Modding contest announcement of the winners

In early May we asked the community to create and submit mods for the “Design the future” modding contest. We are excited about having received many creative contributions, and today we announce the winners!

Contributions include great ideas like a hybrid hydrogen-electric multiple unit, a hexagon residential building, a hyperloop train or a levitation harbor. For those who want to feel the future, we made a Steam Workshop collection with all the creative work >here<.

Subscriber voting:

Vehicles Stations Miscellaneous
1st prize: TG HyRT 1st prize: Future Tram/Bus-Station 1st prize: Street Mod Pack
2nd prize: Galaxy 2nd prize: Hexagon Bus and Tram Station 2nd prize: Hyperloop tubes
3rd prize: Lighting Hawk 3rd prize: Levitation harbor 3rd prize: 2050 levitation track

Jury voting:

Vehicles Miscellaneous
1st prize: Citybus NewGen 1st prize: Hexagon Residential
2nd prize: WTC 0813 2nd prize: Carbon Bridge
3rd prize: Peter Pan 3rd prize: Future Car

Congratulations to the winners! They will receive a Steam private developer comment with further instructions.

As promised >here<, we are currently finishing and testing the upcoming gameplay patch. The patch will be officially released in July. Until then, have a great time!

Gameplay patch announced

One week prior to the >modding contest< submission, we today announce the next major patch. Based on the feedback we receive every day, we identified many important gameplay requests and worked hard to realize these.

The gameplay patch brings waypoints for street vehicles, explicit line track/terminal selection at stations, consistent people and cargo when modifying infrastructure, an upgrade to ships so that they can carry more than one type of cargo, an unload only feature for vehicles, and much more.

We have also improved other elements of the game, such as tunnels that now actually cut the terrain so that you can see through, or user interface details like that the bulldozer now asks if you are sure when removing large structures. Many additional improvements and bug fixes as well as new modding features complete the patch.

For those of you interested in testing the patch, the beta test is scheduled to start on Wednesday, June 21. Information on how to test can be found in the “Testing version” paragraph >in the Wiki<. Official release of the patch is planned for July.

It is a pleasure for us to further improve Transport Fever and we are very happy that still so many players enjoy the game. Be assured that development continues, with major performance improvements being still on our to do list. Finally, we look forward to receiving the submissions of the «Design the future» >modding contest<, and until then, all the best from Urban Games!

Modding contest «Design the future» announced

Welcome to the future! What will the world of transportation look like in the year 2050?

About this topic, we organize a big modding contest to honor the commitment of the modding community. Contributions will be awarded with attractive prizes with a total value of more than 5’000 Euro.

The exact rules and more details are available on the >modding contest page<. We look forward to discovering many contributions and are curious how the future game world will be shaped.

In addition, we wanted to let you know that we continue working on big improvements for Transport Fever, and more details will be disclosed as soon as possible. At this point we ask for some patience, but be assured that the further development of Transport Fever will continue and continue.

The whole Urban Games team looks forward to the future and sends the best wishes.