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Camera control

Camera controls with the keyboard:

  • <w> <a> <s> <d> keys move up, left, down and right
  • <q> and <e> keys to rotate the camera clockwise and counter clockwise
  • <r> and <f> keys to tilt the camera up and down
  • <y> and <x> keys to zoom the camera in and out

Keyboard settings can be changed in the “Controls” section in the settings menu.

Camera controls with the mouse:

  • Hold right mouse button to drag the camera up, left, down or right
  • Move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen to move the camera up, left, down or right (when edge-scrolling is active)
  • Hold mouse wheel (3rd key) to rotate and tilt the camera
  • Roll mouse wheel to zoom the camera in and out

Hot keys

There is a wide range of hot keys available for various purposes, for example to change the game speed or to open a certain menu or overlay.

For a complete list, refer to the “Controls” section in the settings menu.

The menu bar in the bottom section of the screen is used to access the finances, manage lines, build tracks and streets as well as stations, and manipulate the landscape.


Clicking on the balance opens the finances and company statistics window.

Find out more about the finances here.

Line manager

Use the line manager to create and edit lines.

Find out more about line management here.

Track and street construction

Use the track and street construction menu to build or upgrade tracks, signals, and roads.

Find out more about track and street construction here.

Station and depot construction

Use the station and depot construction menu to build stations and depots for trains, busses and trucks, ships, and planes.

Find out more about station and depot construction here.


Use the terrain tools menu to modify terrain or place assets in the world and along tracks.

Find out more about the terrain tools here.


Activate the bulldoze mode to remove tracks and streets, stations, or town buildings.

Find out more about the bulldozer tool here.

Simulation speed

Pause the game or set the simulation speed to 1x, 2x or 4x.

Find out more about the simulation here.

Achievements / Mission progress

In the free game mode, click on the Achievements button to get a list of all earnable achievements.

In the campaign game mode click the Medals button to get a list of all earnable medals in the current mission.

HUD icon filter

The HUD icon filter can be used to show or hide overlay icons displayed on the map. Hover over the individual icons to get more information.


A flashing red triangle on the top of the screen indicates a problem with vehicles or industries. Click on the triangle to get more details. Click on the crosshairs to focus the camera on the problem or hover the mouse cursor over the symbol on the right to get more information.

Game settings

Use the game settings to:

  • Save or load the game
  • Access the music player
  • Set graphic, audio or controller options
  • Quit the game to the main menu or operating system

More advanced options can be accessed via the main menu.

Stats panel

Provides access to various lists (vehicles, stations, lines, depots, towns, and industries).

Data layers

Use the data layers to find out more about land use, contour lines or navigable waters.

A layer for maximum track speed and traffic density is also available.

Land use

land-use_window.jpgThe land use layer displays a colored overlay for all town buildings.

Residential buildings are colored green, commercial building blue and industrial buildings yellow.

When “Building value” or “Land value” is selected, a higher brightness of the color indicates a higher value.

Contour lines

Contour lines visualize the height of the terrain and is especially useful while building rail tracks in rough terrain.

Activate the navigable waters layer to see if ships can pass under bridges or navigate narrow rivers.

Speed layer

speed_layer.jpgActivate the speed layer to display track speed limits.

Traffic layer

traffic_layer.jpgActivate the traffic layer to display the current traffic density.


tooltip_hover.jpgtooltip_hover2.jpgMany buttons, icons and text elements will provide additional information while hovering the mouse cursor over it.

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