Performance patch released

Today a major performance patch has arrived. In addition to optimizing performance, the patch improves stability on Mac computers and much more.

Simulation, rendering and building performance has been significantly improved. Also, several user interface enhancements like e.g. a fluent mouse cursor or a save game progress bar make the game feel more responsive and fluent.

Some issues which occurred on specific Mac systems have been addressed. In particular, a random crash which happened after several minutes playing the game is solved now. Moreover, the terrain tool has been reworked, and several game-play and simulation changes make the game more enjoyable. Also, quite a few small bugs and campaign issues have been solved.

Please find the complete release notes >here<.

We hope that you like the latest improvements and wanted to tell you that Transport Fever will for sure also be improved in future.

The whole Urban Games team wishes you a great holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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    • I have asked for this on the Steam forums. Are you Devs working on this our do we have to rely on mods to do something that should have been added to the game back in Train Fever? Also please add cargo aircraft. There is a mod for this but I would like it in the game so we can earn achievements.

  1. War gerade am spielen als die Steam Meldung kam. Also gleich Game beendet und den Patch gezogen und weiter ging es.
    Ich bin begeistert, es ist wie ein anderes Game. Es hat sich deutlich sehr deutlich verbessert, ich kann auf höchster Einstellung zocken
    ohne das es ruckelt! Der einzigste schwach Punkt ist noch der Monatswechsel, aber auch das geht besser als vorher. Ich muss aber auch
    dazu sagen das sich auf meine Map gefühlt 10 Millionen Bäume und 5 Millionen Steine befinden. 🙂
    Ihr habt gerade mit einem Schritt die Alpen überquert, Respekt.
    Wenn Ihr im neuen Jahr noch so einen Patch hinlegt, dann gehe ich sehr stark davon aus das das Game zu 99,999999% ruckel frei ist.
    Das Speichern ist auch um einiges schneller und die vielen anderen kleinen änderungen sind Klasse.
    Super, immer weiter so. Ich bin dann mal wieder zocken, bzw. Schön Bauen. 😉

    Schöne Grüße, schöne Weihnachten und einen guten Start ins neue Jahr.

  2. Thanks!
    I wish there was an even quicker way to update vehicle classes.
    For example, I might have 20 lines of Benz trucks that I want to upgrage to Opel Blitzes immediately. Or 40 lines of Ce 2/2 that I want to upgrade to Gothaer Type T1s.

    I don’t want to manually go to every line, select the replacement, then set the 25% replacement frequency and then toggle on the auto replacement. This is tiresome and requires multiple clicks per line. And the worst thing is that afterwards the vehicles will continue update in to the same vehicle type, so I have to do everything again when a better vehicle becomes available.

    So I would like to just declare some types obsolote and have them replaced at the soonest possible time.

    Also, I would really like to have a similar function when electrifying tracks or converting them to high speed. I would gladly pay 10 million units of game currency to have ALL of the track converted automatically. It is too tedious to check the whole rail network for that single meter of non-electrified track that ruins everything.

  3. Hola Amigos, Mis mas Sinceras felicitaciones por este gran juego tan divertido y entretenido. Solo quisiera decir que una actulizacion con una mejora en carreteras seria grandioso… solo bastaría con meter una carretera de un solo sentido para poder hacer desvíos en las autopistas sin tener que formar atascos en los cruces de carretera. un saludo.

  4. Bei mir ergaben sich leider keinerlei Performance Verbesserungen. Installiert ist das Update allerdings!!! Es ruckelt und schuckelt leider noch genau wie vorher. Hab das Spiel auch mal 3Jahre laufen gelassen weil ich dachte könnte sich ja mit wenig zeit einpendeln aber auch kein Erfolg.

    i7 6700k @ 4,2Ghz
    GTX 960 4GB (Palit)
    SSD SanDisk 240GB (Ultra 2)
    16GB DDR4 RAM

    Größenwahn Kartengröße
    Start Game – 1880
    Jetzt – 2018
    ca. 15 Mods

    (Grafikeinstellungen alles mal durch geschalten aber auch keine wirklichen Verbesserungen)

  5. Very happy to have this update. It has absolutely improved
    My performance. Thank you for you work improving the game.
    Now, if I may, I have a few suggestions that you might consider:
    -more ships/aircraft: I understand these arnt easy to just create, however I feel a few more would go along way. Also, cargo aircraft would be really neat, even as like a DLC with cargo terminals and planes.
    -day/night+weather, this would be really neat to have as an optional toggle in the game. This would probably work best in a DLC though.
    -lastly, maybe a few more options for map presets? It would be awesome to simply chose some of theses rather than wait on terrain generation luck. Some ideas could be: Mountains with some rivers, mostly water to have lots of use for boats, or even a quite small map with only a city and some outskirts (it would still be a decently large city, though) so that you could really focus on mono-city bus and tram lines, and in later years, cross town commuter trains.

    Those are a few of my ideas that I would love to see in transport fever. Thank you for your incredible continuing work of this game. I look forward to see what the future brings for it. Thanks very much!

    • Yeah and on the map options it would be nice to select city sizes. Like “many medium cities” and “a few metropolises and small cities”.

      Also, I’m really looking forward to having several “specialized” cities, like a commerce-city, university-city, tourism-city etc that would attract passenger from around the map. Obiviously business travellers would prefer airplanes

  6. 150 years of timely deliveries without accidents, welcome to my transport empire.

    This game is truly great, even with a few things are missing, things like mail cargo is one(along with postal delivery routes) missing category, which could go great with passengers trains. It’s also missing advanced industries like electronics and cars factory(and delivery means to go with it). It’s also missing catastrophes, mechanical downtime, and accidents for vehicules. It’s also missing the power to name our company, not just a premade logo. It could also have World news influencer for economics, for major events like wars or economic breakdown. It could also includes stock market and investments for the company. Oh, and international links are much needed, in which vehicules disapear ”to the other side” for a while picking material and peoples from foreign land.

    Another flaw is that it ABSOLUTELY need STEAM to be on and connected to work which is REALLY annoying for a solo game with nothing to do with networks.

    On the bright side: the quality of the simulation is awesome. It is a very stable and adicting game. The quality and variety of model is very good, even without mods. The complexity of it keeps me thinking for several hours in row, planning and planning some more for delivery routes and budget verifications. The level of details for models and links(routes) is simple enough to keep the game enjoyable, while keeping track of eveything. The economic model makes it very hard(at medium and hard level) to be REALLY challenging game. Structures building like tunnels or bridge is very fun to play with.

    It is very nice to set up local delivery with trucks, or mass transit with trams and buses. I’m loving to built those central depot outside major town, and preparing the land and infrastructures for a long time future, with very intense planning on table for decades to come. Challenging, intelligent, strong, without any form of violence, and adicting are qualifiers for this title. Thank you to the creator and all players. Really worth the spent dollars…recommended for all.

    One of my best game investment, at very fair price, in a long while, really looking forward for producers to improve and add tons of content for this title.

  7. Leider habe ich nach dem performance patch schwarze Hügel und die Karte ist übersät mirt schwarzen Flecken obwohl die Grafikkarte bisher keinerlei Probleme bereitet hat, weder bei Transport fever noch bei train fever. Was kann ich tun?? (NVIDIA GE FORCE GT 750 M)

  8. Your new “update” has totally ruined the game for me. I cannot play this at all any more on my PC. Either starting new vanilla games or loading any saved games. I have a computer more than adequate fro running the game, and I7 running at 4.2 Ghz with 16 Mb DDR 4 memory with a GTX 1060 graphics card with 6Gb memory. The game ran really well until this “update”. There is no facilities to roll back either that I can find. Your have ruined my planned holiday playing.

  9. Nach über 300 Stunden ( Ja ich hab auch ein RL und Job…) …

    Der Patch hat wirklich etwas gebracht bin jetzt im Jahr 2096 Map Groß 1:3, 70% Industrie und 100% Stadt verbunden ( “fast” ruckelfrei mit i7 ) . Performance mäßig eine deutliche Verbesserung vorher war es schon Diashow auf mittel und 50% verbunden. Hab auch noch mal mein Ram aufgerüstet was auch noch mal eine kleine Steigerung der Performance brachte da die Savegames auch immer größer werden im Lategame.

    -Leider Funktioniert die Option “warten auf Voll” bei mir nicht. Auch wenn ich 1,2 oder 5 Minuten als maximale warte zeit einstelle wartet er bis er voll ist. Die Frage ist auch wartet er eine Reale Minute oder eine Spielminute die mit schnellerem Tempo dann auch schneller läuft?!.

    -Was mir auch aufgefallen ist das wenn man Linien automatisch erneuern einschaltet und z.B. dem Zug/e für die Linie eine Farbe gegeben hat wird nach dem ersetzen wieder die Standard Farbe gewählt.

    Was ich vermisse sind:

    Post Güter
    Geldtransport ( wie in Transport Tycoon deluxe )

    und eine Schneemap auch wie in Transport Tycoon deluxe :))

    Zum Schluss wünsche ich dem ganzen Team von Urban Games ein guten rutsch und ein erfolgreiches 2017

    Gruß Christian :))

        • Das Problem bei der Option ist das, dass sobald eine einzige Einheit zu geladen wurde der Timer wieder neu Startet.
          Maximale Wartezeit ist also unglücklich ausgedrückt. Denn es bedeutet bei TpF:
          Letzte zu geladene Einheit + X Minuten (x = gewählte Minuten)
          Ich meine der Timer läuft aber wenn du vorspulst auch schneller runter.
          Solange die Produktion an der Industrie, wo du zu laden möchtest, noch nicht zusammen gebrochen ist bringt dir diese Funktion leider gar nichts.

          MfG Grimes

          • Also Funktioniert es eben nicht ^^

            Bei mir warten die immer bis es voll ist…. bei langen wegstecken geht das mal schnell in die – Zweistelligen Millionen :/

  10. this game has a time problem i hired horse cart it said speed 15 km/h but two point it has a normal 10 km long rode but this cart spending a more than one month to reaching point you need studying JoWooD Entertainment transport giant game its a good but old game

  11. One more problem now a days i am facing is when trying to put a x crossing between two parallel track it says “too much slope”. never had this problem with tf.

  12. That can be a problem. Sometimes it’s just a matter of deleting a road or track and relaying. In extreme cases delete the entire area and use the leveling tool to flatten the ground. Then relay everything.

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