The vehicles in Transport Fever

Vehicles in Transport Fever are a key part of a successful transportation network and received a lot of attention during the development of the game.

The game will deliver over 120 detailed vehicles, including trains, aircrafts, ships, buses, trams and trucks from North America and Europe spanning a 150 year time period. Not only do vehicles look realistic due to physically-based graphics and lighting, also a sophisticated simulation will emulate the real world motion.

Vehicles feature a detail richness with e.g. emissive lights and modeled interiors where passengers sit in. A lot of work has been put into complex animations like doors, flaps and gears. When in service they will catch rust and dirt over time to reflect the aging process. Players can customize the paintwork and place their own company logo. Finally, the engine sound is approximated as good as possible.

To illustrate and inspect the vehicle variety we have setup an own page for them. Vehicles can be filtered by type, drive and region there. Currently the page lists only a portion of the vehicles finally included in the game. More vehicles will be added subsequently with regular updates over the next couple of weeks. Details about the vehicles will also be uncovered in the upcoming developer blog.

Because vehicles are the indisputable heroes of Transport Fever, In the future we may extend the features on this page. Our team members contributed ideas like e.g. improving the visualization or sorting by specification data.

As always, we look forward to get feedback and suggestions! For instance, let us know how you would improve the vehicle page.

Visit the vehicle page.

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  1. The vehicles page says the Douglas DC3 was built in the 1950’s, yet the description talks about how it was used in the 1930’s and 1940’s

    It was introduced in 1936.

  2. I knew supporting train fever would pay off. My birthday was yesterday and this is a nice preset! I look forward to many late nights figuring out my next connection.

  3. It’s going to be interesting to see how this bad boy plays out, especially after beta testing Train Fever.
    If Train Fever is the beta test, could this finally be the Sid Meier’s Railroads we’ve hoped for? I can’t wait to find out.

  4. We need to formally enter these locomotives. They are partly in the form of mods in Train Fever. B would be good to start up a minibus in the cityМаршрутное_такси#.D0.9C.D0.B0.D1.80.D1.88.D1.80.D1.83.D1.82.D0.BD.D1.8B.D0.B5_.D1.82.D0.B0.D0.BA.D1.81.D0.B8_.D0.B2_.D1.81.D0.BE.D0.B2.D1.80.D0.B5.D0.BC.D0.B5.D0.BD.D0.BD.D0.BE.D0.B9_.D0.A0.D0.BE.D1.81.D1.81.D0.B8.D0.B8_.D0.B8_.D0.B4.D1.80.D1.83.D0.B3.D0.B8.D1.85_.D1.81.D1.82.D1.80.D0.B0.D0.BD.D0.B0.D1.85_.D0.B1.D1.8B.D0.B2.D1.88.D0.B5.D0.B3.D0.BE_.D0.A1.D0.A1.D0.A1.D0.A0

  5. Also mich würde die Länge der einzelnen Loks und Waggons interessieren.

    Beim zusammenstellen der Züge wäre auch ein Maßstabsbalken sehr hilfreich, damit man direkt sehen kann, ob der Zug in einen z.B. 160m-Bahnhof hineinpasst.

  6. Ich würde es schönen finden , wenn folgende Punkte in Transport Fever umgesetzt werden.
    – Signale mit gekoppelten Vorsignal z.B. Deutsches Signalsystem Form- und Lichtsignale und Signaltafeln ( z.B H/V , HL und KS-Signale)
    Hier ist die Website dafür:
    -Platzierbare Prellböcke mit GS 0 und Sh 2.
    -Deutsche Doppelstockwagen , die zugelassene Geschwindigkeit von 120 bis 160 km/h.
    Hier ist die Website dafür:
    – Tag und Nacht wecksel. z.B. Tag 12 min und Nacht 8 min
    – Frei platzierbare Wohnhäuser um Dörfer zubauen.
    -Frei wählbare Anzahl der Städte und Dörfer
    – realistischer Wendezugbetrieb

  7. I felt in TF there was a serious lack of locomotives. Both European and American. Sure the modding community helped to remedy that, but there were still lack in certain countries as well.

    Major gaps, and honestly a couple locomotive choices by the devs made me wonder. The American 10 Wheeler.. strange choice. I was shocked that the GS-4 (daylight Express) didn’t make it into the game. Was hoping a modder would pick it up, but was never done. The PRR K4, and plenty other locomotives.

    It is said that the sounds will be as good as possible.. Please for the love of mary.. where are the braking sounds? Half of the American DLC the sounds were all the same, and not even close to have some trains really sounded whistle and all. American trains have a more deep bassy sound to their whistle, while their Euro counterparts have a more high pitched whistle.

    What about the trains taking off and stopping in terms of real world movement? Train starts to brake the cars should push together slightly to show the weight pushing forward.. Or the train taking off from the platform where the train cars extend! Stretch those couplers!
    Trains crossing over road crossings.. wheres the warning whistle? Trains entering and leaving stations (idk about other countries) In America they sound their bell to enter and leave stations.

    Animation of bells and whistles? Lets see the steam pour from the whistle when its going off!

    Hitting the stop button on trains should not be an almost insta stop. Lets see these real world movements. No train takes 3 seconds top stop!

  8. Hi, will we have more UK based vehicles in Transport Fever?
    The modding community was good at providing content for train fever, but considering we invented rail travel, it would be nice to see some of our rolling stock represented.

  9. The Fw200 was a german airliner that was built under WW2, will the Fw200 added? And will more vehicles be added when the 120 you have planned are finished?

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