Publish Mod on Steam Workshop

If you would like to share your mod with others, you can upload it to Steam Workshop. Just consider following steps.

Add tags

Make sure you have included to mod.lua some tags describing your mod. They are used by Steams search engine.

This example shows how to add tags:

function data()
return {
  info = {
    tags = { "building", "depot" }  -- or similar
    -- other infos...
  -- options = ..
  -- runFn = ..
  -- checkActiveFn = ..

Add a preview image

Include a preview image for Steam Workshop in the root directory of your mod. Its size should be below 1 MB and have a ratio of 16:9.

Copy your mod to the staging area

Copy your mod directory to the staging_area folder in your Steam installation:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<your Steam ID>\446800\local\staging_area\.


Start the game and select “Publish Mod” in the main menu. On the left, select the mod you would like to publish. Fill in some change notes, if necessary. If everything is fine, press the “Publish” button. Congratulations, your mod should now be available on Steam Workshop!

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