Vehicle page update #2

Today we have added another ten vehicles to the vehicle page. With this update we have uncovered about 50 of the 120 total vehicles so far.

Highlights include a German flagship locomotive, the Class 103. It was a very powerful locomotive reaching a top speed of 200 km/h, mainly but not exclusively used on fast passenger lines.

Also, we uncover a popular modern-day tram, the Be 5/6 “Cobra”. It is in service in many cities today, including Zurich. Being one of the first low floor trams ever built, the “Cobra” received its name because it runs through cities like a snake.

Please visit the >vehicle page< to find all ten additions.

Developer blog #2: Constructions

In the second developer blog we discuss our approach to constructions like e.g. train stations or airports. We invested quite some development time to finally offer a smart user interface to build and modify any kind of constructions.

In addition to train stations, construction examples include bus, tram and truck stations, airports, harbors and industries. The latter are modified by the game itself, i.e. industries can upgrade and downgrade dependent on the player’s performance.

One of the main development goals was to make the construction format as generic as possible in order to allow modders to create any kind of constructions. In a next developer blog we will discuss this topic in more detail.

Thanks for your interest in Transport Fever. As always, we look forward to receiving your feedback!

FAQ page updated

We are very happy to see the growing interest in Transport Fever.

Today >the FAQ page< was updated to answer some of the new question which were asked on the website and across the social media channels. Among others, the answers address topics like track and street construction.

The FAQ page will be updated during the development of the game, so we would like to invite you to furthermore send us questions, feedback and suggestions!

Currently, we are working on a next development blog which will soon be published here.