Modding contest: Rules



  • Individuals or teams may participate, teams are asked to elect a single person as a representative.
  • Submissions must follow the theme “Futuristic” respectively “Year 2050”.
  • Participants must not submit more than one mod per category.
  • Decorative assets are excluded from the category “Vehicles” and “Stations”.
  • Urban Games can exclude any mod from the contest, for example if a rule is broken, though no reasons need to be given for exclusion.
  • Three categories are available:
    • Vehicles:
      • Player owned vehicles of any type are allowed.
      • Except for multiple units, vehicle collections are excluded.
    • Stations:
      • Player owned stations of any type are allowed.
    • Miscellaneous:
      • Apart from vehicles and stations, any kind of mod is allowed,
        for example town buildings, industries, depots and so on.


  • Depending on the category, the text “futuristic vehicle”, “futuristic station” or “futuristic miscellaneous” must be added to the mod description.
  • Mods uploaded to the >Transport Fever Steam Workshop< during the period from June 16th, 2017 to June 18th, 2017 containing the relevant text automatically enter the contest.
  • The “Posted” timestamp (CEST) displayed next to the item in the Steam Workshop is used as a reference date.
  • Updating the mod to fix bugs after this period is allowed.
  • As a matter of fairness, mods published before June 16th, 2017 are excluded from the contest.
  • Submitted mods will be automatically listed here:


  • The subscriber prize is determined by the number of subscriptions to the participating Workshop items on June 28th noon CEST.
  • The jury prize is determined by assessing the quality and originality of the submissions. Popularity is not considered. The jury consist of experts from the Urban Games team.
  • Winners will be contacted via the “Private developer comment” function in the Workshop item.

The legal recourse is excluded.