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Again we received a lot of questions about Transport Fever via the various social media channels, via our website and by email. Therefore, >the FAQ page< was extended to give more answers.

While many questions have already been answered, there are still some open questions around, typically on very specific topics. Because we are still evaluating and testing some features, it is simply too early for some questions to give a 100% final answer. We kindly ask for your understanding on this.

Anyway, >the FAQ page< will be further updated during the development of the game, and as always, you are very welcome to send us questions, feedback and suggestions!

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  1. hello I would like to know if as times pass by in the game will see a true passenger liner like the Titanic or Lusitania which will carry over 1,000 passenger from one city to another. and I long for true game play from the game or a discussion on showing the different types of trains or ships or planes or buses or trucks in this new game

  2. Cool idea. I am wondering if there is the possibility of shipping people and goods off the map to other worlds by oceanliners, cargo ships, planes, trains, trucks and buses. That would add a lot to the game.

  3. Уважаемые разработчики, многим игрокам не нравится что пассажиры исчезают в пути. В новой игре уберите эту глупость, пусть пассажиры едут из точки A в точку B не исчезая. Если хотите что бы игроки теряли деньги, лучше усложните ценовую политику ( покупка билетов, зданий, расходы ).

    Dear developers, many players do not like the way the passengers disappear. In the new game, remove this nonsense, let the passengers go from point A to point B is not disappearing. If you want that player loses money, it is better complicate pricing (ticket purchase, building costs).

  4. I hope they make the transport system beter, to get longer trains and fully loaded trucks becuase in train fever you have to play atleast 50 years to get 200 or more at your factories. but never the less, game looks awesome!

    • Yeah, this kills me. I set up these extensive rail and truck services and the industries never produce more than 2 products. I usually get bored and end play after waiting in vain for something to happen. This is just the most frustrating problem in he game for me. This has to be improved or the game is not going to be successful.

    • No economic system in Train Fever. Demands Town = goods producted. It’s just a linear system may be too simplist. So it’s very long because the city must be growth slowly. All game economic engine should be recoded I think

  5. Разнообразьте транспорт в городе. Сделайте возможность использовать метро (троллейбус, трамвай)

  6. I strongly suggest elevated stations. This game should have at least one. I also find all those smoke stacks to be overwhelming, Not all industrial buildings should be factories, warehouses and other type of industrial buildings should be included to give the game a more realistic look, since industry and transport go together like bread and butter.

  7. In train fever economy needs some work – after about 50 years of playing it gets a bit boring… Will there be AI, and stock market so you can buy AI stocks and overtake it like in Transport tycoon, and sabotage AI build site, and some other stuff like in transport tycoon?

  8. Several questions:
    1) I noticed that we only have path signal in Train Fever, is it possible to have more variety of signaling system?
    2) Most signal lights comes with different features, for example: The german H/V signal, some has distant signal on it, some has speed limit on it. Is it possible to make these things an upgrade feature for signals? For example, I build a Basic H/V signal, it would be great if I can maybe right click on it to trigger a dropdown menu so that I can upgrade the signal to have extra features.
    3) The H/V signal mod made by developers for Train Fever right now looks great, but they’re not realistic. Is it possible to make them truly functional? (If one signal shows a german signaling Hp 1, the signal before shows Hp 2 or HP 0. Speed limit that shows at a signal could be enforce to the train etc.)
    4) A more integrated and realistic cargo/passenger distribution system. If I build a route with local service and express service, it would be cool to see that the passenger in the game cares about the duration of their journey and would choose express service over local service even though both service make stop at the same station.
    5) A weather system? (Rain, Cloudy, Snow, Day, Night)
    6) The ability to apply different kind of catenary and poles to certain section of the route?

    Thank you very much!

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