Gamescom trailer released

We are very happy to today publish a new game trailer.

While illustrating all aspects of the game, the trailer in particular highlights the game’s towns and demonstrates popular modding options. In addition, it shows campaign elements for the first time and proves that multi railway crossings, a very important element of the track construction tools, are powerful and intuitive.

We hope that you like our newest trailer, and as always, the whole team looks forward to receive your feedback.

Beta test update

We would like to express our gratitude for the great interest in the beta test. An overwhelming amount of over 6,000 people applied. This exceeded our expectations by far!

It is our endeavor to integrate all beta testers into the development process as close as possible. Accordingly we decided that the quality of the beta test will benefit by limiting the available spots.

We are sorry that due to this decision a big portion of the applications will have to be rejected. Though the chance is very slim, we will draw the spots among all applicants to guarantee everybody has a shot to get in.

We would also like to point out that a part of the applications are not complete and thus will not be considered. However, it is possible to complete and rectify data until Friday, July 22.

It is planned that everybody who applied will get notified by email on Tuesday, July 26, about the outcome. Everybody who was picked will receive additional information about the further procedure.

Thank you again for the lively participation. We are convinced that with the help of the beta testers we can significantly improve the quality of Transport Fever.

Developer blog #5: Cargo system

While development is running at full speed to prepare everything for the upcoming >beta test<, we are very happy to today release another developer video blog.

Based on the criticism we received for the cargo system in Train Fever, we tried to eliminate the weaknesses and fulfil the major wishes. We are convinced that our new approach significantly improves game-play, and that it brings the cargo system to a new level.

Here is a short summary of the cargo system:

  • About 20 cargo types (six end products are required by towns)
  • About 15 animated and growing industries
  • A wide range of complex cargo chains
  • Stock and cargo type conversion simulation
  • Realistic cargo flow (cargo items never get lost)

As always, we look forward to receive feedback, questions and suggestions!