Missions / Campaigns


A mission in Transport Fever is made up of an info file, a save game and a mission script. Every mission is part of a campaign, and the files and folders are structured accordingly. That is, every campaign is a directory in res\campaign\, and each mission is a subdirectory of its campaign. The campaign itself also has an info file (info.lua) which should be self-explanatory.

Note: everything should be put at your campaign mod directory (see Directory structure).

Creating a mission

Create campaign folder and info file (if not already exists)

Please have a look at the existing campaigns for details.

Create mission folder and info file

Please have a look at the existing campaigns for details.

Create save game

You can either create a new game or use an existing save game. Important is that the campaign mod is active, when creating/loading the game. Then you can save the game and copy the save game to your mission folder.

Create mission script

Please look at the sample and the existing mission scripts to get more familiar with its format and structure.

Mission scripting

Attaching a mission to an endless game

Since 18126 mission scripts can be attached to endless games as a mod. To do so:

  • Remove the savegame entry from the info.lua
  • Remove the savegame itself
  • Rename the campaign and mission folder to _auto_, for example sample_campaign_1\res\campaign\_auto_\_auto_
  • Adjust the path to the mission script in the info.lua accordingly
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