Vehicle page update #2

Today we have added another ten vehicles to the vehicle page. With this update we have uncovered about 50 of the 120 total vehicles so far.

Highlights include a German flagship locomotive, the Class 103. It was a very powerful locomotive reaching a top speed of 200 km/h, mainly but not exclusively used on fast passenger lines.

Also, we uncover a popular modern-day tram, the Be 5/6 “Cobra”. It is in service in many cities today, including Zurich. Being one of the first low floor trams ever built, the “Cobra” received its name because it runs through cities like a snake.

Please visit the >vehicle page< to find all ten additions.

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  1. Nachdam ich mir die Fahrzeuge mal im Detail angeschaut habe – werden nur die Sitzplätze berücksichtigt, und die Stehplätze ignoriert?
    Gerade bei der Corba fiel es mir auf, weil zu den 96 Sitz- noch 142 Stehplätze dazu kommen. Fast 60 % der Kapazität zu ignorieren finde ich unvorteilhaft. Gerade bei Fahrzeugen des Nahverkehrs, wo Stehplätze einen erheblichen Teil ausmachen 😮

  2. That’s kind of lacklustre. I was hoping we’d see more vehicles, and more new ones. I know 120 is a lot, and they all have to be modeled, textured and coded, but I’d love to see a complete vehicle list or whatever.

  3. Firstly let me say I am looking forward to this game immensely, however may I suggest you look at the top speed of ‘Mallard’: the worlds fastest steam engine is listed as being slower than at least two other steam engines on the vehicle page.

    In addition it would be nice to have rolling stock available that allow the fast engines at the end of the steam age to perform at maximum speed.

    • +1 to the rolling stock comment

      On the other hand, this should be pretty easy to fix by modding. The Mallard speed would probably be easy to mod too.

  4. As much as I know, Zürich is the only City which operates Cobras! So the Cobra trams are not as popular as you write! Not even in Zürich! I love the Tram and I think it is one of the prettiest trams of the world. I’m looking forward to see it in the new game again.

    So viel ich weiss, ist Zürich die einzige Stadt, die Cobra Trams betreibt. Sie sind also nicht so populär, wie geschrieben steht. Nicht einmal in Zürich! Ich jedenfalls liebe die Cobra. Für mich ist es eine der schönsten Strassenbahnen der Welt. So freue ich mich, das Fahrzeug im neuen Spiel wieder zu sehen.

  5. I would be really interested into seeing how planes will work in the game. Will they have similar mechanics to all other vehicles, with the only difference being that they take off and land from airports, are faster and don’t need road/rail infrastructure? I am already thinking of an “hub and spoke” system: one centrally located airport that is connected to all other cities airport, allowing for efficient and fast transportation between all destinations. It worked with trains, should be way cool to see this in action with planes…

    A big question is the size of the map: if cities are much farther away than in Train Fever, then planes will make for a practical altenrative when they come along in the later game. We don’t necessarily need 2x or 3x as many cities, but just a map that is 3x / 4x as big, so making the whole thing look more realistic and adding significant value to faster vehicles over long distances.

    I can see an evolution in the later game: long distance passengers transition to planes, leaving trains and road vehicles to handle freight and local passenger traffic. Way cool to see this unfold on a map of the US or Europe…!

  6. If you are looking for a great success of the game, wide variety of planes, ships, vehicles and trains is needed.
    I believe what the basics should be:-
    Planes: Airbus & Boeing full catalogue, Concorde, helicopters…
    Ships: Cruise, ferry, container vessel, high speed Catamaran
    Trains: Steam locomotives, EMU, Bullet train (Europe, Japan, China ones), double decker trains
    Vehicles: Coach, Mini van (Toyota), Double Decker (Man, Alexander Dennis, Volvo,etc…) , Articulated bus, BRTs

  7. Love the vehicles so far. But I do wonder if you have any plans on divinding vehicles in price classes throughout the game. For example it would be very neat to have a cheap, light locomotive, dmu or a shunter to do work small less profitable rural lines. The only vehicle for that I’ve seen suitable for that so far is the railbus but that doesn’t last untill after the 1990’s which would result in such a line having to be replaced by busses or making a loss.

    Another feature which would be really nice to see would be light rail (dedicated road for trams only), freight trams and freight Multiple units. Allowing freight to be transported into smaller fixed contists that are cheaper to maintain than a full freight train, yet carry more than a pair of trucks do.

    In addition, electrification types and maintinance revisions for locomotives could privide interesting options for the player in building and specializing his rail network. For example: lower DC voltages being good for small distances and suburban trains (also allowing 3rd rail construction and essentially subway-like services) but it’s more expensive to build (heavy cantenary constructions, with an exception being 3rd rail). Meanwhile higher AC voltages would be cheaper to build and provide more powerfull locomotives but only be available after 1945-1950. Electric units would be able to be converted from one voltage to another at a depot but at a high cost, encouraging the use of either one electrification, seperation of networks, or use of diesel/multiple voltage trains on lines with different voltages. Ofcourse the electrification specialization could be an optional feature enabled in the options.

  8. Can I just say, I HATE the choice of vehicles in this game. The modeling is excellent but the subjects are terrible. I like each locomotive that was selected individually, but I would never put a model Union Pacific 4-12-2 even on the same shelf as a Milwaukee Road EP-2 Bipolar, even though I would have both models if I could afford it. They clash so badly in my opinion that I will not even play Train Fever because the vehicles are so incoherent.
    This has been a problem with almost every transport game to date. I was hoping Transport Fever would fix what Train Fever got wrong by including generic vehicles that do not give the impression of a specific time and place. A generic progression of 4-4-0s and 2-8-0s to 2-8-2s and 4-6-2s to 4-8-4s and 2-8-8-4s would be great, along with generic boxcab electrics and maybe a compound and a simple articulated 2-8-8-2. This would have been easy. But no, there had to be a 4-12-2, the 4-4-2 had to be the unique Hiawatha, same for the 4-6-4, the EP-2 was the electric of choice, along with the GG1…
    Anyway, suffice it to say that unless you homogenize the mix and give the locomotives more family resemblance, I will not be buying your products ever again. I’ve had enough.

  9. Hallo Zusammen,….

    Ich als langjähriger Spieler von Transportsimulationen ( mit Railroad Tycoon auf Amiga500 begonnen) habe mir immer eine etwas mehr Länderspezifische Auswahl gewünscht.

    Besonders Triebwagen…

    Z.B für Deutschland

    Triebwagen für Schnellverkehr: “Fliegender Hamburger” SVT 877 (30-50 Jahre) , VT 11.5 (50-80er Jahre) , ICE 1 (90-2000) , ICE 3 (2000-….)
    Triebwagen für Nahverkehr: “Schweineschnäuzchen” (30-50 Jahre) , Schienenbus (50 Jahre bis 80 Jahre) , BR628 (90-2000) , BR620 (2000-…)

    Grüsse euer Florian

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