Developer blog #1: Vehicle features

Vehicles are key to operate a successful company in Transport Fever. During the development, great value was set upon the vehicles features in order to both ensure high visual quality and enrich the gameplay experience.

The first developer blog demonstrates these features in detail. The following video shows how lights, aging, paintings, logos, interiors and animations work:

The tool shown in the video allows for quick vehicle previews. It is not part of the game but may be released within the context of modding tools later on.

We are looking forward to your feedback. As always, suggestions and questions are very welcome!

Vehicle page update

Transport Fever features over 120 detailed vehicles, which will be uncovered step by step on the vehicles page.

Today, ten new models have been added to the current list. In addition, the page itself received an overhaul and now features multiple images with different view perspectives for every vehicle.

The update includes a new very popular plane – the Airbus A320 – and a new ship from the Bodensee region – the MS Zurich. They are accompanied by a bunch of new locomotives, including a pioneer in aerodynamics, the PLM 220 C127, and the record breaking Flying Scotsman.

More vehicle page updates will follow over the next weeks, and the upcoming developer blog will soon discuss the new vehicle features like aging, interiors, individual paintings or company logos.

Visit the >vehicles page< to find out more.

Answers to your questions

Since the announcement we received an overwhelming amount of mostly positive feedback! It is highly motivating to see that so many people are looking forward to the game. We would like to express a big thank you for the participation by addressing the most frequently asked questions within a FAQ page.

While the upcoming developer blog will target topics which require more detailed explanations, the new FAQ page addresses simple questions about the release, gameplay and modding. The page does not claim completeness but instead handles questions not yet answered on existing website pages.

Please don’t hesitate to also ask questions and share your thoughts in future. You can be sure that we give our best to incorporate the feedback we receive over the website and the various social media channels. The >new FAQ page< will be updated subsequently.