Vehicle page update #6

The vehicle page received an extensive and important update today: Passenger wagons and middle cars from multiple units, a core part of the rolling stock. More than 20 models from Europe and North America were added to the current vehicle list.

Our selection includes numerous famous and popular examples from the rich railroad history, like the historical Pullman cars, the very luxurious American Heavyweight Parlor or the cutting-edge double-deck wagons which are still in service today in many European countries.

A distinct highlight we would like to point at is the interior of vehicles. In the game individual seats are visible through the windows and passengers are really seated there. In addition, wagons age over time and the player can put logos on the wagons and even change the painting color.

Please visit the >vehicle page< to find out more about the new additions.

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  1. Wird es bei den Wagen verschieden Lackierungen geben? Also zum Beispiel nicht nur die neue SBB 2.Klass Lackierung beim EW IV und nicht nur die 1.Klass BLS Lackierung beim EW II?
    Und ich hoffe das mindestens die RE 6/6 wieder kommen wird. Die Re 460 wär auch nicht schlecht, oder die RE 4/4 II… eine zusätzliche Diesellok im Stile der V100 für den späteren Spielverlauf wär auch noch praktisch. Es gäbe noch viele Wünsche… 😉

  2. Make sure we can build our own multiple units. Cause it would be cool to add carriages onto the Metroliner as well as a reverse engine!
    And have shorter multiple units.
    Also I couldn’t edit any vanilla multiple units to have more waggons or reverse engines in Train Fever. Though I edited the files but it didn’t reflect it in-game.

    • Then you messed something up, I was able to edit vanilla files; once I rebalanced all vanilla vehicles (which I undid later). But I also made longer versions of some multiple units by copying the files first and give my own multiple units different names. For instance I created a 320m long version of the Dualstox called “Dualstox (long)”. If you run into problems while creating your own multiple units visit There is a great Wiki and also a chat, with helpful information.

  3. Can only repeat Fahd Ahmad …
    You guys are making it harder and harder to wait for the official launch…just put it out on early access … !!!

    Or give us a beta key!

  4. You all should add more trains for late game. For instance, in the USA, the Acela Express (Speedance Express) will be replaced in 2021. So just try and get creative will new concepts!

  5. I would like to propose a subdivision of passengers into commuters and long-distance travellers. Commuters would be similar to train fever passengers, traveling frequently between near places and requiring short travel times and frequent services. Long-distance travellers should then be likened to tourists and business travellers, traveling much longer distances (typically between larger cities) and having higher tolerances for travel times and low frequency of connections. Something else I would like to see would be amenity cars such as diners, sleepers, baggage cars, etc. that would not generate revenue but would be necessary to make long-distance trains attractive to travellers.

    • There will be different kind of passengers, at least 2 of them: Fast travellers and price-sensitive travellers. The first group will have a time limit for their travel, the second group will have a money limit. That doesn’t mean that there is unlimitted time however because people don’t drive super long distances to their work place…

      I think the second part is a bit too much. At least the vehicle page shows that there are 1st and 2nd class cars for some vehicles. (TFV)

  6. More trains please, more locomotives, more cars, more combined units… PLEASE!? No matter region, age or colour. An eclectic combination of anything would really be appreciated.

  7. Love the growing list of the vehicles! Good work!
    I like that you added a modern diesel locomotive for Europe – Traxx. But now missing the modern electric locomotive for Europe in the list – Class 185 which was in the Train Fever.

    Nice to see a new steam locomotive added, the legendary Flying Scotsman – LNER class A3. Very cool! But I’m not sure about it’s maximum speed you have in it’s description. Yes the locomotive reached the 100 miles per hour (160 km/h) but it was during the test ride and not in regular service. It doesn’t seems right in comparation with Mallard class A4 which (like you stated in it’s description too) is the world’s fastest steam locomotive and yet it’s maximum speed for the game is “only” 145 km/h which is 15 km/h less then the older class A3. It makes the newer A4 Mallard kinda useless. The A4 Mallard reached speed record of 125.88 mph (202.58 km/h) during the test ride but in regular service it’s maximum speed was 90 mph (145 km/h) like you have in it’s description. I think you should lower the maximum speed of class A3 to it’s regular service speed too, not having there its test ride speed!

    I’m also missing more modern steam locomotives in the list. All steam locomotives for Europe are pre-war locomotives (and the biggest ones A3 and A4 are from UK which are quite different from the mainland Europe steam locomoties). There should be some more modern ones too for those who doesn’t want to invest into electrification that early. I would recommend to add at least 2 more locomotives from after-war era. One for the freight trains and one for the Express trains.
    1) German class 52 for pulling the heavy freight trains. It was produced during and after the WW2 and was used in many European countires in great numbers – over 7000 locomotives of this type was made. Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia, France, Norway, Hungary, Romania, Bulgary, former Jugoslavia, Turkey (and more) – in all these countries was this class used in after-war era until the end of steam.

    2) Some Express locomotive which represent the absolute peak in the development of steam locomotives in Europe such as French class 241 P or Czechoslovakia class 498.1 (personaly I vote for the class 498.1). These locomotives were in service until the end of steam era and represented a culmination of steam locomotive development in Europe.

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