Multiple Unit


A multiple unit configuration files specifies a set of parameters to define a specific locomotive and wagon configuration. They are stored in .lua files in the folder res\config\multiple_unit\.

The file has the following format:

function data()
return {
	vehicles = {
		{ name = "vehicle/train/rabde_12_12_front.mdl", forward = true },
		{ name = "vehicle/train/rabde_12_12_waggon.mdl", forward = true },
		{ name = "vehicle/train/rabde_12_12_front.mdl", forward = false },
	name = _("RABDe 12/12 Mirage"),
	desc = _("This three-part electric multiple unit was used for commuter traffic in Switzerland. With all-axle-drive and high power, it was optimized for high acceleration. This led to the nickname \"Mirage\".")
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