Mac patch and next steps

Today we released a patch to fix some issues that came up with the newest macOS High Sierra. Also, we would like to give you more information about the upcoming performance patch.

The Mac patch fixes two major issues on macOS. On the one hand, systems with the High Sierra OS and NVIDIA graphics sometimes caused the game to freeze during game initialization. On the other hand, there was a bug which caused lags when constructing railroad tracks or streets. The patch is already released on Steam and GOG and will very soon also be available over the Mac App Store.

As already announced, we are currently finishing the upcoming performance patch, in order to make the game run significantly smoother. Development of this patch was (and still is) a big amount of work, but we are confident that you will like the outcome. We expect that the patch will be available for testing in March.

We are very happy that the success and popularity of Transport Fever allows us to further improve the game. All the best from the whole Urban Games team!

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Tom (Community Manager)

Community and Product Manager at Urban Games


  1. I meet the minimun requirements, but always after 60 game years the framerate breaks down completely and the game becomes unplayable. It’s simply fraud to cheat about the minimum requirements !!!
    The “easy”economy is ridiculous, so you need a pricing mod. Time is rushing much too fast, so you need a time mod. Why are these adjustments not part of the game ?
    And the scandinavian dlc of train fever is desperately missing for transport fever. Why do you not make the same for transport fever ?
    Fix these issues, then transport fever would be a great game.

    • Sadly, it doesn’t have anything to do with the minimum requirements. Every system will experience slowdowns sooner or later. That’s why we need the performance patch.

    • Indeed, the game is great but if you should work on a patch with the following options;
      – overtaking (road)
      – undo possibility for rails/road build (or preview)
      – possibility to set the building height for station’s
      – reduce the angle step for building rotation (more precise)

      It would be more great :)

  2. I’m looking forwards to this! One suggestion: add an option to freeze the preview screen if a vehicle and only run the live video when the mouse is over it. This would be very helpful as the game runs very slowly with lots of windows open! It’s great that you’re still supporting it!

  3. This patch should be developed and implemented prior to initial release of Train Fever, not years after. Idea of this game is superb, potential is huge, but technical background of TrF must be epic fail, whereas UG were not able to improve the performance for long years. Thus I still don’t believe in significant improvement with current patch. But OK, I will give it a try…and let myself to be surprised.

  4. I play the game on a Mac High Sierra on Steam and I find it is addictive! I do not use the money making / spending as It does not interest me. What I like is building connections over sometimes tricky landscape. The train models are superb and are a joy to watch. A passenger view would be a fantastic NO 1 request.
    Can I ask our German friends why is there “silverfish” but no blue beige Bm235 or Bpmz291 to go with BR103?
    I would like to kill the new vehicle window as it gets in the way all the time.
    It is a very good railway game and let nobody tell you that is is not.

  5. Hallo liebes Urban-Games-Team,

    Beim Modus, indem ich im Führerhaus eines Zuges sitze oder quasi die Perspektive des Busfahrt habe, wird die Geschwindigkeit und der Name der nächsten Station angezeigt. Es wäre echt toll, wenn in Zukunft zusätzlich auch die Anzahl der Passagiere in dem Fenster zu sehen wäre. Denn um zu sehen, wie viele Leute ein- und aussteigen, muss ich den Modus verlassen. Um aber zu schauen, wie wirtschaftlich eine Linie ist, wäre es gut, ich würde in diesem Modus auch gleich sehen, wie viele Passagiere an Bord sind.

  6. Juhuuu, Performance-Patch im Anmarsch!

    Euer Spiel ist echt gut und macht Fun, aber leider werde ich (mit sehr guter Hardware) immer ab dem Jahr 1900 ausgebremst, weil nichts mehr vernünftig läuft.
    Super Sache, das Ihr euch die Arbeit macht!

  7. There is also place for another improvements like:
    – one way roads with multiple lanes
    – roundabouts
    – when I place a tram line i want to choose where to place it: first lane or second lane
    – a more variety of vehicles: I want to upgrade the railroad trains to MONORAIL systems or MAGLEV systems (like Transport Tycoon). Or if you want something completely new, you can try HYPERLOOP. :)
    – speed limit indicator for raods
    – a more variety of bridges. Bridges that allow multilevel construction (on the first level road bridge, on the second level train bridge)
    – I don’t know if this is possible but i would like to see also some of the mods included in the game itself (like curved railroad stations and some complex bus stations)

    • @Tadreu86
      Hello, I definety agree with one way roads and roundabouts, a must have!
      There 8s a hyperloop train and bridge mod available in steam, and it works like a charm.
      Also monorail is available via steam workshop mod, not best looking but does the job with its own special depot and only one design train but it’s pretty cool.
      There is also a curved station and flexible mod which are amazing and essential in workshop.
      There are plenty bus and tram complex stations I found in steam and use frequently…
      There is this new bridge mod in workshop, since last year I believe, that has added so many bridge types for rail and road, check it out, I love the new brick, metal green and red, and concrete bridges!

  8. One-way roads and all those other ideas would be nice, of course, but the one significant (but quite simple) change I would like to see with the performance patch is to fix the city/industry supply and demand problem by increasing the average time from the last month to the last year (or more). Right now industries go into huge swings of over-production and then shut down, and cities have 100% satisfaction one month and 0% the next because the demand only seems to look at the most recent month, and if the train didn’t happen to arrive during that month (and/or two arrive during the next month) then things go wild. I would suggest increasing the demand/delivery time out to at least 12 months, maybe longer, but it would be highly desirable if this time averaging value could be exposed in the config file so that enthusiastic users (possibly modders) can experiment with what works best. Please? :)

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