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America Campaign Missions

Wild West

The future lies in the West!


We will bring progress to this barren swathe of land full of simple-minded country bumpkins and savage natives. But transporting the required goods is painstaking and expensive. A railroad from East to West, now that would be a real gold mine!

But the competition never sleeps. The Central Pacific Railroad has already started construction on a line from the Pacific. Let's beat them to it and open up the Wild West!


  • Hidden treasure - Find the hidden gold nugget.
  • Dry spell - Take the route past all wells in the desert.
  • Tool factory - Act with foresight and build up a stockpile of tools as early as possible.
  • Beat the competition - Be faster than the Central Pacific Railroad and complete the route before May 1874.
  • Happy investors - Make your backers happy and never exceed your budget. (Never let your bank balance dip below zero)


Steel – that's the stuff progress is forged from. Everything is possible.


In Pittsburgh, the steel industry metropolis, the furnaces are running at full blast. Steel production is opening up new prospects – for the construction of buildings, for the production of machines and, last but not least, for railroads too. People are flocking to the city, and there's work here aplenty.

Bright minds are working meticulously on inventions and new technologies. They've been experimenting with a new form of power called electricity for decades now, but the breakthrough now seems to be within reach: Perhaps even large machines will soon be powered by electrical forces.

A new age has dawned – he who takes his chances now can expect a golden future!


  • Production peak - The Westinghouse plants should produce at least 8 machines in a single month.
  • Filled to capacity - Ensure that the train to Monroeville transports at least 70 passengers at once.
  • Animal testing - Prevent Dr. Brown from performing his brutal practices.
  • Turning point in the War of Currents - Convince all districts of the benefits of alternating current by the year 1890.
  • Coal with coal - Inundate Tesla with coal. (Deliver at least 500 coal to Tesla in a single year).

Panama Canal

Around the world in eighty days is a thing of the past. It needs to be much faster these days if global trade is to flourish!


The transcontinental railroad is all well and good – but it's far too inefficient for the constantly growing needs and large quantities of goods in transit. But there is one project that promises to redress this: a ship canal that connects the oceans in the East and West. In this way, large amounts of cargo can be transported easily and conveniently. He who controls this canal controls global trade and thus the entire world!


  • Pride of the nation - Make the president proud by ensuring that the canal can be completed before 1924.
  • Secure funding - Make sure that you never miss an opportunity to spend the money at your disposal. Your account balance should never grow to an eight-figure sum.
  • Amaze the doctor - Save the golden frog!
  • Landslide - If you dig too quickly through the Culebra Passage, you're risking a landslide – but it does demonstrate a great deal of motivation! Increase the maximum production of the quarry fourfold!
  • Fair distribution - Ensure there is no more than twice the amount of debris in one depression than in the other one.

Motor industry

Industry is booming around the Great Lakes.


Food for the entire nation is produced in the areas surrounding Chicago, and the automobile industry is growing in Detroit. The automobile is opening up new possibilities for transportation. Trucks can deliver large quantities of goods to the most remote corners.

The automobile is still the exclusive pleasure of the affluent, but it could soon become a mass-produced commodity and revolutionize the entire transport industry!


  • Speed record - Ensure that the first motor races can take place before 1925.
  • Furtive - See to it that you don't get caught by the police.
  • Rich in success - Only those who have had at least 25 million in their own pockets once in their life are taken seriously in the automobile industry.
  • Stroke of luck - It would be more hygienic for all involved if the pigs were slaughtered in a conventional manner.
  • Large crowds - Make sure that at least 25 people are waiting at one stop at once to make a pilgrimage to the motor races.

Air Mail Scandal

On the coast of California, there's not only sun, sea and beautiful people, but also a lot to do: Time to turn our gaze toward the stars!


A lot has happened in aviation since the pioneers' first attempts: Air travel is no longer just an audacious experiment for daring men in flying boxes, but it also brings interesting prospects for serious businessmen. Sometime in the not-too-distant future, flying will be an everyday thing. People will just sit themselves down in an airplane as if it were a railroad car…


  • Aviation pioneer - Finish the mission before 1943.
  • High-flyer - Own at least 20 planes at the end of the mission.
  • Mail cartel - Own the landing permissions for all airports.
  • Groundskeeper - Make sure that at least 12 terminals are built.
  • Industry boom - Ensure that the number of industrial jobs in Los Angeles grows to 600.

Great Depression

They're calling it the Great Depression: The whole county is groaning under this huge economic crisis. Under poverty and unemployment. The entire country? No siree, Bob!


In the Gulf region of the sunny south, black gold is bubbling incessantly out of the earth and is protecting the people from hardship – well, at least those lucky enough to be sitting directly on top of an oil well. High time we became active in the crude oil industry ourselves – oil is the best lubricant for our operations!


  • Busy pumpers - Finish the mission before 1955.
  • Investment! - For the good of the economic upswing, make sure that your wealth never exceeds 75 million.
  • Oil baron - Process crude oil from all the wells located on the land.
  • Like lightning - Ensure that the journey along the Houston–New Orleans route takes a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Importer - Import at least 6000 goods via the port in Houston.

Space race

Business is brisk high in the skies! The invention of the jet engine has revolutionized aviation…


Civil aviation is experiencing an unprecedented boom. Travelers can reach even remote destinations by plane: the train has had its day as a mode of passenger transport. Yet despite large distances becoming ever easier to cross, certain places are inaccessible: The Iron Curtain separates East from West. The great powers have divided the entire world among themselves. Now all that remains to conquer are the skies – before the Russians do. Let's reach for the stars!


  • Moon landing - Be faster than the Russians and finish the mission before 1970.
  • Meteoric rise - Own more than 100 million.
  • Satisfied scientists - Ensure a successful conference.
  • Eco-friend - Avoid the highlighted nature reserves with all land vehicles.
  • Airsick - Too much training never hurt anyone: Complete more than 30 parabolic flights.
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