Thank you and happy holidays

We are reaching the end of a great year and wanted to say thanks to all of you. We wish you a happy holiday season and all the best for the coming year.

Thanks to your interest and feedback we were able to develop and release a series of Transport Fever patches in 2017, making the game better and better. Be assured we also listen to your opinion in 2018, and we try to further improve the game.

As announced already, we are currently working on a major performance patch. Better performance is one of the top wishes coming from the community and to reach this goal, quite some fundamental changes are needed. Anyway, we are confident to deliver this patch soon.

All the best from the whole Urban Games team and see you in 2018!

Convenience patch released

The Urban Games team is very happy to finally release the convenience patch today. The patch makes your player’s life easier by introducing several usability enhancements.

The following video summarizes the most important improvements:

Patch highlights include:

  • Scalable user interface
  • Fully-functional scroll bars
  • Reworked mod selection dialogs
  • More convenient auto save feature
  • Polished settings menu
  • Optimized train behavior
  • New warning for blocked trains
  • Better catenary layer rendering
  • Solved several modding issues
  • Fixed various bugs

Please find the complete release notes >here<.

Be assured we are already working on the next patch. As promised, expect a major performance patch in the near future.

Thanks a million for your interest in the game and all the best from the Urban Games team!

More info on the upcoming convenience patch

Development on the upcoming convenience patch enters the homestretch, and the Urban Games team is super happy to announce that the patch will be officially released on Thursday, November 2.

In addition to the already announced improvements such as the scalable user interface, fully-functional scrollbars, completely reworked mod selection dialogs and the optimized auto save feature, there is a bunch of small improvements and bug fixes.

These small improvements make the game experience more convenient. Examples include more intuitive train behavior, fixed inappropriate vehicle auto-reversing, a new warning which shows when two trains are mutually blocked, an improved track catenary/high-speed upgrade tool, better explanation when line problems occur, fixed issues such as depots cannot be electrified when they contained vehicles and much more. The patch also includes several bug fixes and solves various modding issues.

For those of you interested in testing, please see the “Testing version” paragraph >in the Wiki<.

We look forward to bringing this patch live soon and send the best wishes!