Transport Fever at gamescom

This week, part of our team is at gamescom. We’ve joined the nice folks of Gambitious Digital Entertainment to show Transport Fever to members of the press. Therefore, you can expect new previews, reports and interviews to be published over the next couple of days and weeks.

We want to take the opportunity to give some additional information about the current development situation. While the game is still in alpha, we are rapidly approaching beta state now and target to start the beta test soon. As you may know, the application phase of the beta test is already finished and participants have been selected.

Once the beta test has started, we plan to release the game within five to ten weeks. In other words, you can definitely look forward to Transport Fever being in stores (and on Steam) this fall!

To ease the waiting, additional updates (including new developer blogs) will be published. As a start, we have updated the >screenshots page< today. Finally, let us say thank you for your interest, feedback, comments and participation, which are a great motivation for us.

Vehicle page update #5

Today we added another ten vehicles to the existing list.

The update includes four ships, two planes, two locomotives and two street vehicles. Three vehicles are highlighted in the following:

The Wilhelm ship was built with the support of King Wilhelm I. of Württemberg and was officially the first steamer on the Lake Constance.

The Boeing 757, an exceptionally large narrow body plane, is a twin-jet aircraft with over 1000 units built in various variants.

The very futuristic RTC Wrightbus was designed to mimic a train and is in use in the city of Las Vegas.

Please visit the >vehicle page< to find out more about the new additions.

FAQ page updated

We are very happy about the great feedback we received after publishing the gamescom trailer. Though the trailer answered a lot of question, it also raised a number of new ones.

Consequently we decided to update the >FAQ page< once more to answer questions about the new towns, industries and modding possibilities.

We are sure, there are still some questions left unanswered, so we would like to invite you to further write comments and give us feedback!