More info on the upcoming performance patch

We have been working very hard, and finally there is good news. Our developers have realized some fundamental changes to the game engine, and the performance patch will be ready for takeoff soon.

The patch improves both simulation and rendering performance, leading to higher frame rates and a more fluent game on all systems. In addition, stuttering due to monthly calculations or camera movement has been addressed.

Because of the heavy changes, beta testing before official release is of utmost importance. Beta testing is scheduled to start on Wednesday, April 18. Details about how to switch to the beta branch can be found >in the Wiki<.

Transport Fever is still very popular on Steam and other platforms, and the whole Urban Games team looks forward to releasing this major patch soon!

Mac patch and next steps

Today we released a patch to fix some issues that came up with the newest macOS High Sierra. Also, we would like to give you more information about the upcoming performance patch.

The Mac patch fixes two major issues on macOS. On the one hand, systems with the High Sierra OS and NVIDIA graphics sometimes caused the game to freeze during game initialization. On the other hand, there was a bug which caused lags when constructing railroad tracks or streets. The patch is already released on Steam and GOG and will very soon also be available over the Mac App Store.

As already announced, we are currently finishing the upcoming performance patch, in order to make the game run significantly smoother. Development of this patch was (and still is) a big amount of work, but we are confident that you will like the outcome. We expect that the patch will be available for testing in March.

We are very happy that the success and popularity of Transport Fever allows us to further improve the game. All the best from the whole Urban Games team!

Thank you and happy holidays

We are reaching the end of a great year and wanted to say thanks to all of you. We wish you a happy holiday season and all the best for the coming year.

Thanks to your interest and feedback we were able to develop and release a series of Transport Fever patches in 2017, making the game better and better. Be assured we also listen to your opinion in 2018, and we try to further improve the game.

As announced already, we are currently working on a major performance patch. Better performance is one of the top wishes coming from the community and to reach this goal, quite some fundamental changes are needed. Anyway, we are confident to deliver this patch soon.

All the best from the whole Urban Games team and see you in 2018!