Transport Fever at gamescom

This week, part of our team is at gamescom. We’ve joined the nice folks of Gambitious Digital Entertainment to show Transport Fever to members of the press. Therefore, you can expect new previews, reports and interviews to be published over the next couple of days and weeks.

We want to take the opportunity to give some additional information about the current development situation. While the game is still in alpha, we are rapidly approaching beta state now and target to start the beta test soon. As you may know, the application phase of the beta test is already finished and participants have been selected.

Once the beta test has started, we plan to release the game within five to ten weeks. In other words, you can definitely look forward to Transport Fever being in stores (and on Steam) this fall!

To ease the waiting, additional updates (including new developer blogs) will be published. As a start, we have updated the >screenshots page< today. Finally, let us say thank you for your interest, feedback, comments and participation, which are a great motivation for us.

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  1. Well, I have to say that I’m really disappointed. These are pictures from the previous video. Nothing new. Also, so far we have not seen the user interface in the new game. We do not know many things about the new game. And the game is still in alpha stage…

    • Wow, just… wow. You know there is a thing, called work and against all expectations, this so called work takes time. Also, sometimes such work takes a bit more time, than expected by some people, who only see snapshots of intermediate results. There is also an other things you might not have heard of, it’s called patience. This so called patience is an ability to suppress annoyance when confronted with delay and should have been taught you by your parents. It is a very important characteristic of a human being.

      • Maybe you should have the same patience with other people like you have with game development. All he´s saying is, that he expected something more than a few old screenshots. Tom promised new dev blog videos WEEKS ago. Every wednesday people are starved to death and can´t wait to see somethin new. This is the so called “impatience” (to say it with your words) and that´s something good. People have quick temper these days… Why isn´t it allowed for somebody to express disappointment without beeing charged. hmmmmmmm

        • Your first sentence doesn’t make sense. What should I be patient about? That people suddenly stop being rude without somebody telling them? And yes, impatience is rude to a developer who invests maybe 14h a day into a game, especially if it is the “why is the game still alpha” and “you didn’t show this particular feature yet” as well as the “give us more video blogs” kind of impatience. In the past four month we got 2 trailers, 5 video blogs (one video every three weeks that is), and every Wednesday there are some news. That’s more than other companies release throughout the whole development process, but people want more more more… But if they would show an immature feature, everybody here would go apeshit. Also people tend to be very rude if the weekly post is “only” a FAQ update or new vehicles are introduced, because somehow only videos count as new information. People “starving to death” because they lack information is a good thing? I consider this to be a serious illness of society and an abomination against all people who starve for real.

          • Wow buddy calm down. You are taking things wayyy to serious. This shouldn´t lead to world starvation or something^^. This is about our beloved hobby so please take it easy. If you want to complain about society just search for a forum with proper audience. I´m sure your intentions are only the best but this isn´t the right place. Take care

          • Well, you used the word “starving” not me. But my philosophy is to place my complaints about society where they belong and this was a situation where I think it is necessary to make a stand. The initial post formulates a criticism which is not fair at all. As a potential customer you have the right to be disappointed, but you don’t have the right to demand more information (which might not be ready for the pubic yet). The only thing I demand is some empathy for the developers, who do their best to release a great peace of software and in a greater context some respect for the work of others. Time is just a variable, that does not count for the result. In real life you get facial expression, which shows you a response to your statements. In the Internet you are anonymous and the reaction of your counterpart is missing. This leads to rude behavior, which is unacceptable in a face to face conversation and that’s also normal in a way, since the Internet didn’t play a part in the human evolution so far. But these circumstances make it even more important to challenge people directly if their behavior is rude (in my view). Therefore the proper audience for this particular criticism of society is exactly here, formulated as response to the initial post and this matter can’t be taken seriously enough.

    • Jay, da ist mal einer richtig freundlich …. Man man man, eigentlich solltest du glücklich darüber sein, dass du nicht alles vorher verraten bekommst – so bleibt eine gewisse Spannung – außerdem zeigt das einmal mehr, das die Entwickler viel Zeit in das Game stecken, denn wenn es nicht ständig Bilder, Videos und News gibt, dann können diese Mitarbeiter in der Zwischenzeit am Spiel arbeiten. Wenn du unbedingt mehr zum Spiel wissen willst, dann fahre doch einfach zur Gamescom nach Köln, da sind die nämlich auch zurzeit mit einem Stand.

      Neu Neu Neu – Ich kann mich noch gut an die Zeiten erinnern, da gab es nicht Monate lang im voraus dutzende Videos und Bilder – Geduld ist eine Tugend in der du dich mal üben solltest!

  2. The Gamescom is coming to an end already, but you guys still haven’t released anything new about transport fever in gamescom, where’s the promised new preview, reports in the next couple of DAYS and WEEKS?

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