Vehicle page update #4

Today’s update of the >vehicle page< adds some famous and popular vehicles to the existing list.

Among them there are two new airplanes: The Dornier Do-B Merkur, which set seven world records within a few days in the year 1926 thanks to the pilots Walter Mittelholzer and Georg Zinsmaier.

The Douglas DC-4 is a robust prop plane. Quite a few of them were converted for civil use after they served in the 2nd world war. Some are still in operation today.

In addition, the list newly contains high-speed trains from Europe and America. A highlight is definitely the Pioneer Zephyr, also known as Silver Streak. Made mostly out of stainless steel, the Zephyr is one of the first streamliner for passenger service and had a very futuristic look for that time.

Please visit the >vehicle page< to find out more about the new additions.

There are still a lot of vehicles we would like to present. Therefore please expect more vehicle page updates to come.

Finally, let us mention that we are blessed by the huge number of beta test applications we received so far! Registration is still possible until July 17 >here<.

Also, please note that we will release more developer blog videos in the near future.

Closed beta test application

We value the feedback from the community very much! To allow for a closer look on the state of the game prior to release, we will carry out a closed beta test. This will not only help us to eliminate bugs but also to improve the overall game experience.

We would like to invite everybody who is interested in participating to fill out the application form. Prerequisites are a Steam account and the willingness to report about the experience with the test version on a regular basis. As we expect more applications than we can handle for organizational reasons, we hope for your understanding that we cannot accept everybody.

The form for the application can be found here.

The application is open until July 17 2016, and the beta test is currently scheduled to start in August.

FAQ page updated

Again we received a lot of questions about Transport Fever via the various social media channels, via our website and by email. Therefore, >the FAQ page< was extended to give more answers.

While many questions have already been answered, there are still some open questions around, typically on very specific topics. Because we are still evaluating and testing some features, it is simply too early for some questions to give a 100% final answer. We kindly ask for your understanding on this.

Anyway, >the FAQ page< will be further updated during the development of the game, and as always, you are very welcome to send us questions, feedback and suggestions!