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 +====== Publish Mod on Steam Workshop ======
 +If you would like to share your mod with others, you can upload it to Steam Workshop. Just consider following steps.
 +**Add tags**
 +Make sure you have included to ''​mod.lua''​ some tags describing your mod. They are used by Steams search engine. ​
 +This example shows how to add tags:
 +<code lua>
 +function data()
 +return {
 +  info = {
 +    tags = { "​building",​ "​depot"​ }  -- or similar
 +    -- other infos...
 +  },
 +  -- options = ..
 +  -- runFn = ..
 +  -- checkActiveFn = ..
 +**Add a preview image**
 +Include a preview image for Steam Workshop in the root directory of your mod. Its size should be below 1 MB and have a ratio of 16:9.
 +**Copy your mod to the staging area**
 +Copy your mod directory to the ''​staging_area''​ folder in your Steam installation:​
 +''​C:​\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<​your Steam ID>​\446800\local\staging_area\''​.
 +Start the game and select "​Publish Mod" in the main menu. On the left, select the mod you would like to publish. Fill in some change notes, if necessary. If everything is fine, press the "​Publish"​ button. Congratulations,​ your mod should now be available on Steam Workshop!
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