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Base config


All main aspects of the game world can be configured in the file base_config.lua, which can be found in the folder res\config\.

It is structured as follows:

game.config.costs = {
  -- general cost configuration
game.config.cargotypes = {
  -- table with cargo types
game.config.terrain = {
  -- configuration of generator, shaders, textures, and vegetation
game.config.environment = {
  -- lighting, fog, sky box and environment map
} = {
  -- configuration of environment audio sources and music tracks
} = {
  -- towns and industries

Most of the parameters are self-explanatory or are explained with comments in the file itself.

Example mod

All values in the base_config.lua can be changed by a mod without altering the original file.

This can be achieved by setting the value in the run function of the main mod file mod.lua:

runFn = function (settings)
     game.config.millisPerDay = 8000      -- length of a day [ms]

Example download [example_length_of_day_1]

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