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Finances and statistics

Company window

To access the company window, click on the balance on the bottom left of the screen.

Company finances

The finance tab shows the expenditures and incomes of the company over the last 4 years. The right most column displays the current year which is updated in real time.

Company charts

The company charts show the development of the game world over time and keep a history record about the total track length owned by the company.

The company logo can be changed at any time and is shown on vehicles owned by the player. Additional logos can be added via modding.


To help keep track of progress, various charts for cities, stations, industries, and vehicles are available:

  • The income and expenses for vehicles over the last months can be found on the “Finances” tab of each vehicle or line.
  • Industries keep a record of their production and consumption of cargo per month in the “Charts” tab.
  • Stations keep a record of loaded and unloaded passengers or cargo per month in the “Charts” tab.
  • The “Charts” tab of cities holds a historic record of the population, shopping facilities and jobs development.





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