ! kauf gern spiele von euch !!
    Eine Metro wäre noch cool ! Und ein wettersystem was sich ändert ! Regen, nebel, Sonnenschein und schnee !!
    Lg mike

  17. Уважаемые разработчики!
    Очень радует что вы продолжаете работу над игрой и очень жду патч.

    Хотелось бы чтоб исправили

    !!!1) исправили мелкие недочеты с пересечениями, развилками – на мостах и в туннелях (портят вид всей игры отсутствующие или не корректные текстуры .)!!!
    2) исправьте баги когда городское здание при развитие города засыпает линии , станции засыпаются землей . )
    3) доработки усовершенствование железнодорожных путей путей ( при модификации электричества или станций – часта возникает “невозможно из-за наложения” ) со станциями – чтобы электросеть поставить приходится удалять автобусные остановки ближайший (Train Fever – не страдала этой проблемой)

    хотелось бы в игре-
    4) добавить вес грузам .
    5) добавить возможность отдельной электрификации пути на станции ( 1 электро путь (электровоз) идет через 3х платформенную станцию – она полностью электрифицируется – не красиво смотрится если 2 пути отдельно проходят и они без электричества (паровозы )
    6) добавите путевые точки для автотранспорта и мини грузовые платформы для выгрузки , загрузки грузов в городе ( остановки для грузовиков позволили не занимать остановки и много места в городе.
    7) грузовую платформу от 40м со складам и грузовиками .( позволила бы по принципу завода – по городу пускать поезда , ну и имея совместную станцию – развозить грузы или складировать.)
    8) транспорт научился обгонять более медленные (к примеру грузовик тот же автобус если дорога позволяет, или порожняк на если имеется альтернативный попутный путь не занятый поездом – за груженый попутный состав (который уступает в скорости порожнему и идет медленнее .
    9) имея водный транспорт – нет инструмента для прокладывания канала , мала карт с возможностью реализовать водный транспорт, генерация карт не рассчитана на данный транспорт – поэтому часто дороги идущие через реки не рассчитаны на морской транспорт и требуют перестройки .
    10) анатомировать бы стрелки – (когда едет поезд чтоб переключались на путь следования ) а также принцип диспетчера (чтоб поест по прибытии направлялся на свободный путь – если назначенный линией занят (тоже самое и на свободных рельсах не занятых маршрутами или поездами (типа сортировочных станций )) – если это реализуем .
    11) приоритет транспорта или линии (экспресс, скорый поезд)
    12) достижения при игре с модами (новая индустрия, транспорт, украшения, станции, железнодорожные объекты)

    Надеюсь на исправления недочетов и появление новых изюминок в игре.

  18. Könntet ihr in kommenden Patch BITTE BITTE BITTE noch Parametereinstellungen für Signale (deutsche Lichthauptsignale) mit einbauen?
    Es ist mühsam, sich immer vom einem Ende der Menüleiste zur anderen zu kämpfen und raubt einen dann die Spielemotivation.
    Es wäre klasse, wenn da was gehen würde. 🙂

    • Look in th e file:
      program filex x86/steam/userdata/ ??????? /446800/local/config.lua

      there is a line:

      shadowQuality = …..

      I have set mine to 3 and it looks tons better.

      Mayybe this helps you.

  19. Für mich wäre Perfprmanceverbesserung definitiv an 1ster Stelle angebracht…..wenn man schon auf einer grossen Map weit vorangeschritten ist und man dann irgendwann merkt das die FPS raten immer langsamer werden, bis sie fast zum Stillstand gekommen sind bremst den weiteren Spieltrieb ungemein und man hat umsonst darin so viel Zeit investiert….

    Desweiteren wäre es mehr als Genial Richtige Kreuzweichen bauen zu können…eventuell noch Dreifachweichen, daß würde diesem Game nochmal um eine Klasse besser da stehen….

  20. I would love the see the option to give priority over certain trains. Like for example, when there’s a track intersection, I want my [freight/passenger] train to have higher priority over [other train].
    It’s not a huge deal but it would be really nice to have something like that. I hate waiting for my freight trains to move to let my high-earnings train just sit and wait and lose money. That then slows down other lines and can possibly decrease the rate of frequency on a route.

  21. Cities should indicate where the inhabitants are willing to travel.
    It is not serious to make transport lines between cities and then no one uses them. (especially if they are a little distant)

  22. When can we expect this patch?

    It is announced, but I miss the release date. And it is almost 3 weeks ago that this announcement was posted.

    Verdammt nochmal 😉

      • The developers need time to create a patch … they are probably unsure about when they can finish their work and release a patch that improves the game and not the contrary. But in the past they always followed thorugh their announcements.

        Sadly they never improved to communicate with their community both for announcements and for explaining some not so clear game mechanics 🙁

  23. Is the loading speed working correctly? I have noticed that cargo from trains unloads much slower than it loads onto trains. And I noticed under the “details” tab of trains that the loading speed is equal to the sum of the loading speed of each car in the train, e.g., 3x loading speed for each car times 10 cars equals a loading speed of 30. Most likely the loading speed of the train as a whole include the loading speed of the locomotive, too,

  24. Please fix your awful pathfinding for trains when using multiple track stations and same lines.
    The primitive and lazy coded pathfinding train AI makes it frustrating and takes away the fun of a 40 euro game when you have to spend hours trying to solve the buggy and mediocrity written pathfinding for trains, at the end having to resort to reading tutorials online and wasting more hours or days because you lazy mediocre devs cannot just implement the AI from a 15 year old game called Transport Tycoon, by Chris Sawyer, to make some goddam trains automatically align themselves on the proper train track on two platform stations, without having to babysit them to make junctions and signals for something that ONE man figured out 15 years ago, while a bunch of 15ish men developer team are mind boggled into making a decent game, with poor train pathfinding which contributed to the sub-average reviews on critics websites.

  25. Steht denn jetzt schon fest, wann der Patch veröffentlicht wird? Sehne ihn mir jetzt schon herbei, ich meine, verbesserter Geschwindigkeitslayer, Fahrzeuge-jetzt-ersetzen-Button etc.: Das klingt schon echt super!

  26. Here are some points that can improve the game
    1-When we change a line/upgrade all the passengers/cargo vanishes from the station??
    2-If there is nothing to pick up from the station, Why does the truck wait for so long?? and that creates a traffic jam
    3- more campains
    4-traffic lights or road veheicals
    5-more larger maps
    (Wold like to see all this fixed)

  27. Please add routing for all road vehicles (trucks and buses). They take the shortest route now, which often is not on the main roads or bunches too many lines onto a single stretch of road, resulting in traffic jams.

    Also, adding the ability of faster vehicles to pass slower vehicles. Now, faster vehicles will bunch up behind slower vehicles even though there are lanes or tracks available for them to pass or for the slower vehicles to get out of the way. With rail, it is possible now to add specific routing but only for separate lines, and such routing is permanent rather than used only when the main route is occupied.

  28. I love almost all new features. I will notice only what can be fixed before release.
    – Weight feature – Must be correlate with speed and power in same display windows, to let the player to figure the effect of weight on vehicle.
    – line manager windows and others windows lost position after come back from first view mode.
    – Still missing person first view 🙁
    – List of vehicle/any-else must contain filter on type.

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