More info on the upcoming convenience patch

Development on the upcoming convenience patch enters the homestretch, and the Urban Games team is super happy to announce that the patch will be officially released on Thursday, November 2.

In addition to the already announced improvements such as the scalable user interface, fully-functional scrollbars, completely reworked mod selection dialogs and the optimized auto save feature, there is a bunch of small improvements and bug fixes.

These small improvements make the game experience more convenient. Examples include more intuitive train behavior, fixed inappropriate vehicle auto-reversing, a new warning which shows when two trains are mutually blocked, an improved track catenary/high-speed upgrade tool, better explanation when line problems occur, fixed issues such as depots cannot be electrified when they contained vehicles and much more. The patch also includes several bug fixes and solves various modding issues.

For those of you interested in testing, please see the “Testing version” paragraph >in the Wiki<.

We look forward to bringing this patch live soon and send the best wishes!

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  1. I’m enjoying the testing version of the Patch, however I find the new auto-saving mechanism annoying. It would be nice to have the option of deciding how often the game auto-saves or be able to turn it off completely.

  2. We need performance path! We have been waiting years for performance patch, that would enable TF and/or TpF to be playable in general in later years. And it seems to me we will need to wait at least another half year. Stop messing with developing updates such like this current one “convenience path”… and finally accept the full-time challenge to develop really huge, stable, fully functional, optimised, properly tested performance patch (which will allow the game fully utilise the potential of our common game computers). That’s what the community is waiting for and what we will appreciate! I am already pissed of wasting money for “far for complete” games.
    What is the hardware specifications computer you use for testing the game that allows you to consider the game to be playable and suitable to be a commercial product for retail customers? I do not think that there are many gamers in the world with NASA-like ultra high-performance home computer capable for playing your game!
    Erect yourself and do something for us!

    • I agree that a performance patch would be the most welcome development.

      However I really appreciated the last patch (especially non disappearing cargo/passengers) and think I will appreciate a better eletrification/high speed tool.

      I must also say for correctness that I did not really experience heavy performance problems on my computer, which is not really new nor high end (I think I have a i5-2500 processor, 8MB RAM and GTX670 graphic card). Granted I mostly play in medium maps or large maps with a reduced number of cities, and I mostly end playing shortly after year 2000.

    • People please read previous posts too 🙂

      > Posted on Wednesday September 27th, 2017 by Tom (Community Manager)
      >Urban Games is working hard to further improve Transport Fever, with a particular focus on performance optimization. However, in order to achieve a real performance >boost, some fundamental changes and therefore more development time is needed.
      >To bridge the waiting time, we decided to release a convenience patch as a next step. The patch aims to make your player’s life easier by introducing several usability >enhancements.

    • No Circles, please! I find the current way working quite well. Also, it’s more realistic since the radius of a stop doesn’t depend on the direct distance but rather on the time a passanger needs to walk to it.. So, different street layouts -> different walking distances -> different times needed to get to the station.

  3. Great patch, playing the test version since a while already. Though, I would really love to get my hands on some new official content. No matter what, I take anything.. new landscape, new means of transportation, more scenery objects to make stuff more pretty… anything, really.

  4. Looking forward to this.
    The turning trains when rebuilding stations hits me all the time.

    For a future patch I hope to see something like sub companies.
    To have to put all busses into or one for cargo trains and stations.
    Acting like a general display filter on the map and windows (lines, trains, stations).


  5. Great small upgrade. Can you make the timetables for trains, please? I still must adjust the gap between the trains, if there are more lines which share the same track…

  6. A huge thank for the developers for the mutually blocking trains notification!

    It is really helpful to detect a common problem I had quite often, be it for trains reversing when rearranging tracks or because they became too long after upgrading to switch on the correct track).

  7. Das ganze noch mit koop Multiplayer à la Cities in Motion 2 und/oder mit konkurrierenden Unternehmen die Ihre eigenen Netze und Fahrzeuge bauen/kaufen, diese aber auch vermieten können, das wäre non plus ultra.

    Wir würden sogar 20-30€ als DLC investieren.

  8. Thanks TF-Devs for continually updating this most awesome game of games. I have one wish though. Whenever you get round to create new content, I would even pay $$$ for a DLC, please officially support Narrow Gauge and Rack Railway. This would be awesome. Have a look what’s already possible with some narrow gauge Steam-Workshop mods. Wouldn’t it be awesome to climb steep mountains with *real* narrow gauge trains rather that “hacked trams” …

    Watch for inspiration:

  9. Agree with previous comment regarding content – campaigns would be a welcome update, or at least some sort of challenging victory conditions for random maps. Ideally it would be good to face a competing AI industry, so far one must go back to railroad tycoon or sort of diagonally to online rail nation.

  10. Just throwing in a little things in this conversation. We hope you keep your masterpiece perfect!

    Make double slip switch cost something, and became unselectable after this (as other rails – only for bulldozer).
    Add two hotkeys: object rotation to mouse wheel tilt left and right – in addition to N and M keyboard buttons.
    Allow players to set shadows to “Disable”, not only “normal” and “high”.
    Shipyard can be placed on top of cargo harbor. Please, fix it.

    Best regards!

  11. re: Competition/Victory-Conditions

    A number of people (on other forums) have asked for enabling “tycoon” style competition with one or more actual competing railroad companies on the randomly-generated maps. Others have pointed out the tremendous difficulties with programming an AI capable of realistic competition. I tend to side with the latter. A lot of development effort on a project that is highly unlikely to have satisfactory results is not worthwhile.

    But could you consider Victory Conditions: Moving so much product, or generating so much revenue, or inducing so much growth, etc. – so that there is not on-map competition as such, but still a way for players to strive toward a goal that would represent “victory”. I can see some challenges to creating this sort of system (particularly with the random maps), but not nearly so overwhelming as with an actual competing railroad. Some sort of analysis of data could be done, perhaps, after a map is generated, that sets Victory Conditions (at, say, Easy, Medium, or Hard levels) that could also be somewhat randomized. But some way to say, “I did it; the challenge has been met.”?

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