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Debug Mode


The debug mode

  • enables debugging hotkeys to help debugging or testing modifications
  • enables the camera manager
  • unlocks all missions and campaigns

To activate the Debug Mode, change the according value in the settings.lua

debugMode = true,

or toggle the option in the game´s advanced options.


The debug mode enables the following hotkeys:

Windows / Linux Mac Function
AltGr + a Command + a Reload sound sets
AltGr + g Command + g Toggle GUI visibility
AltGr + l Command + l Toggle Lane visibility
AltGr + m Command + m Add 500k money to the account

Camera manager

Since build 18381 the camera manager is no longer part of the debug mode and can be enabled separately via the advanced game settings in the main menu. When enabled, it can be accessed via the game´s options panel.


Controls differ from the in-game camera:

  • Hold right mouse button and drag to move the camera along the Z-axis.
  • Hold left mouse button and drag to move the camera along the X- and Y- axis.
  • Hold middle mouse button and drag to pan and tilt the camera.
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom the camera.

Screenshot mode

To take a screenshot:

  • select the desired resolution
  • select the desired focal length
  • place the camera
  • click the “capture image button”

Screenshots are taken without GUI elements and are stored in the /screenshots/ folder.

Screenshot sequence mode

To record a screenshot sequence:

  • select the desired resolution, frame rate and game speed for capturing
  • place the camera and click the “add keyframe”
  • set the keyframe's speed and focal length by clicking on the value in the table
  • repeat step 2 and 3 as often as necessary
  • preview the sequence by pressing the play button
  • record the sequence by pressing the record button

Screenshots are taken without GUI elements and are stored as a sequence in the /recordings/ folder. The number of screenshots depends on the sequence length and selected frames per second.

Keyframes can be added, rearranged, and deleted. It is also possible to save or load whole sequences.

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