Gameplay-Patch angekündigt

Eine Woche vor dem Termin zur Einreichung zum >Modding Wettbewerb<, möchten wir heute den nächsten umfangreichen Patch ankündigen. Basierend auf dem Feedback, dass wir täglich erhalten, haben wir alle Gameplay-Wünsche gesammelt und intensiv daran gearbeitet, möglichst viele davon umzusetzen.

Der Gameplay-Patch bringt eine Reihe an Neuerungen und Verbesserungen. Dazu gehören Wegpunkte für Strassenfahrzeuge, manuelle Wahl des Terminals bei allen Haltestellen, konsistente Spielobjekte wie Personen und Waren bei Umbauten der Infrastruktur, die Möglichkeit Schiffe mit mehr als einem Güteryp gleichzeitig zu beladen, eine neue Fahrplanoption „Nur ausladen“ – und vieles mehr.

Ausserdem haben wir andere Elemente des Spiels verbessert. Für Tunnel werden nun Löcher in die Landschaft geschnitten, damit man auch hindurchsehen kann. Das Abriss-Tool fragt jetzt nach einer Bestätigung, wenn man grosse Strukturen entfernen möchte. Viele zusätzliche Verbesserungen und Fehlerbeseitigungen, sowie neue Modding-Möglichkeiten, runden den Patch ab.

Alle, die interessiert sind, den Patch vorab zu testen, können am Betatest teilnehmen, der am 21. Juni beginnt. Informationen, wie man teilnimmt, finden sich im «Testing Version»-Absatz >im Wiki<. Die offizielle Veröffentlichung des Patches ist für Juli geplant.

Es ist uns ein grosses Vergnügen, Transport Fever weiterhin zu verbessern und wir sind darüber begeistert, dass immer noch so viele Spieler Spass am Spiel haben. Die Entwicklung geht weiter, das können wir euch versichern, und die deutliche Verbesserungen der Performance steht auch noch auf unserer Liste der To-dos. Des weiteren freuen wir uns auf die Einreichungen zum „Entwirf die Zukunft“->Modding Wettbewerb<. Bis dahin senden wir viele Grüsse vom gesamten Urban Games Team!

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Tom (Community Manager)

Community und Projekt Manager bei Urban Games

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  1. Impressed ! The game isn’t perfect but the devs are showing continuous dedication to improving it several months after release based on player feedback. They deliver what they promise. An example gaming companies should follow 😉

  2. Awesome! I can’t wait to set road line waypoints to bypass heavy traffic jams and have boats haul more types of cargo per run. Now if there was a way to set load and drop off schedules for trains and train stations.

  3. Was sehr schön wäre wenn man Straßenbahngleise auch unabhänig von Straßen bauen könnte. Da bei einer Verbindung zwischen zwei Städten doch recht schnell die Straße verstopft ist.

  4. „Gameplay patch announced“
    *Proceeds to list every problem I have about the game*

    This sounds like great work guys! All of these things sound awesome, especially the new tunnel graphics and being able to split boat loads! I can’t wait!

    If there was one other thing to improve, it would be being able to select different catenary (wires) for each bit of track (some mods add different types of poles).

    Thanks again for the continued support – very much appreciated!

    You never know, I’d be more than willing to buy a vehicles expansion dlc… maybe follow Cities in Motion 2’s example, with player-suggested additions?

  5. Also ich arbeite gerade an einem Mod die eine Fußgängerzone hinzufügt wo auch Busse oder auch/nur Trams darauf fahren können. Die ersten Test´s sind vielversprechend das da der Autoverkehr außen vor ist ! Und ich hoffe das mein Busbahnhof mit den 10 Bussteigen den Patch verkraftet 😉

  6. Could we have a way to lay out a whole line prior to pressing the build button? Or even just a planning tool?

    It would be great to use a tool like a vector drawing tool to plan the route through hills etc and then when you are happy with the route/cost just press build.

  7. Wird es auch so sein, dass wen man eine Weiche in einem Tunnel baut, nicht mehr diese Wände im weg sein werden?
    Cool fände ich auch noch wenn man so viel an den Bussen ändert das man auch aussuchen darf ab das Tram gleis immer 2 Spurig ist oder ob es auch nur in eine richtung geht. genau so wie bei denn kreuzungen wo die Weichen ja, leider, in alle richtung gehen.
    Würde mich über antwort freuen 🙂

    LG Ben

  8. I really hope you can change the line manager so managing a large fleet isn’t so cumbersome. Grouping of lines? Tabs? Right now it is difficult as soon as you reach twenty or so lines which is done in an instant with buses and trucks.

  9. Please make the bulldoze verification an option that can be turned on or off. I often bulldoze entire cities late game to foster development in a certain way and multiple clicks to bulldoze a street would be cumbersome.

  10. Great update. Thank you for the info. Can you add timetable please? If you have more trains on one route, than in some time there is a chaos and the last trains will catch the first.

    Thank you

  11. Another suggestion that has been made in the past but then never heard of again is:

    Could ships be changed to behave like a set of carriages rather than the current one big carriage. So instead of having one cargo hold of 50 units it would have five cargo holds of 10 units. This would allow a ship to carry multiple cargo types when set to automatic, but would probably only be possible to do with automatic settings as the interface probably can’t support multiple ‚fixed‘ cargos per vehicle.

  12. About Signals: It would be nice if two-way and one-way signals were available as two separate buttons in the toolbar at the bottom, this would eliminate the necessity of having to change them later in the field. Also, now, when a signal is clicked, a dialogue box appears where one can change the signals from one-way to two-way. This dialogue could be a bit more ergonomic than it is now, by having just two buttons [one way] and [two way] whereby the the current signal function is reflected by the the button being highlighted. The [OK] button is then no longer needed and can thus be removed. Instead of text, arrows can be used as button titles like so [◀︎ ►] and [ ►] . Since -currently- the only action for a signal when clicked is to toggle its function between 2 and 1 way: why not drop the dialog box altogether and simply toggle the signal by merely clicking on it?

  13. The current cities need large hospitals, because, for reasons beyond my comprehension, citizens still have a tendency attempting to walk straight through pillars, hedges, fences etc. and even through each other (don’t try that in Zürich) The only place that I know of where this seems to make a bit of sense was in the first Harry Potter film, where one dived straight through a pillar to get to Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station… For the record, in a moment of insanity, I’ve made a similar bold attempt in Mannheim, but failed, and needed some time to recover.. So strange, still dizzy laying on the platform I’ve noticed that all the people standing around me and were trying to help me seemed to be clones from, say, about ten originals.. Oh well, maybe it was just a hallucination caused by the collision with the pillar… I am also getting large material bills for the repair of trains running into artefacts at tunnel entrances, trees and buildings appearing too close to tracks, and tunnel joints/splits through walls.. Sometimes my train drivers are traumatically shocked..

  14. Type Of Cargo: When buying trains and other vehicles, one can either leave the cargo type selection to automatic or preselect the cargo type. The for that vehicle feasible cargo types (e.g. iron ore, grain, coal etc.). are already visible in the dialogue box as (unclickable) text. These could be replaced with buttons like [coal], [ore], [grain] etc to directly switch the cargo type, this would make an extra nested dialogue for cargo selection unnecessary .

  15. Hi, I don’t have the game yet, but I’m planning to buy it very soon so I’ve watched thousands of game-play video on YouTube and I have already thought about some suggestions.

    – The first one regards to factories and truck stations. I’ve seen that all factories have roads inside so maybe truck stations could be implemented in the factories by an upgrade button where you can add terminals for different lines. I think that aesthetically that would be far more realistic than a truck station (in most cases altering the terrain).

    – Also regarding to factories I would suggest that they don’t generate with the map, I mean that you are able to build them when and where you need them. The ones that could be generated at the beginning are raw materials like iron ore, oil… but definitelly think that we should be able to build the factories that process the raw matterials.

    – Another posible improvement could be the implementation of a loading and unloading sign in towns for trucks to only drop off. I know you can now drop cargo at bus stops, but it would be much more realistic to deliver it to a proper place to unload. With this the necessity to build a big truck station in the middle of the town wouldn’t exist and the game would be much more realistic.

    – This suggestions has to do with integrated cargo and passanger stations where you can chose how many platforms should be used for cargo and how many for people. (I think that would be a huge improvement)

    – This one I think is the most complex and regards to splitting and parking trains at stations. It would be great if we were able to make a long train that splits into two different trains at a station to reach two different destinations.

    – An interesting addition could also be that when a train is waiting for free path while being at a station the train stays at the plattform picking up passangers instead of closing the doors to move forward a few metters and stop again. Although this would be fixed with the next suggestion.

    – And the last one regards to the addition of timetables, this is probably the one I’ve most heard of and it would be fantastic to plan different schedules, making a train wait at a station for „X“ time so you can allow fast services to overtake the slower ones without needing to multitrack the entire map, which makes the game sometimes a bit unrealistic.

    I think that’s all I can think about now. There’re easier suggestions and there are some more difficult but I think all have a good point so I’m willing to buy this game soon and try it out for myself. It would be great if I could learn how to create mods so I can help with some future improvements of the game.

    Kind regards and keep up with the hard work.

  16. In one of the articles published, before the release of TransportFever, they said something about drawbridges and (freight)stations with space for an industry to grow/be build. Is this still going to be impanted in a future update of a DLC?

  17. Could we have a live update of the ‚Power Rating‘ when building up a replacement vehicle?

    Right now we must guess what carriages will go with the train unit, and just press go which is often a cost of multiple millions with no idea if it’ll work.

  18. If you set a colour for vehicles on on a line that colour should be adopted by any new trains etc you add to that line. There is an argument for vehicles that switch lines not to change but new vehicles from the depot should be set to the correct colour.

  19. It would be really appreciated if there could be a way to choose what cargo something can pick up per stop, instead of having to define it at the depot or leaving it as automatic. It is incredibly frustrating when an entire chain of lines grinds to a halt because a train brings a single barrel of oil to a stop it shouldn’t and all the trucks on that line decide to take that one barrel of oil on their own trips instead of supplying the other industries they should be.

    Limiting to just one cargo type isn’t an option because it then makes the vehicle useless for half it’s operating time or more and you need at least twice as many trucks.

    • I agree !!! They have announced an unloading only, which may help, but I also would prefer the possibility to decide what to pickup in a station (or define multiple possible cargo, but not all, for a truck). The cargo system sometimes makes wierd (and suboptimal) choices. However, I must say that the cargo system sometimes also helps us by finding ways to transport some products which we did not though (for instance in my last game it found a way to transport goods to a city, in addition to tools and machines, even though I did not know I connected all the elemens to produce them).

  20. Great to see these changes, especially the waypoints for trucks. My one complaint that wasn’t fixed is the way mods are added and removed, which often may lead to a crash. Other than that, excellent game.

  21. Ability to automatically add or remove locomotives to the train, at a station, without loosing passengers would be cool.(with proportionate running costs added)
    This can help improve speed of a train going high up mountains etc..

  22. I switched to the Beta Patch version this morning. Looks very nice. I noticed that the new ’see-through‘ tunnel function only seems to work on game-original tunnels, not on tunnel mods.

  23. A new vehicle that I would like to see added is a cargo/freight Tram, these would be great for delivering goods from the freight station to the centre of town, would also be good for short/steep links from main rail to cargo sources. I’m not sure how difficult it’ll be to add but surely most of the work is already in game.

    Before anyone says they aren’t realistic, take a look at

  24. I have selected the NO COST option in the custom option of TF. I had expected that „everything would be FREE‘.
    But not only is it not free but I start with a fraction of the money and everything still costs dollars.

    How can this option be correctly selected. I just want to start with the „sandbox“ option and work from there.

  25. Ich bin voll begeistert beim Spiel und wird immmer und immer besser mit Patsch aber es wäre schön wenns auch Unfälle gäbe denn dann würde ich mir zweimal überlegen wo ich meine Züge hinschicke den das macht das Spiel noch interesanter .

  26. Thank you Urban Games for all the hard work you take for the success of Transport fever but would like to ask if you could add:

    1- Day and night cycle’s (like 2 months day and 2 months night or something like that)

    2- Weather Cycle’s (like a Thunder Storm that could suspend air plane routes, train routes etc… Summer, winter storm, fog, sand Storm)

    What I am asking mabey too much but it’s just a suggestion!

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