Transport Fever officially announced

Together with the Gambitious Digital Entertainment team we are incredibly happy to finally announce our newest development:

Transport Fever is a next generation transport simulation game coming to PC this fall. Players build up a thriving transport company and create complex rail-road-water-air networks. In addition to the genre-typical endless game mode, two historical campaigns offer real world challenges from more than 150 years of transportation history.

A lot of work has been put into the development of Transport Fever. The game offers an impressing list of improvements over the predecessor Train Fever. Most important features are:

  • Endless game with two scenarios and countless rail, road, water and air vehicles
  • Campaign mode with challenges from the European and North American transportation history
  • Arguably the most intuitive and powerful track construction tools ever seen in a game
  • Upgradable and extendable stations, harbors and airports
  • A sophisticated cargo model with realistic freight stocks and complex chains
  • Agent-based passenger simulation and dynamically evolving cities
  • Realistically simulated vehicles including interiors, aging and modifiable painting and logos
  • Heavily optimized user interface and late-game performance
  • Extensive modding support including Steam Workshop

For each listed bullet point there is lot more to uncover. While the new website offers many explanations and more information on the various topics, here at Urban Games we expect that there will be many questions. This is why there will be a regular developer blog where we discuss the features in detail over the next couple of weeks.

Due to limited resources and development time, we were forced to make a decision: Either make a great single player or an average multi-player game, and we are convinced that we made the right decision. However we can promise that making a great multi-player game is one of our company’s top future priorities.

We invite everybody to discuss the upcoming game in the official Forums. In addition, Transport Fever is present on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. For those mainly interested in staying on track and not missing updates, we suggest to register our Newsletter. Also, there are several fan pages where engaged community members discuss the game.

The team at Urban Games is thrilled to receive your feedback. Everybody here and at Gambitious is looking forward to receive your input and suggestions!

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Tom (Community Manager)

Community and Project Manager at Urban Games


  1. Das klingt ja schon mal echt spitze!
    Eine Frage kommt aber noch auf – wie sieht es denn dieses mal mit der Kartengröße aus? Wenn es sogar Flugzeuge gibt, muss es ja eine riese Karte sein, oder wird sie sogar zufällig generiert bis in die “theoretische” unendlichkeit?

  2. When do you publish the game. I am buying this the day it comes out.

    It looks great and has all the major improvements that we the fans were asking for. I hope there are more locomotives than the previous one.

    Keep it up

    • In order to shorten the wait: If you miss locomotives for Train Fever, check out the vast amount of modded vehicles available for the game. They can be downloaded on (international) and (Russian).

  3. Sieht sehr gut aus, und ich weiß es werden noch mehr Fahrzeuge hinzugefügt, aber wie wäre es z.b. Noch mit einer Ju-52 als Konkurrenz zur DC3 oder später mit einer 737 und 747 damit sich etwas Variation ergibt, es wäre definitv schön Variation bei den Flugzeugen und den Schiffen zu haben.

  4. Will there be maps with islands and different continents separated by big oceans available now?

    It would make sense given the addition of cargoships, and would be a great way to force some routes to use airplane or ship transport + make good use of the extra speeds that later airplanes have.

    It would also be a very cheap way to increase map-sizes substantially without big performance hits, and everyone loves huge maps.

  5. Having another amazing single player game in your product line up will not fail you. For that I am sure.

    I for one look forward to getting my hands on this when it is released and bringing to everyone on my YouTube Channel.

    Keep up the fantastic work you have an amazing team of talented people in your arsenal!

  6. Great work, guys! I think, Train Fever was the beta of Transport Fever. Hope that you add more vehicles of different countries. Beauthiful!
    Greetings from Eastern Europe!
    P.S. Надеюсь, они добавят что-нибудь из 1520 DLC в игру.

  7. Gut zu erkennen im Trailer ist das Transport Fever auf der selben Engine läuft wie Train Fever.

    Ein großes Plus das man sehen konnte ist der verbesserte Gleisbau mit der Möglichkeit endlich richtige Kreuzungen zu bauen. Auch rechne ich mit vollständiger Kompalibität zu Train Fever Mods, speziell zum Rollmaterial.
    Aber ich muss mir schon die Frage stellen wie es in Sachen Performance aussieht. Zum Ende hin ist sie bei Train Fever zwar okay gewesen, aber nicht überragend. Wenn wir jetzt mit Flugzeugen und Häfen arbeiten brauchen wir auf jeden Fall größere Maps, da stellt sich dann aber die Frage, schafft die Engine das?

    So oder so, ich bin gespannt und würde mich freuen in irgendeiner Form in die Alpha oder Beta reinschauen zu können (pre-order? oder crowdfunding? bei euch würde ich es “riskieren”)

      • Ich bin mir schon ziemlich sicher das es die selbe Engine ist, was ja nicht heisst das man nicht mehr rausholen kann wie es bei TrainFever noch der Fall war. Für eine neue Engine sieht es dann doch viel zu ähnlich aus,

  8. Wow you did so mutch to improve this game from train fever.
    1. Cou copy and pasted as mutch as you could to save time.
    2. You added features that could have been in train fever.
    3. Added a script to replace tectiures over time.
    4. Animated buildings
    5. Re tectiured people

  9. Please don’t make another laggy game. And please change the way the cargo chain works. In Train Fever is impossible to make a long line, also the fact that the industry exist forever but only works if the entire chain is complete is unrealistic. If the industry is not producing it should go bankrupt and vanish from the map, not wait forever for a 100% working track and is close enough to go by truck.

  10. That’s good news. Really looking forward to the release. I hope we will see Transport Fever not only on Steam, but also on GOG (where I bought Train Fever).

  11. I hope to hear better sounds., Add stuff to make the game more immersive! I want to hear the bell ring as a train pulls in and out of a station(if you’re zoomed in and such) Lets her the whistle blow when trains overcome crossings. I want to hear the brakes! What are these trains gliding?! Lets hear the squeals and squalls of the brakes, the metal against metal grinding as the train moves forward or hitting a turn.

    Something better than just a building we purchase trains.. they just pop out of. What about some type of railyards!? Stations that take in cargo and passengers!
    A reason for having shunting locomotives. Ability to reverse locomotives for the consist with out the use of mods.

    Some cooler animated loading sequences. Slow the game time down.. thats a major request it seems from most users. We want to enjoy what we have created. I can see it.. Picture a freight train sitting at the docks, or station.. when it’s loading you see people, foklifts, or other vehicles loading the train for a short amount of time.. when the train is loaded they just fade out. It really would be cool.

    Weather! Also.. resources such as water towers, sanding, coal, fuel for trains to replenish! This game can be so much better than was TF was!

  12. Steam-Workshop? Damit werden GOG-Nutzer zu Kunden zweiter Klasse degradiert. Der Steam-Workshop schadet der Modqualität (siehe z.B. City Skylines mit hunderten Spammods und billigen Retexturierungen) und ist stark beschränkt. Bitte liebe Modder, veröffentlicht eure Mods bei Nexusmods oder bei

  13. I went to the doctor because i can’t concentrate at work. His sollution was that Transport Fever should be available to me as right now. And we should awlays(!) listen to doctors. I swear i wont do anything else with the game than just play it. That is all…a minor thing to just release the game for me. Just…one click on the button and voila.
    If i have to wait for half a year, i will loose my job, house, love, dog, cat, childeren, money, pc and that would not be a good thing because at the time of release i will not be able to buy the game. No pressure, just advice from the doctor.

  14. I can’t beleive noone has mentioned this yet but along with map size the lack of timetables are by biggest two problems with train fever. I can’t change how long a train waits at a terminal station. I can’t make a train wait long enough to allow a high speed service to pull in ahead, I can’t even make trains and road vehicles spread out evenly!! It’s so frustrating.

  15. Vielen Dank für die Bedienung dieses Genres. Leider haben sich in der Vergangenheit die ganz großen Publisher zu sehr auf die Spielgenres mit dem meisten Profit konzentriert. Ich finde es daher super, wenn man auch weniger profitgeile Bereiche wie dieses abdeckt. Insbesondere die großartige Einbindung der Community ist beispielhaft. Ihr macht das wirklich gut. Dankeschön.

    Nur einen Wermutstropfen hat das Ganze: bis zum Herbst ist es noch verdammt lange hin. 😀

    Weiterhin viel Erfolg!

  16. Train Fever hat mich schon vollkommen überzeugt.
    kann es kaum erwarten bis Transport Fever raus kommt. Ist jetzt schon gekauft;-)

    Top arbeit die Ihr leistet, Top Spiel, einfach alles Top

    Vielen Vielen Dank und viel Erfolg für die Zukunft

  17. i have a lenovo g580 windows 8 1.80ghz 6.ram 2core 64bit. will i be able to play transport fever. sorry im not very good with computers. thank you to anyone who can help answer this. cheers

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