Modding contest «Design the future» announced

Welcome to the future! What will the world of transportation look like in the year 2050?

About this topic, we organize a big modding contest to honor the commitment of the modding community. Contributions will be awarded with attractive prizes with a total value of more than 5’000 Euro.

The exact rules and more details are available on the >modding contest page<. We look forward to discovering many contributions and are curious how the future game world will be shaped.

In addition, we wanted to let you know that we continue working on big improvements for Transport Fever, and more details will be disclosed as soon as possible. At this point we ask for some patience, but be assured that the further development of Transport Fever will continue and continue.

The whole Urban Games team looks forward to the future and sends the best wishes.

Usability patch released

We are super happy to officially release the long-awaited usability patch today!

This major patch brings a long list of usability and user interface improvements, more stability on Mac computers, better performance, new languages, many bug fixes, and several new features.

New features include the replace-vehicles-now functionality, railway double slip switches, track speed limit and street traffic layers, person names, vehicle cargo weight simulation and more.

In addition, several new modding features have been added, including a new camera tool to record keyframe camera movement as screenshot sequences. On top of that, we >fulfilled< the request of players who want to earn achievements also when mods are enabled.

Please find the complete release notes >here<.

We hope that you like our newest developments and send the best wishes from the whole Urban Games team!

More info on the upcoming usability patch

We are aware that everybody highly awaits the upcoming usability patch. We are working very hard to allow for a release as soon as possible. If everything goes according to plan, we can officially release the patch before the end of March.

The patch will introduce a lot of improvements. To ensure everything runs smoothly and to accommodate the request for a more open development at the same time, we would like to invite everybody to test the patch beforehand. The beta test is scheduled to start on Thursday, March 23 – an application is not required to participate. We would also like to point out that currently a patch for better stability on Mac OS can already be tested. Information on how to test can be found in the “Testing version” paragraph >in the Wiki<.

In addition to >the already unveiled features< the patch will also include a redesigned line and vehicle window, improved train braking behavior and better late game performance. Also, two new languages will be added to Transport Fever: Text and subtitles will be available in Italian and Portuguese, too.

The improved debug mode is tailored especially to the requirements of modders and now also includes a camera tool to record keyframe camera movement as screenshot sequences.

In this regard, we also would like to let you know that we are currently planning a modding contest with attractive prizes. With this contest we would like to show our appreciation for the outstanding work of our modding community.

We say thanks for your trust in our work and for your patience. We are confident that the upcoming patch will be worth to wait!