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We are very happy about the mostly positive feedback which we receive since having presented the alpha version at gamescom in Cologne. A lot of new questions were raised, in particular about the campaign and the differences between Train Fever and Transport Fever.

Consequently we decided to update the >FAQ page< once more to address these questions.

Currently it is full steam ahead for work on the beta version. Anyway we will supply you with new information on a regular basis also over the next weeks. So we would like to invite you to further write comments and give us feedback!

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  1. Da hat man sich am Anfang auf’s Neue auf den Mittwoch gefreut..juhu heute gibt’s wieder was neues!
    Man wusste: Alle zwei Wochen ein Entwickler-Blog-Video und dem um eine Woche versetzt (also dazwischen) generelle Informationen (Fahrzeugseite, FAQ, ..)
    Mittlerweile bleiben die Entwickler-Blog-Video’s gefühlt komplett auf der Strecke und sonstiges Neues fällt auch ziemlich mau aus.
    Schade, dass ihr da nicht ein wenig konsequenter geblieben seid 🙁

  2. Players often noted the disappearance of passengers during a trip in Train Fever. So it worth to get a workaround for such behavior in Transport Fever. If the reason was the disappearance of a building, then the passenger should stay in game until it arrives to his destination. Or there could be another solution if the cause was different.

  3. Ich bin sehr gespannt auf das was kommt, das FAQ und der Screenshot lässt jedenfalls viel Freude aufflammen.
    Der Screenshot ist, so nehme ich mal an, von der angesprochenen Europäischen Kampagne. (Eurotunnel?)

  4. Are there only local passenger possible?
    Are there not a few passengers That choose aan destination with aan high time limit or Cost limit. So there will be aan few ones That travel over the whole map even in the bezgnning. Are these limits random choosen you have aan few one for long yourneys

    Andr is it possible for modders too create new passengers types like tourists and businnes people?

    • Good question. I’ve found it difficult to figure out whether TF’s rail systems are supposed to represent commuter rail networks or inter-city transit networks. It would be great if there were demand for both.

  5. This game looks very cool!
    Though having played quite a lot of train fever, one thing I would love about this game is if the pathfinding was at least partially dynamic. For example if a track at a station is used then the train can go to a free one. Will that be an option? I think it would allow more flexibility and more complex network 🙂

  6. Ich hoffe das die Grausamen laggs am ende des Monats nicht vorhanden sind wie in Train Fever… sonst sieht das schon wirklich nach einen Perfekten Remake von Transport Tycoon aus was immer noch mein Game Nummer 1 ist in Langzeitmotivation !

  7. I can’t be sure if this was remedied, but one issue with Train Fever was if you had multiple lines between two busy stations, passengers would only use one line (by default the one with the fastest vehicles/most frequent service?), leaving other vehicles empty. Are there plans to make passengers smart enough to jump on the first train/bus/whatever that is going to their destination, regardless of which line it belongs to?

    Also, will a new diesel multiple unit be added to the European vehicle list? There is certainly a gap for something to serve those rural non-electrified lines later in the game.

    • +1 on the first point. It’s particularly annoying because it makes it essentially impossible to have both a local route A-B-C-D-E and an express route A-E; one of the routes always runs almost entirely empty.

  8. I have a question which hasn’t discussed yet at all: (I am sorry if I am wrong 🙂 )

    How it works with aircrafts?
    I can’t imagine to open a route within the map from the size we already know from Train Fever. Of course, in Transport Fever the maps can be much bigger, but I guess still too small to run a 1.000km short range route with 1:30h flight time.
    As well it makes not that much sense to run the ultra short range feeder flights like from Stuttgart to Frankfurt or Nürnberg to Munich.
    One of the available aircrafts will be the Boeing 757. With this aircraft you can offer flights from Europe to NYC.
    Do we have a change to run routes, which ends “outside of the map”? So we would be able to develop a big hub at one of our cities with excellent connections via train and bus etc, and an aircraft connection to all over the world? Only this way I can imagine a flight route system which makes in a realistic way sense.

  9. In terms of realism, it would be great to be able to impose speed limits on rail lines. For example, instead of trains flying into a terminus at +100kph, you could impose a 30kph speed limit on all lines in and around the station. The same would go for complex junctions.

    Obviously this would reduce the average speed of the line slightly, but the impact would be minimal, especially given that much longer routes appear to be possible in Transport Fever. And of course it would be optional!

  10. Having spent quite a lot of time on original train fever, I have basically two major points
    1) industry model seems to me the biggest weak point in the original game, there is more, but from my view:
    – too much of secondary industry. the game generates always one production to one manufacturing facility, which seems a bit unrealistic.
    – industry in cities only consuming goods not producing
    – 20 minutes time limit to deliver goods, same as in personal traffic, seems quite harsh and again unrealistic. coal or iron doesn´t age. problem of too much ‘self’ delivering may be solved by different time limit for player and for UI
    2) external traffic – at least with the planes it could be really a new interesting point, sometimes i feel even the biggest maps were really too small, so maybe possibility of building export/import seaports and international airports would be really great. Managing of vehicles could be simplified to sending vehicle to destination with defined time outside of map. Not sure if possible with rail traffic, but still… would be interesting 🙂 Or just much bigger maps?
    Thanks for answers 🙂

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