Upcoming developer blog

Transport Fever is scheduled for release in fall 2016. Until then, we invite the community to share their thoughts and opinion about the game.

Therefore, in regular blog updates most of the core features of Transport Fever will be demonstrated and explained. Topics include the construction tools, vehicles, stations, industries, towns, the campaign, the extensive modding support and much more. In a series of video blogs we will also show some of these features with actual gameplay footage.

We may demonstrate the track construction tools in detail, including switches, crossings, crossovers, multi-track connections, parallel tracks, catenary, bridges and tunnels. As opposed to Train Fever, in Transport Fever roads can also be built across tracks. 😉

Examples may also include modding topics like e.g. how to create a dynamic curved train station (will be possible with the new modding features) or how to create your own mission or even campaign.

At Urban Games, we understand listening to the community and trying to find out what players really want as an essential part of our work. Moreover, feedback and input is very motivating for the team and everybody here is looking forward to hear what you think!

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  1. Der Trailer zeigt viele der offenen Wünsche aus Train-Fever stammen und erfüllt die Umsetzung (2 Gleisige Ausgliederung, Kopfbahnhof, erweiterbare Stationen, Schiffe, Flugzeuge, …).

    Sehr schön.

    Viele Grüße

  2. Glückwunsch zu der Weiterentwicklung. Das zeigt, dass ihr der Community sehr gut zuhört.
    Plant ihr eine open/closed Beta und falls ja, wann wird das soweit sein. Bzw. gibt es im Voraus Möglichkeiten für TF-Modder eine Chance ihre bisherigen Mods zu erweitern/anzupassen, damit sie möglichst schnell verfügbar sind?

  3. Finally proper railroads!

    And pretty please, make the trains LONG! Those on the picture look nice 🙂 In TF trains were mostly much less than 10 carriages long.

    Also the scale and distances should be more realistic than in TF. So that there aren’t multiple trains going around a track that is probably less than 100 times the lenght of the train. Trucks are nice, but they should carry much less than the trains.

    • I agree. It was strange in Trainfever that trucks/busses were so cheap and effective to use for long-range transports. They made even more profit then trains! Inspired by real numbers trains should instead be cheaper to maintain but a very expensive investment including the tracks, while trucks/busses cheap to buy ( and little or no roads/infrastructure needed ), but more expensive to run per unit of passenger/cargo delivered.

    • Agreed, though I still run long trains just for eye candy to my self, but I would love to see an actual reason for longer trains, and a reason to have multiple locomotive power for them. Show me the difference!

    • I think with the integration of steamworkshop.. mods will be kept up to date more often, and not to mention I think it would help to create a large modding base. I was sad to see that there are just not many american locomotives. There are serious gaps in both European and American locomotives.. more so American. I think we will see much more with the workshop!

      Accidents I put the idea in for the first TF. Shots got fired… apparently I’m an American and the only thing we like seeing were explosions.. Though the Dev’s commented stating that it’s a reality. Too bad we didnt see them. There are plenty of reasons for accidents.

      1- They happen. This is apart of any industry. Train brakes fail, switches freeze over, Engineer not paying attention to signals. (this would be a reason for investing or researching positive train control) Trains jumping tracks from speeding.
      2- How would you control this.. with the idea that us Americans only like seeing things blow up.. make this an option for all players to turn on or off.
      3-Impact?- financial impact of course. Loss of life, train and track damage. Even further.. boats sinking or oil spill, planes crashing (inanimate objects crashing is fine, what I’m not fine with would be bodies laying all about. ) Truck or bus crashes.
      4- How would this situation remedy it’s self? – Same idea as I have been posting. Fading in and out crews. Crane trains, emergency vehicles, would appear on and around the train, say take up would be all of 30 seconds. Train gets lifted on tracks or the damage is cleared. The crews and emergency staff just fade away. You would just have to replace said vehicles.
      5- What about other traffic- Well for the duration of 30 seconds all trains on the line that are with in 1 signal away should be stopped. traffic (cars) would halt and wait for things to clear as well.

      • Yeah, I agree. TransportfeverNET site is brilliant and people uploading there are geniuses but Steam Workshop is much better way to spread mods.

        It is a shame you got jumped because idea is sound and brings some life to rather static game. But nothing graphic of course. Also dangerous situation does not have to end in disaster. Pilot may successfully land even if plane is badly damaged (Aloha Airlines Flight 243) or without fuel (Aloha Airlines Flight 243). Or sometimes not. The same with trains, trucks and ships. As you said, it is just sadly part of life. Also even Railroad Tycoon 2 had accidents (especially in old engines) and even wild west style robberies.

        It could be also nice occasion to add some depth. For example after some time train would have to roll into maintenance yard and get things checked up. The same with other means of transportation. Airport would have to be upgraded to cater to increased air traffic (radars, more airstrips). If not the chance of having disaster could slightly increase.

        But it’s just me, maybe that is not what most players want. In my opinion anything what would allow Transport Fever to become actual simulation instead of just virtual model railroad is welcomed.

  4. Schon der erste Trailer zeigt viele erfüllte Wünsche, großartig!

    Was mir noch fehlt: Zügen eine Priorität zuordnen (Fernverkehr vor Regionalverkehr vor Güterverkehr), ich zähle hier auf euch 😉

    • The new modding system will open a lot of possibilities how stations work and how the can be designed.

      We will dedicated at least one developer blog post to this question soon!

  5. Yeah a good news.

    This game seems to be better as train fever. But i have a question. Transport fever is translate to french language ?
    However, i buy transport fever when he is released.

    Sorry for my english, but i’m french guy and my english is lower

  6. HI, awesome news, I had really good time with Train Fever.

    Please , add dynamic platform at station , and it can be the perfect new TTD.

    It was a huge request for Train Fever , hope it will make it in this one !!

  7. WOW!!! Take my money now and give me a game!!! 😀
    Only i have a one wishes. Please work on performance. I hope TF (transport fever, it’s should by different name or i would write TF2 😀 )
    So i hope the TF2 would work much better with big cities and a lot of people on the map and don’t freeze at any end of month.
    And is it any chance to release it earlier? Even a beta version? Fall 2016 it’s to long time for such a great game 🙂

  8. Is it possible to use the community trains from train fever, althoug in transportfever? Would be great because train fever has so many awsome community made trains

  9. I hope that in the new game vehicles will not cause traffic stoppages as in TF. For example: car wants to perform a U-turn, but can not and, therefore, the whole city is in traffic jam.

  10. Two initial thoughts when it comes to air traffic.

    1.) With airplanes ( including jets ) implemented I hope the a lot of effort is made so the game will support even larger maps then trainfever did, and do this with better performance.

    2.) It looks a bit strange on the screenshot to see large commercial and residential areas grow up right next to airports and harbors. How about a simple model for noise pollution to steer development of city centers away from heavy duty industrial sea ports and airports?

  11. looks good. But one question, have you thought about doing multiplayer or just AI competition for this game,? because I felt that the area of competition was missing form train fever and it would be nice to see it in transport fever. But either way it looks like it will be a good game.

      • How? It takes days to create a working transport system. Would it require to be online with a friend all time at the same time? That won’t work. Games that take so long is really difficult for online. Online games are genrerally shooters or turn by turn. I think it is hard to create a nice multiplayer game with this type of game.

        • I spent around 300 hours playing multiplayer in OpenTTD with my friends, it takes around same time that Train fever does to play through. And I know I am not alone.

          If you haven’t tried it you don’t know what your missing… There are alot of dedicated communities for multiplayer games with OpenTTD style games if you want to try it out.

          • It sounds fun although I only have limited spare time so in my case it seems useless to play games with friends as we need to be online at the same time.

        • Maybe for another game make something like the last simcity….
          Online game, where you can connect with other town / region.
          Your passenger can go to the other region, or goods can travel through region.

          But this is only for some TF3, but this could be interesting, some transport simulation, with dynamic economy and always online.

        • Dude, you guys did not need to be online at the same time. Me and my friends usually played it on Co-op, and with longer days patch. A game usually would last a entire week, with a decade pasting by a real time day. My 24/7 Debian NAS would run the server and when we have a bit of time, we played, sometimes alone, usually just two of us, at night or at the weekend, all the three. It was really fun.

        • You can simply save the game.. Sid Meirs railroads did that. Worked just fine. If anything I would ask that the multiplayer be an updater to have the same mods as your other opponents. Honestly TF in MP would be incredible! Contractual agreements for usage of train stations, trackage, owned industry or owned say truckings etc. I want MP so bad for TF. Bring new life into the game, and have some healthy opposition.

      • Why not creating it like sim city 4

        Create a clan… 4-8 members and create a whole new world… Maps can be connected to each other and having also connections by train, streets water air etc. when a connection is done, the partner gets a request and has to approve.. Whenever he is online again. If he does so, you can have a look on his map, where his line is going to, and even start a line from him to you.. And vs vs .. Revenue sharing of course with a revenue key according to who invested what.. Joint venture!
        I have much more ideas on that, if intrested (and not already in discussion) pls contact… I would like to help

  12. This time can you please include some more late game American locomotives, it felt strange to not have anything beyond a C40-8W, GE’s Dash 9, P42DC, and ES44AC should all be included for some more modern options. Maybe even include the AC6000CW since any transport empire likes more power! Also, there aren’t really any late game EMD engines, SD70MACs and SD70ACes would be nice to fill that gap. For electrics, the ACS 64 is really a necessity now that those are the only thing Amtrak uses-no AEM-7s are in use anymore.

  13. Hope they will simplify and optimize the whole simulation of every single living person. It felt unnecessary and that part of the game can really be more abstract (think OpenTTD passenger destinations) and save a lot of performance to allow bigger maps, more and bigger cities and bigger, more complex railway networks. It really would make it a better game.

    • OpenTTD passenger destination was useless to be honest. You could have 100 passengers waiting on the same station hopping onto the next transport regardless of if it’s a Concorde to the other side of the map or if it’s a bus going to the other side of town. And all these passengers have infinite money and always pay whatever the ride costs which means the commuter bus and the Concorde have the same demand… It was EXTREMLY simple, and something you felt was lacking after just a few hours of play, Trainfever was much better with connecting passengers.

      • Passengers switching lines was nicely done in Trainfever, but simulating whole thousands of citizens, each travelling to home/work/leisure wasn’t really adding anything to the gameplay and is more suited to a city builder than a transport sim.

        • You can’t simulate connecting passengers unless you simulate individual citizens each having their own destination…

          Or maybe you want to see 20 passengers all deciding to travel from the same house in one town to the same small shop somewhere else at the same time? That makes no sense!

  14. Looks great looking foward. Just a list of things that are important for me:
    – Better scaling. Longer distances between cities so it is more realistic.
    – Profit and gemeplay model should encourage use of railroad tracks by multiple lines. Also cargo and passengers mixed.
    – Performance was and still is a big issue in train fever this is not acceptable.
    – The 20 minutes rule isn’t a good rule. Especially it makes no sense for cargo.

    There are different type of passengers. You will have workers who only go to work, you have business man who travel a lot further for business and you have tourist who generally are willing to travel a lot longer. I think it is good to create these type of passenger roles which all have different set of rules.

    For cargo the only thing that is important is money (costprice). A steel mill will buy the cheapest iron ore it can get and that is including transport cost. So an iron ore mine should have a salesprice per tonne. And it would be fun if the player could set a transport price per tonne for the line it has set up. If the steel mill can get cheaper iron ore then the sales price + transport price that you have set it will buy its iron ore somewhere else and you have no business. Then you can try lower the transport price and get the business back. It would add lots more management and fun. And i don’t think it is hard to implement it is just a simple sum.

    And in addition this will also work nice in the whole chain. A steel mill will include the transport cost in its selling price. So if it is unable to get cheap iron ore, it won’t be able to make cheap steel and find no market to sell, and go out of business. The demand in the whole chain will collapse. So if you set your transport cost for iron ore too high even if the steel mill can’t get cheaper iron ore elsewhere you still might lose! That will be fun!

    – Further it might be nice for cargo to seperate train from the wagons. You should be able to leave empty wagons at the loading station. The train can pick up all (partially) full wagons and transport it to the unloading station. After unloading it will bring back the unloaded wagons. All empty wagons should be left behind at the loading station, and maybe in the mean time they can be loaded. Of course the cost of riding a train should depend on the amount of wagons pulled. Obviously pulling empty wagons requires energy and costs money so leaving them behind should be cheaper.

  15. Did any of the developers play Industry Giant? ( or sequel )

    I feel these games had wonderful transport chains where it was easy to visually see and follow the goods through even complex chains, and something like that would be a part of my Transport dream game.

  16. Vorzüglich! Obwohl der Sommer bevor steht, freue ich mich schon auf den Herbst. 🙂
    Mein Verbesserungsvorschlag:
    Um das Streckennetz ein wenig komplexer zu machen, fände ich es prima, wenn eine Stadt von der Anlieferung von verschiedenen Warengruppen profitieren würde, um schneller zu wachsen.
    … und wenn man sich wie üblich im Minus befindet und wartet, dass die Ausgaben langsam wieder eingespielt werden: vielleicht einen Lokführer-View einführen, um die Zeit zu überbrücken.

      • Exactly! Like in cities in motion for example (though they pretty much screwed it up there). If we had a possibility of setting timetables we could among others avoid all the problems associated with trains blocking each other, congestions, express trains being slowed down by slower trains etc.

        However, judging from the trailer and screenshots, this is not planned. Dear Devs, would you be so kind to confirm to us whether this is/might be at all planned? 🙂 Thanks!

    • Timetabels i love to se, but if thats hard to get trough, i realy want to send Trains at the same time from diferent stations.(hold back Trains at stations)
      Anyway, the curved stations sounds great. Love to try the game.

  17. Und ich hatte mir gedacht dass dass Spiel Heute im Shop liegen sollte

    Ich habe im Trailer schon einige sehr schöne Gleisbau Beispiele gesehen. Wenn die in dieses neuen Spiel können, können die doch ach in Train-Fever eingebaut werden??
    Denn die Techniek ist da, also…….. copy-paste ?

  18. Ich sag nur hammer, hammer. Sieht auf den ersten blich schon mal nach einem würdigen Nachfolger aus.
    Meine wichtigste Frage ist : wird es diesmal möglich sein den Verlauf der Zeit im Spiel selbst anzupassen, sodass ich länger was habe von den einzelnen Epochen und nicht ruck zuck im Jahr 2000 bin?

    • oder auch freie Gleiswahl (Routenwahl) für Züge auf bestimmten Streckenabschnitten. Wobei ich dies hauptsächlich für Güterzüge meine. Definiert durch ein Anfangssignal und ein Endsignal. So ähnlich wie es z.B. bei Simutrans möglich ist.
      Der Sinn dahinter ist das Güterzüge z.B. beim durchfahren eines Bahnhofs an keine festen Gleise gebunden sind.

  19. Es tut uns leid, aber leider weiß ich nicht Deutsch! Also werde ich auf Russisch schreiben! Ich hoffe, Sie übersetzen? Не понимаю зачем так рано было анонсировать игру если она выйдет только осенью? И нам всем теперь кусая локти ждать Боже скорей бы осень! А что старой игрой ее на свалку? На мой субъективный взгляд вы поторопились создав новую игру! Можно было просто обновить старую таким образом!? Жаль труд стольких мододелов пропал впустую так как старая игра не будет развиваться! Вы в старой игре не сделали многого того что можно было бы сделать? К примеру не такие короткие сутки недели месяцы и года. Хотелось бы чтоб было все немного по длиннее! Знать какой длинны я построил уже железную дорогу и какое расстояние от города до города? Ведь в других играх это есть! Сколько проехал и сколько еще осталось!? А то у нас только скорость поезда и не известно какое расстояние от города до города проходит поезд? Еще хотелось бы не только вид от третьего лица всегда. Но и прокатится на месте пассажира или водителя поезда?

    • кататься на месте пассажира и машиниста это вам к другим жанрам, здесь у нас стратегия а не симулятор поезда! некоторые из особенностей что вы перечислили в старой игре не позволяет сделать движок игры, что же, разработчикам топтаться на месте что ли и заниматься херней с длиной суток и подсчитывать за вас протяженность путей?

      • Вот что-то а движок игры остался точно тем же. Хочется надеяться, что его оптимизировали и переписали…

        • Не хотелось бы что бы разработчики наступили на одни и те же грабли дважды. В новой игре нужны кардинальные изменения стратегическо-экономического плана, ну и гемплея по возможности, а не выпуск все той же Трайн Февер с добавлением авиации и портов и пропадающими в пути пассажирами. Так что движок там оптимизировать или что , но если уж делать то нужно делать не на старой основе ( была винтовка, а стала та же винтовка но с прицелом ))) , а так чтоб действительно была экономическо-транспортная игра,. Ведь если посмотреть в корень игры Трайн Февер, то мододелы делали то что изначально должны сделать разработчики. То есть мододелы при поддержке игрового сообщества хотели видеть игру такой какой не пожелали видеть разработчики. Так что посмотрим , что тут нам преподнесут, и будет ли игра действительно хорошей, а не клоном Трайн Февер.

  20. I have enjoyed playing Train Fver for a long time. I hope you learned a lot from the feedback you got from that game and i am curious if you will have a Steam workshop connection (if you release this via Steam).

    Would like to read more about the game surroundings (maps ?) and game play.

    Are you going to give beta-keys away ?

  21. I would like to see trains that need to uncouple from loads, then run around and couple to the other end rather than just instantly turning around in stations. I would like to have to purchase rail vehicles and then store them in yards and such until they’re needed. I would also like to have proper places to store locomotives rather than just suddenly appear and disappear into depots, with proper maintenance yards/sheds. I would like proper railway signalling that works and allows for prototypical setups (or a signalling system I can mod to have more realistic behaviour). I would like railway stations that are defined by the buildings I place on or near them – able to have proper freight yards that allows un/loading of freight without having platforms. I would like to have railways that are longer allowing longer trains. All in all, I would just like to have a more realistic railway that I can command.

    • THIS! I really did not see a lot of people commenting about it. What you said is a transport-game cliche that really bothers me and keep spreading year after year, game after game, since the original Transport Tycoon. Its a shame that the game will be released so soon and probably the features that you described would be impossible to be implemented in time, since the game is nearly done and these would need rewriting a lot of the base game D:

      Besides all that, I don’t care since I had decided on buying this game as soon as I saw the DH Comet on the teaser.

      • I made a post about this idea when TF was still being created. It would be awesome! To actually have a reason for shunting locomotives. I hate the concept of the train depot. 1 little tiny building and this giant train comes out of it? I would much rather have a build able railyard with some animation to it. How you ask? When you purchase a train.. with my same idea in terms of fading in and fading out workers on freight platforms for loading and unloading… you could have purchased shunting locomotives that will appear with train cars, assembling the consist for the main locomotives to come grab.

  22. Just further development of Train Fever, but much much better! You can look in the train! And terminus station. I’m pretty excited and hope my PC can run this game.

  23. Das Spiel sieht hammer aus,
    aber was mich interessieren würde wäre ob ich auch mit einem leistungsschwachen PC ohne große ruckler Spielen kann.
    Und die Idee von einem Lokführer-View, fände ich auch nicht schlecht.

  24. Игра обещает быть интересной. Хотелось бы увидеть возможность прокладки железнодорожные тоннели под дорогами и возможность строить железнодорожные мосты над железнодорожными путями и автодорогами. Чтоб это было возможно по типу строительства мостов выравнивающего железнодорожное полотно на местности в Train Fever. Там этой фишки очень не хватает, хотя если сделать насыпи то получается, но подземные тоннели там возможны только под горами. Это недостаток. Игрок не должен мучиться с насыпями, мосты должны автоматом выстраиваться. И ещё недостаток в Train Fever это невозможность сносить дорогу если нет объезда или расширить её если есть пересечение с железнодорожными путями. Нужно учесть эти недостатки и не допустить их появления в игре Transport Fever. К тому же нужно сделать возможность расширять и модернизировать станции с добавлением какой нибудь фишки привлечения пассажиров на тот или иной поезд, типа установления и регулирования цен на пассажирские перевозки . Билет должен чего то стоить. А то получаетс япоезд ездит, а экономика завязана только на грузы т.к. фактически регулировать пассажиропоток в игре Train Fever не возможно. Было бы фишка цен то глядишь и экономика как то поинтересней былаб. да и на скоростной маршрут можно акцию сделать если будет желание ))) ( ну типа пятничная скидка)

    The game promises to be interesting. I would like to see the possibility of laying railway tunnels under roads and the opportunity to build a railway bridge over the railway tracks and roads. For this to be possible according to the type of construction of bridges on the railway track leveling terrain Train Fever. There are chips that are lacking, but if it turns out to make the mound, but the tunnels there are possible only under the mountains. This is a disadvantage. A player must not suffer from the mounds, bridges must be built machine. And another drawback Train Fever is the inability to bear the road if there is no detour or expand it if is the intersection of the railroad tracks. It is necessary to take account of these shortcomings and to prevent their occurrence in the game Transport Fever. Besides it is necessary to make the opportunity to expand and upgrade the station with the addition of some sort of chips to attract passengers on a particular train, such as the establishment and management of the transport price. The ticket must be what the cost. And that is obtained yapoezd rides, and the economy is tied only to the goods as actually regulate the passenger flow of the game Train Fever is not possible. It would feature prices that you see, and the economy as a more interesting bylab. and on a high-speed route, you can share what to do if there is a desire))) (well, type of discount Friday)

  25. Looks good. I enjoy Train Fever even if it isn’t all that complicated a game. I’m hoping for an improved track/street building system, a more complex industry chain, and a more optimized performance system. 🙂

    Lastly, is there a good chance of this coming to GOG.com like Train Fever has before (eve if a bit late)?

  26. Es ist schön zu sehen, dass ihr euch bemüht auf Wünsche der Community einzugehen und der Trailer zeigt auch eindeutige Verbesserungen in manchen Bereichen. Und dennoch bleibt die eine Frage für mich offen: Gibt es diesmal irgendeine Art der Zeitlichen Beeinflussung der Zugläufe bzw. eine mögliche Fahrplan-Option? So gerne ich Trainfever gespielt habe, ich habe damit aufgehört weil es einfach unmöglich war ein komplexes Netzwerk so zu betreiben dass sich nicht irgendwann irgendwo wieder zwei Züge blockiert haben und alles den Bach runter ging. Schon klar, man kann Linien mit langen Signalabständen oder eingleisigen Abständen schon in TF in eine Art “Takt” zwingen, aber das sind alles nur so halbe Sachen die TF unnötig kompliziert gemacht hatten. Ich schreie hier nicht gezwungenermaßen nach einem Fahrplan, viel mehr nach einem Planungssystem dass irgendeine Form der zeitlichen Abstimmung der Züge aufeinander zulässt.
    TrainFever arbeitet ja jetzt schon mit eine Form der Zugfolgezeit, ich nehme an, ihr wollt das in Transport-Fever ähnlich umsetzen? Hier würde zB schon ein optional fest einstellbarer Takt ab Bahnhof X (oder von mir aus dem Ausgangspunkt der Linie) ausreichen, um die meisten aller Konflikte auf dem Streckennetz zu vermeiden….
    Eine weitere Möglichkeit wäre ein System ähnlich dem von A-Train, wo der casual gamer einfach auf weiter klickt und happy seinen Fahrplanlosen Zug herumkurven und alles aufhalten lassen kann und gleichzeitig der Freak minutengenau einstellen kann, was er sehen wollte. Ein solches System, dass einfach bei der Routenerstellung bei jeder Weiche auswählen lässt, ob nun abzweigen oder gerade weiter und bei neu hinzukommenden Weichen schlichtweg in Nullage – also geradeaus weiter – verbleibt, würde auch das Chaos mit den Wegpunkten und Linien, die sich selbst umlegen vermeiden.

    LG. der Saphirdragon

    PS: Eure 1042.524 ist eine 1042.500. Das heißt sie sollte erst 1968 auftauchen, hat eine Vmax von 150 km/h, eine Masse von 82,5t und eine Dauerleistung von 3808 KW… Und Biiiiitte rückt die beiden unteren Scheinwerfer etwas mehr nach innen!

  27. I would Like to add to the game more realistic actions like the load and unload the cargo. And animation of a crane loading every train car with wood for example, or dinamic and upgradeable stations (Not destroy all one to build one larger), or Turning tables, track switches. I’m agreed with the ideas of Steve. For the perfect add it will be great an option to drive the trains with basics controls not like a simulator of course. Thanks for listen, keep doing the great work. Sorry my english, i’m from Argentina.

    • I’d love to see this! I think my idea would work well. Fading in and fading out of crews loading and unloading train cars. They would simply fade out (not insta vanish) when the train was loaded. Cranes to help load trains at docks etc.

      At Passenger stations.. see people actually getting on trains, or perhaps have a baggage car with someone throwing at luggage onto a dolly on the platform!

  28. I hope in the game you won’t use thsi font, it’s too hard to my eyes.

    And I looking forward to flying junction construction which is very painful in TF.

  29. Exciting! Wondering if this the title that can finally replace Simutrans and OpenTTD?
    Great to see that this is coming to Linux so I can play it, but I’m a little worried of the Steam Workshop support. If the game is released on GOG (which I really would like to happen) many mods are going to be locked/exclusive to Steam version, because there’s no way to download the mods from Workshop without having the Steam version. It’s another form of Steam monopoly intentional or not and yes it’s convenient, but has the big downside that players not using Steam get treated as second class.
    I passed on Train Fever as it didn’t have much depth and scale, but this is very promising!

    • Our current plan is to release Transport Fever on Steam and on GOG. Using Steam Workshop will be a convenient way to download and use mods, but not the only one. We will of course allow that mods can be installed manually or with 3rd party tools like in Train Fever.

  30. Соглашусь с мнением игрока ( Александр
    Monday April 11th, 2016 at 05:47 PM ). что нужно увеличить время суток, ввести расстояние пройденного и оставшегося маршрута. Кроме этого к добавлению того что я уже написал в другом своем посте, хотелось бы что бы разработчики учли следующее:
    1. возможность модернизации остановок (автоматическая замена на более новые)
    2. Введение ночного и дневного режимов ( освещение в игре)
    3. Возможность принимать поезд на путь (платформу) указанный игроком, а для самолетов это будет определенная стоянка и рулежная дорожка. В игре Train Fever поезд прибывает на путь в зависимости от соединения стрелки и наличия светофора. Хотелось бы, что бы пути на станции были пронумерованы и можно было выбрать путь (платформу) прибытия, соответственно на железнодорожных стрелках поезд и двигался бы к этому пути самостоятельно. задача игрока это провести путь до остановки (платформы) железнодорожными стрелками.
    4. Улучшить разнообразие железнодорожных платформ и вокзалов
    5. необходимо исключить исчезновение пассажиров по дороге ( они там что умирают в пути???)
    6. В городских дорогах нужно вводить светофоры, а то образуются заторы на дорогах.
    7. нужно для развитых городов вести фишки обучения граждан ( чтоб был стимул у пассажиров ехать в другой город допустим на учебу), вопрос со стимулом пассажиров для увеличения транспортной нагрузки в Train Fever так и не был решен. тут нужно подумать какие инструменты дать игроку что бы он в зависимости от каких то событий мог увеличить пассажиропоток ( в городе, железнодорожном и авиасообщении, автобусном сообщении и междугородном автосообщении).
    8. Не хватает инфраструктуры городских объектов все очень однообразно , нет того, что привлекало бы туристов. В Train Fever все города одинаковые – это большой минус.
    9. ввести возможность назначать экспрессы, то есть обычный поезд должен пропустить железнодорожный экспресс ( если экспресс обгоняет или обычный поезд стоит впереди на станции, а экспресс приближается), а автобус должен ехать чуть быстрей.
    Хотелось бы чтоб Train Fever и учла лучшие игровые возможности подобных игр и стала лучшей в своем жанре.

    I agree with the opinion of the player (Alexander
    Monday April 11th, 2016 at 05:47 PM). that it is necessary to increase the time of day, distance traveled and enter the remainder of the route. In addition to adding the fact that I already wrote in another of his fasting, it would be desirable that the developers took into account the following:
    1. the ability to stop the modernization (automatic replacement by newer)
    2. The introduction of day and night modes (lighting in the game)
    3. Ability to take on the train path (platform) indicated the player, and it will be for aircraft parking and a certain taxiway. The game Train Fever train arrives on the way depending on the compound of the arrow and the presence of a traffic light. It would be desirable that the path to the station are numbered and you can choose the path (a platform) to arrival at the railway arrows respectively train and moved to this path alone. The player’s task is to carry out the path to the station (platform) railway arrows.
    4. To improve the variety of platforms and railway stations
    5. The need to eliminate the disappearance of the passengers on the road (they’re dying in that way ???)
    6. urban roads need to enter the traffic lights, and then formed congestion.
    7. The need for the developed cities to conduct civic education chips (that was an incentive passengers to travel to another city to study assume), the question with an incentive to increase passenger transport load Train Fever has not been resolved. then you need to think about what tools to give the player that he would, depending on what the events could increase passenger (in the city, railway and air communication, intercity bus service and auto service).
    8. Not enough infrastructure, urban facilities are all very monotonous, nothing that would attract tourists. Train Fever In all cities the same – this is a big minus.
    9. introduce the possibility to appoint express, that is, an ordinary train should miss the express train (unless rapid overtaking or conventional train stops in front of the station, and express approaching), and the bus has to go a little faster.
    I would like to Train Fever and took into account the best gaming experience of such games, and become the best in its genre.

    • I think a priority system would work well. I typically run both local trains from station A to B and have an express train.. From A to C or further. Prioritizing so that the express pass all trains at points in which are doable would be greatly appreciated.

  31. Looks like I’ll have to remake/edit some mods and other assets – and I’m looking forward to do so with this game! Finally have an excuse to make a boat, too. Keep up the excellent work, UG!

  32. Can we impose a max. speed on specific segment on railway and streets? As time goes by we added newer vehicle in the cities and existing rail network, and generally newer vehicle run at higher speed. It result slower vehicle blocking the new one. If we can set a max. speed on a line segment then the “blocking” problem can be control if not eliminate.
    By the way do the public traffic vehicle run on max. speed on street and road in real life?

  33. WAU… 🙂
    Firstly, It seems awesome but,
    1.) In the trailer at 0:24 minute you built crossover from train track 1 (on the left) to the track 3 (on the right) But there is no possible way to go (on the same track) from track 1 to middle neither from T3 to middle track without building another junction form T1 to T2 And than from T2 to T3 (trailer – 0:29 min. )??? PLEEEEASE, This is nice (that we can actually build crossovers) but PLEASE, Tell me that we can actually build “Double Slip Junction” and other types now.
    As it shows here.

    2.) Please is there any opportunity to build Storage Warehouses or so. (For example, You want to bring IRON with cargo train to some point (not to a factory) where other transport vehicle, lets say truck, will take it to actual factory. I mean, can we build some places where we can drop/pick up cargo as a “cargo terminal” ? Something similar as when people use multiple lines to get to their location.

    3.) WHAT ABOUT DAY/NIGHT cycle ? 🙂 Would be great 🙂

  34. Wird die Zeitsteuerung im neuen Transport Fever im vergleich zu Train Fever abgeändert? Verlangsamt dass die Zeit nicht so schnell abläuft?
    Konkret, dass die Zeit nicht so schnell abläuft wie in Train Fever, bei welchem eine der ersten Lokomotiven mit einer Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 40km/h für die Fahrt von einer Ortschaft zur nächsten angränzenden Ortschaft auf einer direkten annähernd geraden Verbindungsstrecke auf einer kleinen Karte mit den üblichen Distanzen zwischen den Ortschaften 10 Monate brauchte.

  35. It looks like a significant improvement over Train Fever, and I will buy it, but it still looks to me like the starting point is not ideal. I believe it is better to start from a realistic simulation point of view, and adapt that to playability. If you start from a game point of view and try to make the result seem consistent and realistic, you will always shoot yourself in the foot at some point.

    I would prefer an option to start in 1800, working with rivers and canals as well as mostly extremely poor roads. I would prefer villages and industries to appear over time when there is a reason for them to be established. Farms and a few quarries and mines could define the needs for transportation. Merchants and workshops needed to support them would cause growth of clusters which develop into villages and towns. Somebody providing transport services would encourage growth to take place where there is better transportation.

    I would also want REALLY big maps, and a somewhat realistic simulation of road and railroad construction. You plan where the track needs to go, defines the maximum grade and minimum curve radius, the load capacity of the roadbed and bridges, and the maximum rate of change for transfer curves and gradient changes. Your engineer gives you a cost estimate. You may then want to adjust the plan. When you give the go ahead for construction, you will need workers, construction materials and a way to transport rails and landfill. This should be automated, but construction should take time and the workforce should both impact the local labour market and the demand for food and materials.

    This option should not be costly to implement, because the needed graphics and units will already need to be present in the game. The important up-front planning that is needed is to avoid artificial limits on object types and classes. Use 64-bit identifiers, and make it possible for modders to add bills of material for making new goods that help making the relations between demands for goods and raw materials less obviously predictable. There is no reason to have a limit of ten or a thousand types of goods, it adds colour and a feeling of realism if the AI citizens go to diffenent types of stores to buy a shirt or a tin of sardines which the store in turn will have procured from somewhere. It will not have a major impact on performance, almost all games are limited by graphics.

    • I like this idea and agree. The maps should be huge! The ability to have proper express trains between major hubs, but also branch lines between local cities. A planning mode is definitely needed, its so frustrating having to lay track, pay for it, then destroy it as its not quite right, then lay it again. IRL they can spend years planning a route. The construction time too is a good idea, infrastructure projects almost always affect the local population so that should be simulated too.

  36. The game needs improvement in road transportation and traffic (relative to Train Fever):
    – Allow overtaking (so that newer vehicles can overtake older and don’t queue up)
    – One-way streets (so that you can manage road traffic flow)
    – Multi-lane streets with realistic usage of all lanes (avenues, etc.)

  37. Ich würde es schönen finden , wenn folgende Punkte in Transport Fever umgesetzt werden.
    –> Signale mit gekoppelten Vorsignal z.B. Deutsches Signalsystem Form- und Lichtsignale und Signaltafeln ( z.B H/V , HL und KS-Signale)
    Hier ist die Website dafür: http://www.stellwerke.de/signal/deutsch/
    -> Platzierbare Prellböcke mit GS 0 und Sh 2.
    -> Deutsche Doppelstockwagen , die zugelassene Geschwindigkeit von 120 bis 160 km/h.
    Hier ist die Website dafür: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doppelstockwagen
    –> Tag und Nacht wecksel. z.B. Tag 12 min und Nacht 8 min
    –> Frei platzierbare Wohnhäuser um Dörfer zubauen.
    -> Frei wählbare Anzahl der Städte und Dörfer
    –> realistischer Wendezugbetrieb und umsetzen der Loks
    -> S-Bahngleise mit Stromschiene z.B. wie bei der Berliner S-Bahn

  38. I do agree with a comment written above by Bjørn Vermo. Now, as the game will not be focused exclusively on trains, it would be a great idea to simulate transport growth from the 1800 so it would bring more logical and detailed form of industry and city development into the game. More time to start developing your transport system is definitely needed. As it was mentioned about the roads – one way roads and overtaking – essential. The last thing that I think is important to the gameplay is the prioritization of trains. That would be a huge improvement and would eliminate (IMHO) the need for timetables as someone has mentioned those.
    Keep up the good work, Urban games, high hopes in you!

  39. Good day! Good work!
    I have a few questions:
    Will there be a modding industrial buildings (image, internal animation)?
    Will there be a modding production chains?
    Is it possible to buy and create new plants during the gameplay?

  40. Looking good guys

    I am looking forward to this seems like you will be adding some of the features that the community have been asking for

    is there any plans to upgrade/improve the signalling to include caution signals (Yellow aspect in the uk)

    are you able to put out a few more vids for this showing off some of the new/updated feature you are trying to add?

  41. Ik vraag mij af wat mensen ervan vinden als ik gewoon lekker simpel in de nederlandse taal schrijf….
    Translation: (i wonder what people would think when i write messages in the dutch language because it is the most easiest way…)
    So german people: write english!!

  42. Добавлю к ранее мной сказанному: Хотелось бы в игре увидеть несколько полезных новшеств 1. Прокладка мостов друг над другом ( хоть автомобильные, хоть железнодорожные). Такие пересечения мостов часто встречаются у больших городов. 2. Возможность менять названия городов не влезая в конфигурационные файлы игры.

    I will add to what has been said before me: I would like to see in the game are some useful innovations 1. Laying bridges over each other (although road, though rail). Such crossing bridges are common in large cities. 2. Ability to change the names of the cities are not getting into the game configuration files.

  43. кстати действительно. Сигналы могут и должны размещаться на мостах, тоннелях. Они ведь бывают длинными

    wirklich von der Art und Weise. Die Signale können auf Brücken, Tunnels angeordnet werden. Schließlich sind sie lange

  44. Hallo zusammen..

    Ich freue mich schon riesig auf das Spiel. Erinnert mich stark an Open TTD und Train Fever. Jetzt aber noch ein paar Fragen:
    1. Gibt es im Spiel auch kombinierte Bahnhöfe für Personen und Güterverkehr?
    2. Kreuzugsbahnhöfe (wie z.B. Berlin Südkreuz, Osnabrück), oder Kopfbahnhöfe (wie z.B. Leipzig, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, München)
    3. Bahnhöfe mit zwei seitigem Ausgang, sodass mann nicht alle Fahrzeuge (Busse, Straßenbahnen) an eine Seite fahren lassen muss?
    4. Ist eventuell auch eine U-Bahn, oder Hochbahn geplant?
    5. Fahrplanoption?
    6. Automatischer Lokwechsel im Kopfbahnhof? Sprich eine zweite Lok fährt automatisch in den Bahnhof nach und verlässt dann mit den Wagen den Bahnhof, während die erste Lok dann auf ein Abstellgleis fährt und wartet. Macht den Spielbetrieb interessant und realistisch
    7. ICE Hochzeit im Bahnhof? (Zwei Züge im Bahnhof zusammenkuppeln lassen)

    Es wäre schön wenn ihr etwas davon in das Spiel einbauen könntet..

    MfG Michael

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