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Seit der Spielankündigung haben wir eine überwältigende Menge an meist positiven Rückmeldungen erhalten! Es ist ausgesprochen motivierend zu sehen, dass so viele Leute sich auf das Spiel freuen. Wir möchten unseren grossen Dank für die rege Beteiligung zum Ausdruck bringen und haben darum eine FAQ Seite mit den am häufigsten gestellten Fragen aufgesetzt.

Während der künftige Entwickler-Blog Themen behandelt, die einer umfangreichen Erklärung bedürfen, soll die neue FAQ Seite einige offenen Fragen über den Release, das Gameplay und das Modding beantworten. Diese Seite ist nicht abschliessend, sondern behandelt vielmehr alle Fragen, die an sonstigen Stellen auf der Website nicht beantwortet werden.

Scheut euch nicht, künftig weitere Fragen zu stellen und eure Gedanken zu teilen! Seid versichert, wir geben unser Bestes, jegliches Feedback einfliessen zu lassen, welches uns über die Website und die vielen Social-Media-Kanäle erreicht. Die >neue FAQ Seite< wird regelmässig aktualisiert.

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Tom (Community Manager)

Community und Projekt Manager bei Urban Games

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  1. A suggestion I think is worthwhile:
    In Train Fever there was an American truck that had different looks depending on what it carried (oil version had an oil tank on the back)
    Why not do that with all trucks.
    for example: The oil version of the European 40 ton truck was still a box truck, why not have a tanker trailer!

    I can’t wait until Transport Fever comes out and want to give as many ideas as possible!

  2. This game will need a „scenic camera mode“ that won’t only follow vehicles (like in Train Fever), but also changes position / perspective every once in a while.

    Just saying.

    Oh, and the game really needs to have more ground details than Train Fever- if you zoom up close, it’s really kinda off putting to see the bleak ground textures and no further details. On the Transport Fever screesnhots we can see stuff with more details, but a part of me is fearing that these are just the typical forest areas.

    Just sayin #2.

  3. The faq is already quite good, but I’ve some questions in addition :

    – Will the player be able to set the cost of the transportation per line ? (since it’s said the algorithm to make the decision to use the line or not consider the cost, I hope so^^)

    – Will train fever have some update from Transport fever (like rail-track crosses) ? (I Understand if the response is no, since it would worth less to buy the new title)

    (and maybe, even if it’s a bit early and tricky question x) : do you have some range about the price ? )

    Would be really great 🙂

    Btw already a big thanks for Train Fever ! That’s an amazing game, and I wish you the best for this new title ! Really glad to see these track cross !

    Bonus question : can we use the abbreviation TF2 since it’s the same initials (as suggested by another guy on Train Fever website) 😀

  4. I’d Also like to mention the soundtrack on the trailer is great.
    I loved the music in Train Fever as they went along with what you were doing.
    (Following a train through a huge valley whilst listening to track 20)

  5. So in screen shots it appears that the new industries will have roads „inside“ the industry, and that cargo is stored „inside“ the industry area… Does this mean that trucks will be able to pick up cargo directly from the industry? Or will there still need to be a connecting truck depot? If not, I think it would be something worth considering… It would be nice to be able to have routes directly to and from industries, plus it looks more realistic than the cargo walking itself to the truck depot.

    Either way, keep up the good work, looking forward to more updates!

    • I fully agree with this, indeed, i think truck depots are almost entirely superfluous, trucks should be able to pick up directly from the industry and amalgamate the depot into the railway station / airport / dockyard at the other end, maybe their only use would be as a distribution center in larger towns. The industries should have the ability to add railway platforms as well.

      Also, it hasn’t so far been addressed, please give an option to have multiple use stations etc, ie, pax and cargo. small towns wouldn’t have 2 stations, just extra sidings for loading & unloading.

      One big thing needed is a distinction between villages, towns and cities. They should all be grow-able, however, the game should start with multiple small villages and the odd few market towns, with maybe 1 or 2 larger towns/cities. The demands from the settlements should reflect their size and maybe evolve over time.

      On that note, please bring the manufacturing facilities into the towns/cities, and give us the option to build them where we want, this would better reflect reality. The raw materials only should be found randomly out of town. Maybe bring into the game the ability to purchase the existing mines etc. Also it would be nice to make the resources finite.

      Lastly, please bring mail + parcel services into the game, this has always been an integral part of the railway networks (maybe let the mail amounts decline as emails pick up and increase parcels similarly as internet shopping has increased?).

    • Highly unlikely. Look at the screenshots again- there are truck depots right next to the industries again. Pretty sure the roads „inside“ are just visuals. To me it seems, the industry buildings are just bigger now than before. The question that remains is… Are they growing over time or do they have the full area „reserved“ the moment you start the game.

      • Oh, and another thing- the industries on the screenshots are all very close together and lined up straight. They do not look randomly placed as it were in Train Fever. Does this mean we can fund own industries similar to how it worked in TTD? Or maybe the screens are just from a manually created map- that’s a possibility too, ofc, albeit a bit disappointing one.

      • yeh i agree mate, if this is how they plan on releasing the game, it’s a massive missed opportunity and a shame. I’m hoping its a pre alpha screenshot and nothing is set in stone yet.

  6. Is there anyway to include the functions of marshalling yards, both in terms of needing to send locomotives in for fuel and maintance (in fact even the waggons need it perodically) but more importantly such that you could bring a train from station a, leave the wagons in the yard where they are combined with cars from station b &c and the the whole lot can proceed as a single train to station d… In this way you can save paths on the mainline, also the ability to have a pool of locos which are allocated to trains from the shed and return there for servicing perodically being replaced with another engine from the pool… Also can we have absolute block signalling?

  7. Im still hoping you will at least condier PS4 version (I know it is not listed, but pleeeeease)
    This is a kind of game that has no competition there. And if the gui is changed little bit, it can have simple gamepad controls (I know there are rumour, such games needs keyboard and mouse, but it is not true)

    Please consider to expanding to wider player base.

  8. Проблемы trainfewer которые стоит исправить в transportfewer

    На автобусных станциях расчитанных на 4 автобуса в какой то момент все автобусы начинают вместо 4 платформ использовать одну или 2
    Отсутствуют путевые точки для автобусов трамваев машин, соотвественно невозможно задать путь и даже полосу для движения того или иного автобуса принудительно
    Нет возможности реалистичного обгона ТС ( в городах такой обгон должен быть возможен на 4 полосных дорогах за городом даже на 2х полосных при условии отсутствия встречных машин
    Реально не хватает светофоров на дорогах и односторонних дорог для строительства развязок и автомагистралей
    Для конкретного маршрута на станции добавить возможность кроме приоритетного основного пути добавлять дополнительный условно говоря 1 путь занят значит едем на 4 путь

    • все это верно. но Если уж брать железнодорожные станции то в train fewer мучения начинаются с того, что при свободном пути я не могу принять на него поезд т.к. по умолчанию линия не хочет учитывать перекрестия путей и свободный путь. Это очень не удобно. Возможно это сделано специально чтоб не мучаться с настройкой линий, ног в плане гемплея игра от этого очень страдает. Не говорю уже о том о чем ты сказал.

    As wished of one person here before: I really like the idea of a cinematic camera mode like many simulators and even more racing games have.
    Many players including me often just sit there and watching the trains on the tracks, we build before.
    It would be a pretty nice upgrade, if we get a little more variety in the camera modes here 🙂

    One thing, what bugs me since the beginning of Train Fever is that trains just turn 180 degrees on the end of a line.
    There are so many trains which have to ability to drive in both directions, it just looks stupid, that it is not possible to drive „backwards“ 😉
    How about an option on every train like „train works in both directions“ or something.

    Sometimes there are more than one train coming from different tracks (lets call them A, B, C), wanting to use the same track (D).
    By my understanding currently it is based on which train arrives first at the last signal before the switch – this one will drive first in the D-section.
    Often I have some priority lines like „S-Bahn“ or the ICE which should be always drive first instead of a big, long freight train for example.
    Can you implement something like line priority (in lets say 3 steps – priority one, two or three)?

  10. Some suggestions:

    A better and bigger main menu instead of the tiny sidebar in Trainfever
    Option to not show the 3d camera in popup windows
    Ability to pin windows
    A vehicle cloning tool in depots, select a target vehicle/train to buy a clone with an option to get the same line assigned as the original. (OpenTTD style)
    Similar to upgrading tracks, a tool for upgrading/converting signals
    When laying rails, instead of collisions with buildings, add the building cost to the total and destroy them after confirming the rail
    More terrain generation options: rivers, lakes, water level, more mountains, etc.
    Similarly, more game start options: town/industry numbers (basically OpenTTD style)
    Show monthly/yearly changes to population etc in the towns list
    Rotate station placement with shift+mousewheel instead of N and M
    More stats for stations: monthly/yearly usage and changes/graphs

    • I completely agree; I used to play Sid Meier’s Railroads with friends for ages, it wasn’t the best game but the multiplayer made it really fun. A shame the multiplayer died.

  11. Echt tolles Spiel. Freu mich auf die nächsten über 1000 Stunden Spielspass! Trainfever war bis jetzt das beste Spiel das ich je Spielte. Ich freu mich schon die DVD in mein Regal einzuschlichten. Danke Urban Games Danke Schweiz 🙂

  12. A realistic way to store cargo in warehouses, rather than the truck depot itself is required, specially for cargo that is en route. For example: Large amount of cargo is brought by a ship in a port from where it is carried by trucks to mountain cities. It will not be possible with low truck station capacities to hold cargo

  13. I am a huge fan of Transport Tycoon and Train Fever came some way towards meeting that experience and I guess my hope is that TF2 will bring me closer to or hopefully surpass the TT experience. I am hoping TF2 will be similar to what Cities Skylines has done to the city building genre. „A SHOW Stopper“

    One thing from Transport Tycoon I was a big wrap for was the ability to run advertising campaigns in areas to gain more customers. From memory there was small, medium and large advertising campaigns, so small town small advertising campaign in a city you could do a medium or large advertising campaign to attract customers to your services and the affect would be cumulative and then dwindle slowly over time. So you might start with a large campaign and then top it up every so often with small and medium campaigns.

    From memory there was also the ability in TT to contribute cash to the town which would visually update buildings etc and keep town/cities relevant, an option like this would be good to once again put wealth back into the communities and in return gain more loyalty from the town folk.

    Keep up the great work!

  14. Bitte lasst uns Modder den Fluss der Zeit sowie das Startdatum nach Belieben verändern. Es ist äußerst unrealistisch, wenn Züge Wochen benötigen, um zwischen zwei benachbarten Orten hin und her zu fahren.
    Eine einfache Zeitvariable wie in Elder-Scrolls-Spielen oder Simutrans wäre angenehm.

  15. HI.
    This will be great.
    In every train game I have missed the possibility to hold back, and send trains at the exact time from different stations. whit this I could press more trains into one or to lains.
    Just a tip 🙂


  16. Transport Fever Is exciting News, Hope it can beat my all time favourite game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, no other game as come near it so far, but Transport Fever look like it could get well close it or maybe better.
    A few In game implement and components that need to be seen and added though: (A must have I believe, unlike train fever)

    1. Map Generator for Endless Games needs to more randomness in the maps with more water, wider lakes, wider rivers, different shape rivers, bending rivers, and maybe ocean or big lake with no connections but still including river on the map. Mountains that are high could have snow on top with snow on trees for ascetic purposes on European maps. Otherwise games don’t feel any different to each other as maps just look the same!
    2. Trucks need there own carriage look (example\ Oil Trucks have tanks, Coal Trucks have wagon etc.), not every thing in a stupid box truck, Unrealistic..!!
    3. More industries and cargo types need to be added especially Mail Cargo!
    4. Company’s Vehicle List could be subcatergries into each group (Like Train, Plane, Road, Boat) instead all listed together for easier navigation.
    5. All Road section that start from the beginning of the game upgrade from dirt to Tar as years go by, even over rail crossing, Tight spaces, Bridges, in towns, (in Train fever there were always some part of the roads that never seem to upgrade!)

    • look at the FAQ:
      Q: Do owners of Train Fever get a discount on Transport Fever?
      A: At least as matters stand now, customers who bought Train Fever get a discount on Transport Fever. Details about this discount are not yet decided.

  17. Is there any possibility we could have a storehouse? Perhaps one for trains and one for trucks, and treated like an extension to one of the stops. That way we could have a proper drop off from truck to train, or truck to ship/plane.

  18. Es wäre total klasse, wenn Transport Fever endlich eine Firmenzentrale bekommt die man dementsprechend ausbauen kann. Dort sollte man eine ordentliche Auskunft darüber erhalten wie gut das Unternehmen ist wie. z.b. Streckeneinnahmen, Länge der verlegten Gleise, Unterhaltskosten, Reperaturkosten, etc. Zur Zeit gibt es bei Train Fever nur eine Ein- und Ausgaben Übersicht.
    Was ebenso schön wäre, wenn die man sich an die Produktionsstätten beteiligen könnte oder das die Städte mehere Güter benötigen wie z.b. Holz,Stahl,Textilien,Lebensmittel und Elekektrogeräte und das die Sättigung in Form von Balken dargestellt werden, wenn man sich über die Stadt informiert.

  19. I did recall reading somewhere that you will be able to place roads over rails which is a huge improvement. Will you be able to upgrade roads if they are crossing rails? In train fever you couldn’t upgrade railroad crossings.

    Also I hope the USA version has realistic American style signals and crossing gates.

  20. Will there also be a „hybrid“ station? I mean a station where people and cargo can be transported.
    That was quite annoying in Train Fever, I always had to build two seperate stations, one for cargo and one for passengers…

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to playing this game in autumn.

  21. Очень хорошие замечания были по поводу совершенствования железнодорожных переездов. Хотелось бы добавить, что в Train Fever для того что бы улучшить дорогу на переезде нужно было сделать объездную дорогу. Что очень не интересно с гемплейной стороны и что порой не удавалось сделать из-за того что на местности были объекты или неровности. В общем беда с этим. Тут бы хотелось что бы при переустройстве все включалось в общую цену затрат , но зато все делалось бы в один клик ( автоматически).

    Very good comments were about the improvement of level crossings. I would like to add that in Train Fever for that would improve the road at the crossing had to do a bypass road. What it is not very interesting to gempleynoy side and that at times it was not possible to make of the fact that on the ground were the objects or irregularities. In general, the trouble with this. Here would like to be in a reorganization that all included in the total price of the costs, but it would all be done in one click (automatically).

  22. Hallo liebe Devs!

    Mit Train-Fever habt ihr ja schon ein altes Spiel in neuem Glanz erstrahlen lassen und mit dem kommenden Transport Fever erlebt das allseits unter Fans bekannte Transport Tycoon eine glanzvolle Wiederbelebung, die aber durch den Detailreichtum, den ihr eurerseits ins Spiel bringt zu einem richtigen Genuss werden lässt. Es ist sehr interessant die Entwicklung anhand eures Blogs mitzuverfolgen. Besonders klasse finde ich eure Zusammenarbeit mit der Community.

    Da ihr ja nun noch mehr im Spiel simuliert hätte ich noch ein oder zwei Vorschläge für euch, die das Management etwas herausfordernder machen und dem Spiel noch mehr Tiefe verleihen würden.

    1. Den normalen Zeitzyklus fände ich toll wenn dieser bei 5 Sekunden pro In-Game-Stunde liegen würde, was demnach 2 Minuten pro In-Game-Tag wären, aber mit der Option der Zeitbeschleunigung.

    2. Damit verbinden ließe sich die Planung von Transportwegen, welche aber nur als solche auf der Map vermerkt sind, bevor man sie tatsächlich zum Bau in Auftrag gibt. (ähnlich wie bei dem Spiel Schiene und Straße oder auch bekannt als TT3D)
    Das hätte den Vorteil, der auch realistischer ist, dass man nicht sofort baut und im Nachhinein wieder Teile der Strecke abreißen muss, weil etwas nicht passt und somit nicht unnötig große Löcher in die Finanzen reißt..

    3. Die Transportwege sollten vom Spiel automatisch in kleinere Straßenabschnitte bzw. Gleisabschnitte unterteilt werden, die am besten noch liebevoll grafisch detailliert den Bau simulieren, sobald man diesen in Auftrag gegeben hat.
    Das würde mehr Herausforderung mitbringen, wenn man Strecken umbaut oder aufrüstet, da dann Streckenabschnitte für die Zeit der Umbauarbeiten gesperrt wären und man sich mit z.B. Schienenersatzverkehr oder anderen Umleitungen beschäftigen kann, was dem Spiel noch VIEL mehr Spieltiefe verleihen würde.

    Ich stelle mir das so vor:
    Ich plane eine Strecke von Stadt A nach Stadt B, welche mir in Form von evtl. Kreide auf der Map angezeigt wird. Wenn ich unzufrieden mit der Planung bin kann ich somit noch etwas ändern. Sobald ich diese Strecke dann in Auftrag gebe wird vom Spiel Stück für Stück der Bau der Strecke, abhängig von den Möglichkeiten der Zeitepoche und Länge der Strecke, simuliert. (z.B. 1850 dauert es 2 Jahre für 200 km, 2000 dauert es ein halbes Jahr für dieselbe Strecke)
    Das dann eventuell noch grafisch der Zeit entsprechend grafisch dargestellt. Also 1850 fährt dann auf der Schiene eine kleine Dampflok mit Waggons, die mit benötigtem Gleismaterial beladen sind bis zum derzeitigen aktiven Bauabschnitt der Strecke und man sieht wie Arbeiter die Gleise verlegen, als eine Art grafischer Loop, auf den man als Spieler keinen Einfluss hat, was aber einfach schön anzuschauen wäre. Ähnlich könnte man es mit dem Straßenbau halten.
    Sobald man die Zeit schneller laufen lässt könnten dann die Bau-Animationen vom Spiel automatisch ausgeblendet werden.

    Was haltet ihr von dieser Idee und wäre diese denn umsetzbar?

    Herzliche Grüße – Cel

  23. Hallo, ich habe zwei fragen zu Transport Fever, das was ich bis jetzt sehe ist sensationell.

    1 Frage ist können die Mods von Train Feever übernommen werden und kan man für die Busse und Trams auch Wegepunkte machen wie z.B. Bus und Tram Bahnhöfen?
    Es wäre auch schön wen man mit einem Ein und Ausgangn aberbeiten könnte (bei Bus und Tram Bf.)

    Würde mich über eine info freuen .


    • I feel that some people may not want to spend money, or in my case, destroy my laptop, with the new game, no matter how good it looks. (And it looks pretty amazing.) All I would like is the basics that we expected with train fever. I do see your point though, which unveils the sad truth. Train Fevr had such promise, and I am somewhat peeved that they left it for dead, essentially half-heartedly done.

      • I don’t think that’s fair. The developers did listen and made changes and even gave us a free DLC. They worked hard for two years on Train Fever and now have a greatly improved version for us. Sure it’s like $35 . . . for me that’s been about 3 cents an hour of play! Worth every penny.

        I spent a lot more money on Sim City when it came out and got very little use of the money since the game had so many problems I don’t play it. Urban Games is a small hand-full of developers who made their first game and if you think about it . . . it is rather impressive. I know there are many shortcomings. I know it is far from perfect. but it was a launching pad for a new and improved game. Sometimes I just let the game run and watch the people and buildings and trains and appreciate the work that went into them.

        I think people have been waiting 20 years for a new Transport Tycoon and I for one feel the search just might be over. With Steam Workshop on board, this is going to be awesome!

        • I agree wholeheartedly that the game is graet. I am only 16 and have only been playing this genre since TF came out. What I saw was amazing, and still is. I just thought that since this had potential, and everyone was raving about what could/should be done, they may have come up with more for their final patch. I still take of my hypotjetical hat to them, though, given the size and determination of the team. I wish them well with the new game.
          Thanks for the info.

  24. Hi! I’ve spent enormous hours on Train Fever, and I know the difficulties of developing a game. However, that doesn’t mean you can sell an „unfinished“ program.
    There’re still some problems and bugs on Train Fever which left unsolved, and if the Transport Fever is just an upgraded version from original TF, I think this game would be a flop.
    First of all, in the default „endless mode“ on Train Fever, the game does „end“ when the whole game becomes laggy and unplayable within the growth of cities and populations, the only way out is to abandon the old map and create a new one.
    Then I would like to talk about the road traffic issues, the traffic jams caused by private vehicles are never been solved. The bus/tram lanes settled beside the sidewalks always occupied by left- or right-turning private vehicles, leaded to a disastrous traffic jam. I think this problem won’t be solved on Transport Fever because the roads look the same in the screenshots. ( In real cases they should be designed in the middle of the road to prevent such happening.)
    Lack of traffic signals also takes part in the traffic issues, the players cannot determine the traffic flow. The main roads always congested by little lanes ( 10 cars wait for 1…) Funniest of all, a single person standing on the zebra crossing could lead to huge disaster.
    Talking about traffics, the trams with long carriages (such as Be 4/6 Cobra) will stuck in the bus/tram station or even on the road! The length of the tram caused this to happen because when I changed some parameters about X, Y, it works properly as a tram.
    The routes of buses and trucks will be disrupted when the city grows and new lanes are built by the system automatically. It’s necessary to design way-points for them.
    After complaining ( and, precaution for others who are new to this game) about these traffic issues that left unsolved in Train Fever, I’d like to talk about the weird cargo system. I’m not talking about „Oh! The city only demands „Goods“!“ I’m trying to say that the demanding system has some flaw, even the routes are linked properly, and the cities aren’t saturated with goods, the factories „refuse“ to produce anything. I know the 20-minute rule, and that’s the point: I obey the rule yet nothing happen.
    According to the screenshots, I think the new features are great and laudable, Yet some problems will be „inherited“ to the new game. I hope these problems can be fixed or it will still be a hard time playing with it.

  25. Meinem Beitrag möchte ich noch einen weiteren Vorschlag hinzufügen:

    Man könnte die Abnutzung von Straßen und Gleisen simulieren, was die Wartung notwendig machen würde und so auch dazu anregen würde entsprechenden öffentlichen Ersatzverkehr zu planen. Bei Straßen in der frühen Zeitepoche müsste man den Belag erneuern, sobald diese asphaltiert werden, evtl. alle 30 Jahre und ab einer höheren Frequentierung mit Verkehr (vllt. ab 1950) alle 15 Jahre, bei Gleisen evtl. gleichbleibend alle 20 Jahre oder abhängig von der Frequentierung dieser.
    Dies könnte das Spiel auch auf kleineren Maps interessant halten, auch wenn man schon weitestgehendst alles verbunden hat.

    Gruß – Cel

  26. Will you be able to upgrade tracks (conventional to high-speed) just like you can upgrade roads?

    Will you offer tilting trains that can travel on the tracks at a higher speed than conventional trains? It would be cheaper than rebuilding older lines and create an interesting option for faster passenger service.

  27. I Think I have a good suggestion: Can you implement the option with a route to select the specific track in a station so that you can have route 1 end on track 1 and route 2 on track 2 and so on….

  28. I was hoping there would be more British content, preferably more steam train as there are and were so many great one also decent rolling stock to put behind then

    GWR Kings/ castles and for smaller line paniers, jintys.
    Rooling stock being MK1 MK2 and other wagons/

  29. Hi guys, I just bought the game on steam, only tried it in freemode but everytime the map loads there are black blobs covering the whole map in a crazy pattern? tried playing with the settings but i don’t wanna play it too long because they steam wont give me a refund… any ideas?

  30. When ever i go in to the campaign, Tutorial or the free mode. Just as i press the start button the game is loading, but when it’s don loading the game just crashes/ closes dowm…

  31. Cannot get past tutorial 3. I complete the tutorial and when I go back to main menu, it is not recorded, similarly if I carry on playing, I still do not get credit for completion of the tutorial. Is this a bug ? Has anyone got a solution.

  32. Despite this being past the release of the game, I do have a question that I am unable to find a answer for, so I will give you guys a shot.
    Does anyone know if passenger comfort matters in Transport Fever?

  33. Hi guys i have one issue i intended to create a railway line loop containing 15 cities i layed down all the tracks but for some reasons i am unable to add more than 11 stations to the line i have checked there are no issues in tracks. as soon as i add the 12th station the line disappears and i even tried to run a train on it but the train stops on 11 stations but dsnt even stop on remaining 4 stations can you please help me with some fix

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