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Europe Campaign Missions

Gotthard Tunnel

The railroad is currently conquering all of Europe. Right in the middle is a young Alpine republic, where a mighty mountain massif blocks the way to the sunny south. The rocky colossus can only be crossed with great difficulty.

This mission is based on the historic Gotthard Tunnel


Time for a bold undertaking: crossing the Alps from north to south. A railroad tunnel through the Swiss Alps will make our young nation the most important route from the North Sea to the Mediterranean!


  • Terrific tunnel - Make the Federal Council happy and complete the tunnel on time, before 1885.
  • Contractual compliance - Don't deviate too much from the negotiated terms and get by without additional funding.
  • Machinist - Rely on the latest mining technology.
  • Humanitarian - Don't beat down any workers.
  • Rockhound - Find the legendary mountain crystal.

Bridge disaster

In the cradle of industrialization, the factory smokestacks smoke without end. The cities are thick with soot. Men, women and children make sure that the machinery keeps running – up to twelve hours a day without a break.

This scenario is based on the Tay Bridge disaster of 1879


The railroad network is being diligently expanded; the trains have doubled their top speed in just a few years. Faith in modern technology is as unshakeable as the reign of Queen Victoria…


  • On time - Build the bridge before 1902.
  • Key to wealth - Earn a million by transporting tools.
  • Speed record - Cross the test bridge at a speed of at least 60 km/h.
  • Heavyweight - Cross the test bridge with a total load of at least 60 units before the tests are concluded.
  • Alternative transportation - Fulfill the special request of the steelworks owner and transport goods by ship.

Hard times

The new century is still young, but things don't look good. Tensions in Europe are rising – hopefully everything will turn out well!


Fortunately, transportation services are always in demand, in good times and in bad. You just can't have any scruples about who you get involved with. In any case, it's certainly worthwhile to be well prepared for any eventuality…


  • Well supplied - Achieve a supply of foodstuffs of 10% in the affected cities in less than 6 years.
  • Shamelessly rich - Amass a wealth of at least 50 million despite these hard times.
  • Squirrel - Stockpile at least 500 foodstuffs before the war begins.
  • Fairly distributed - Make sure that no city has a supply of food over 30%, while another goes empty-handed.
  • Hard times - Never let the food supply fall below 5% during the war.

Island paradise

Progress is finally here!


The former occupiers have returned a beautiful island kingdom somewhere in the middle of the Pacific to its native inhabitants – or what is left of them some two hundred years after James Cook.

Now that the yoke of colonialism has finally been shaken off, democracy and modernization can finally gain a foothold. The first, charismatic Presidente of the archipelago is very concerned with increasing the prosperity of the region – and we can help him!


  • Early - Surprise the Presidente and fulfill his requirements before 1975.
  • Profitable year - Earn 3 million within one year.
  • Retread - Make sure that no vehicle is 10 years old or older.
  • Ship - Salvage all the sunken ships
  • Good view - Take a train over a rail line with a high point of at least 200 meters of elevation.

Economic miracle

An economic miracle! The war is over and West Germany is experiencing an unprecedented boom.


A new, strong economic power is rising from the rubble and ruins. After many long years of austerity, suddenly there is everything the heart desires! There is full employment and the export industry is going swimmingly. The victorious Allies are slowly restoring freedom to the country. Recently, they've even allowed us to purchase aircraft…


  • High-flyer - Put the first plane in the air before 1955.
  • Money gives you wings - Earn 50 million with your airline.
  • Development aid - Deliver the requested goods to East Germany.
  • Transport hub - Land at least 1,000 passengers in Cologne.
  • Heavy traffic - Own a fleet of at least 15 airplanes.

Cutting-edge technology

France has shown us all how it's done. The entire world is marveling at Concorde, which soars through the air at almost twice the speed. There's just no equivalent on the ground!


The airplane is little use for domestic travel. The oil crisis has plunged the country into a deep recession and, on top of that, has made air travel more expensive. It's time for a new, great technical achievement – a sign that France has what it takes to remain a great, innovative nation, even in difficult times. Let's prove that our industrial nation is still leading the way in cutting-edge technology!


  • Pride of the nation - Finish the mission before 1995.
  • Financial planning - Never make use of a grant.
  • Speed record - Achieve a speed of more than 280 km/h with a train.
  • Direct connection - Achieve a journey time between Paris and Lyon of under 5 minutes.
  • The masses - Transport 500 passengers in one year.

English Channel

The century is drawing to a close and the future looks rosy for transport magnates.


The Iron Curtain is falling, East and West are coming together cautiously, Europe is coalescing. One woman, known respectfully by both friend and foe as “The Iron Lady”, has done capitalism a major service: She has shrunk the welfare state, pulverized the unions and placed public enterprises in the hands of private business. Ideal conditions for new projects…


  • Good timing - Complete the preparation and excavation project phases in a timely manner.
  • Profitable - Get by without additional grants.
  • Shaking hands - Ensure that both Tunnel construction sites are completed within an interval of no more than one month.
  • X-ray vision - Explore the seabed.
  • Redrilled - Improve the tunneling machines.
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