Terrain modification and asset placement

Terrain modification

The terrain can be modified using the terrain tools. It’s possible to raise, lower and flatten it. The tools size can be adjusted with the <n> and <m> keys. Its strength can be selected on the right-hand side of the terrain menu.

The terrain tool ignores anything that potentially collides with the modified terrain. In other words, it will not modify parts of the terrain that are occupied by buildings, streets, tracks and waters. The position of trees and rocks is automatically adjusted.

Asset placement

Assets are a cosmetic feature and can be placed freely at any empty spot in the game world without influencing the game play or game mechanics. They will automatically snap to a 1×1 meter grid and can be rotated in 15 degree angle steps by pressing the <n> or <m> key. Holding down the Shift key disables grid snapping and will also allow for finer rotation.

Note: Assets can also be configured to ignore collisions via modding.

Brush assets

Miscellaneous assets like benches and lamps are placed individually. Trees and rocks can be placed in a brush-like manner, by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse cursor.

Track assets

Track assets will automatically snap to tracks. Hold <shift> to disable the snapping.


Everything in the game world, except industries, can be removed by bulldozing. Objects which can be bulldozed are highlighted in yellow when you hold the mouse cursor over it.

When you construct/upgrade something, town buildings are bulldozed automatically if necessary. The bulldozing cost is added to the building/upgrade costs. Similar, bulldozing streets will also remove adjacent town buildings.

Note: Signals and way-points can be easily bulldozed by using the bulldozer tool on the signal icon.

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