Gameplay patch released

We are excited to officially release the long-awaited gameplay patch today. Based on the feedback we received over the last couple of months, the patch fulfills many important gameplay requests.

The following video summarizes the most important improvements:

Patch highlights include:

  • Non-disappearing people and cargo when upgrading streets or stations
  • An option to explicitly select a line’s track/terminal at stations
  • Less collision problems thanks to much better terrain alignment handling
  • An upgrade to ships so that they can carry more than one type of cargo
  • Tunnels actually cut the terrain so that you can see through
  • Waypoints for street vehicles
  • Unload only feature for vehicles
  • Colored vehicle icons in the line manager
  • Confirmation dialog when bulldozing large structures
  • Line break feature for construction parameter windows
  • Many additional improvements, bug fixes and new modding options…

Please find the complete release notes >here<.

Be assured that Transport Fever development continues, with a next focus on late game performance.

Thanks a million for your interest in the game and all the best from the Urban Games team!

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Tom (Community Manager)

Community and Project Manager at Urban Games


  1. Alle im Video gezeigten Verbesserungen sind einfach nur klasse, nützlich und auch sehr schön anzusehen!! 🙂
    Da macht das ohnehin schon sehr gute und schöne Spiel nochmal deutlich mehr Spaß!!!
    Vielen Dank an euch und weiter so!!!! 😀

  2. Tom, superb work! Not just with the patch itself – but presenting it the way you did with a charming video should be a standard in the industry. Thank you!

  3. Good job, thank you for the patch.
    I would be great, if you inform us about the next patch, so we can see what is happening.
    I wish there was some other features like:
    1) Timetables or something, that will keep still the same distance between the trains on one route. If you spread them, than in some time the last will catch the first and that is a problem a you have to adjust the gap manualy, which is frustrating…
    2) Can we get People to take any line heading to there destination IE I have 4 tram lines leading to my train station and as they get close they serve the same 3 stops which are always very crowded as some big building have spawned around them, but everyone seems to wait for one of the lines over the other 3 that pass through those stops when they could really get on any.

    Thank you

  4. That’s probably best improvement. The game is now totally more enjoyable! Thanks alot for keeping game under development and giving us opportunity for a best experience.

    Danke schon!

  5. Hi, The update is out on GoG for Windows and MacOS, but the linux download is still the previous version. When will the update be out for the linux version on GoG?

  6. “Colored vehicle icons in the line manager” – such a simple addition that also makes so much sense.

    A thought for a future patch, would it be possible to allow you so select a whole road route so that you could see quickly how much of the town is covered by buses/trams, or how much commercial/industry will get goods delivered to them?

  7. Good job, herren und damen. The new features are really awesome and much appreciated. I have a few suggestions for future functions in the game: 1) Larger selection menus with brief description of the item; 2) “Away” stations, stops, airports and harbours, to let a vehicle disappear in the margins of the map to an invisible destination. 3) Vanilla narrow gauge with some rolling stock including cogwheel tracks and material; and, finally, 4) Some more information and controls in the first person view, as number of passengers carried, horn/whistle, time/calendar display, etc. First person view by passengers in a vehicle would be great.

    As I said: great game, great team.

  8. Echt super Verbesserungen!
    Auch toll dass ihr die Features in einem Video erklärt, da man sich dann viel mehr darunter vorstellen kann.
    Mir fehlt aber immernoch, dass Züge mit Steuerwagen rückwärts wieder aus einem Kopfbahnhof fahren, wenn ich mich recht erinnere wurde Transport Fever sogar damit in einem Entwicklervideo beworben…

  9. Amazing work guys. You make it very hard to not play the game everyday. 🙂

    I think one area you could improve on the next update is to allow a train (cargo train to be specific) to drop off only a part of their cargo at a particular station and then carry on to the next one. Thereby allowing a train on a route to serve multiple cargo destinations rather than only 1 at the moment.

    • If your cargo trains has multiple stations on it’s route, it will distribute it’s cargo between them. It’s not an equal distribution, but it still works. Unless, of course, you are trying to unload at a station that does not have coverate of the industry sector that particular type of cargo is for.

  10. Next patch you really need to move the map edit options into the game itself via sliders or something, going into the config file to change them just isn’t going to cut it long term.

    Also a visualizer for the random map generator and the ability to increase/decrease the number of cities wouldn’t be a bad addition, rather than waiting for the whole map to generate before deciding you don’t like it.

  11. Nice work on this patch, I would ask for something in the next patch. Option to auto set the unit color based on what color it is given when line is created. Being some what color blind I have a problem matching the colors.

  12. All this looks excellent! But how do you get the patch if you bought the game through the Mac App Store? Information only seems to be supplied for Steam and GOG.

  13. Great patch. I played it in testing for a while and is is really nice. The non disappearing cargo and possibility to know passenger destinations (I was not aware of that) are really a plus for me. I also second the opinion that the video explanation is really useful and classy. I also agree that map generation options should be in the menu.

    On my wishlist there would be some more layers to help plan and optimize the network such as to know which buildings use my lines or not and where are (in an aggregate way between cities for instance with arrows) passengers destinations for the whole city (including those with car) and usage lines (e.g. 100 passengers want to go from my city to City A, 60% use my lines).

    In addition I would like better information about times or speeds when buying trains: would it be possible to calculate and show the time for conducting one complete trip on the line (obviously assuming no stops at signals) for the train and wagon combination I am selecting when buying and when upgrading trains ?

    Finally I’m an accountant and I would appreciate a better income statement and cash flow statement (but I think that for the casual player the way it is done is ok).

  14. Would love to see a coverage overview – so once we have lines set up we can look at how the lines cover the various areas and what areas are getting what deliveries.

    Ideally this overview should be selectable per product type – so if required we should be able to see graphically the coverage for passengers obly – or passengers, food & tools – or whatever the comination is that the use selects.

    Also – would be great to see better production management on factories – etc – often get massive build up of resources at farms, quaries & factories – despite the demand not being able to meet that. Priduction should be demand driven. I understand it gets complicated – but a coal men should only supply enough coal that can get shifted by the available transport – i.e. it should balance to keep station and factory stokpiles low if possible. – Maybe that should be a setting.

  15. Hallo liebes Urban-Games-Team,

    schön dass ihr fleißig weiter am Spiel werkelt, um es zu verbessern. Es sind sehr nützliche und somit erfreuliche Fortschritte.
    Da man in euren beiden Spielen “Train-Fever” und noch mehr in “Transport-Fever” sieht, wieviel Wert ihr auf kleine Details legt, wäre einer der nächsten Schritte evtl. den Fokus darauf zu legen, dass Flugzeuge die Höhe zum Boden “abtasten”, da es nunmal sehr unschön ausschaut, wenn Flugzeuge durch Berge fliegen.
    Oder hat sich da schon was getan? Auch fände ich es toll, wenn ihr eine Art offizielles Addon für den deutschen Bahn- und Busverkehr rausbringen könntet, soweit dies möglich ist.
    Allerdings bleibt meine Hoffnung, wenn so etwas eurerseits umsetzbar wäre, dass es nicht so läuft, wie beispielsweise beim Train-Simulator, wo man für fast jede Lok um die 15€ hinblättern muss. Das würde ich dann nicht gutheißen bzw. unterstützen.

    Liebe Grüße – Cel

    • Ein Addon für die DB wäre wirklich nicht schlecht, aber leider gibt es da Lizensprobleme u.s.w
      Aber du kannst ja auch dir alle deutschen Mods im Workshop runterladen bzw. im TPF Forum. Zum Glück gibt es ja eine große Modding-Community!

  16. Great update! Lots of new features to play with, which is almost always nice. It’s also good to see that you’re working on a performance update, so I’m looking forward to that a lot.
    Also, after you’ve released that update, I would like to see another minor one with some new things, such as Trolleybuses (and their wires) and Multiple Units driving in both directions (which they are supposed to do), not just magically flip around like they do now. An example of this would be:
    A train that has 2 Locomotives and 2 Wagons (one red, the other blue). The red Wagon is the front Wagon, but when the train reaches its last stop, the blue Wagon becomes the front one, meaning that the train didn’t do a magical flip and make the red Wagon the permanent front Wagon.

  17. I’ve owned this game for a while, but barely played. I really want to say that you guys are awesome, though. I’ll really dig into the game at some point soon, I’m sure.

  18. Please, please, please implement left hand driving for road vehicles. 1/3 of the world drives on the left including such places as the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, India, Japan, Indonesia and most of SE Asia. It’s not good that we have to have our vehicles drive on the right.

    • The easiest way is just to directly modify your config files in the games install folder. There is a file called “base_config.lua” in the “res” folder, which has lots of terrain generation configuration parameters. The “river” one specifically is an object around line 97.

  19. Great path guys! Love it!

    I do agree that map generation options would be really nice to see in the game UI under the “Advanced” tab in other map options at creation. The only other bigger thing I have on my wishlist that I think has been mentioned multiple times is some sort of tool to refine an entire sections of track placement before committing it, using something similar to bezier curve editing handles and the ability to add new segments to modify, etc.

    Eg. it would be nice to drag a track from station to station for example, then modify the nodes/path on that track to avoid mountains and otherwise better align with the terrain, etc.

    • On top of the bezier curve planning tool a simple ‘duplicate track’ on left or right would be so useful.

      Also, a simple planning layer where you could paint/sketch out your future proposals.

  20. Kennt man von Schweizer Softwarehersteller gar nicht, dass das verbuggte Spiel noch weiterentwickelt wird. Ich hätte einen DLC für 15€ mit wahnsinngen 2 Loks und 3 Wagons mehr erwartet…
    Das super Feature, dass sich die Züge beim upgrade der Schienen (teilweise) umdrehen exisitert hoffentlich schon noch oder?
    Sarkastische Grüße,

      • das war natürlich nicht an Urban Games gerichtet, sondern an eine andere Schweizer Firma, die mir als Simulatoren-Entwickler bekannt sind. Urban Games ist ok, aber leider immer noch viele Bugs, die das Spielerlebnis einfach trüben. Ich hoffe ja noch auf eine Art Cities Skylines, Cities Fever? Immerin gibts noch Gameplay Updates und für mich das wichtigste: Freiheit auf GOG zu kaufen, hatte das dort direkt Vorbestellt, also ich unterstütze die Firma definitiv, aber wie gesagt, bestimmte Bugs bekommen sie einfach nicht gelöst…

  21. Hallo zusammen,
    Ich habe eine kurze Frage. Bei mir fehlen im Tunnel die Wand texturen, bezw. sie sehen aus wie eine Landschaftstextur. In verschiedenen Videos habe ich aber gesehen, dass die Nutzer dort Mauer-texturen haben. Irgend eine Idee wie ich das fixen kann?

  22. Thanks for the update, downloading now (will take ~6 hours). The improved upgrade algorithm for stations, roads etc. is very very welcome.

    I have a small wish list as well:
    – please display the length of a train in the depot in order to know whether it will fit a certain station
    – please add the ability to pan around in first-person-view, at least 90° to the left and right
    – a sticky button on GUI windows which makes windows remain open when pressing Delete would be very useful (as seen in OpenTTD)
    – there is a bug: when exiting first-person view, all windows that were open before are now rearranged on screen

    Thanks again for the great game. After a longer hiatus, I am currently in my second playing phase since purchase. 🙂

  23. Ich würde mir wünschen (weiss nicht, ob das schon implementiert wurde), dass “Innenlinien” benutzt werden. Also zb: Ich habe Linie 1 von A nach B und habe dann Linie 1A, die zwar den selben weg benutzt, aber nur verkürzt, um den Verkehr flüssiger zu machen. Passagiere könnten somit dann auch Linie 1 und 1A benutzen, um an ihr Ziel anzukommen.

  24. I’ve been happily plaing the new patch for a few hours now. I found a bug as I was at the game’s first big generation switch:
    I just got a “This vehicle is getting old” notification for a train which has been replaced only 8 years prior. Apparently the notification refers to the train’s age from before it was replaced.

    Also, when composing a line’s replacement train which is longer than what the window can display, there is no proper way to find out how many cars the train has. The scrolling is too coarse to be able to count the cars easily and the scrollbar cannot be grabbed and moved slowly.

    • Two more things 🙁
      – a new bug that came with this patch: when loading is finished and the loading screen switches to the normal game screen, there is music audible for two seconds (I have music diabled)
      – this has been around for a while: when a steam locomotive enters a tunnel, the smoke does not fully dissolve. Only when the locomotive has left the tunnel (and new smoke is being generated), the smoke at the tunnel entrance fully dissolves

  25. Hi, sagt mal, kann man im Vanilla-Modus mittlerweile die Spielgeschwingigkeit ändern? Sprich, bestimmen in wie viele Minuten ein Tag/Jahr vergeht? Ich bin da so kein Fan von MODs …

    • Nicht in der Oberfläche so weit ich weiß. Du brauchst aber kein Mod; es reicht, eine Datei zu bearbeiten. Nur darf man nicht vergessen, das auch nach einem Update wieder zu tun. Die Datei ist
      Darin gibt es eine Zeile
      game.config.millisPerDay = 2000
      Laut Kommentar gehen Werte von 1000 bis 8000. Ich habs auf 8000 stehen, damit man den Zügen eine Weile zusehen kann ohne daß gleich 10 Jahre dabei vergehen. Die Finanzen werden ebenso beeinflußt. D.h. wenn Du von den standardmäßigen 2000 auf 8000 stellst (das Vierfache), dann bringt eine Fuhre nur noch ein Viertel ein.

      • Cool, danke für die Antwort! So selber in der config-datei herumschrauben finde ich immer bissi blöd, sowas sollte im Spiel einstellbar sein.. . Kannst du mir noch sagen wie es sich mit der Entwicklung der Industrie und der Stadt verhält, wenn man nun die 8000 einstellt und sich dabei ,wie du sagst, die Zeit und die Finanzen antiproportional zueinander verhalten.

  26. Not sure if it belongs here. Just bought the game at GOG. When I start playing the Tutorial under Linux (Ubuntu or Mint) the graphics seem buggy (the trees are ‘flashing’) and after a while the screen freezes. Then goes to black for one second and returns, still frozen (including mouse). Music continues until end. Nothing happens. I haven’t been able to enjoy the game, sadly. But I can’t see the error being faced anywhere. A fresh install of Linux did not help…


    There is a serious bug in the game when railway tracks are crossing each other at a very steep angle (in order to switch tracks at high speed). If you build something like in my screenshots then it is impossible to demolish these crossings/switches. Please check my screenshots to see exactly what I mean.

  28. Another nitpick: train loading time seems to be fixed. It should depend on quantity.

    Example: I have a route that picks up wood at station A, delivers it to station B near a sawmill and then returns with the produced lumber to station A, where a factory receives the lumber. When the train delivers a full load of lumber (around 200 units), it takes the same time to unload that full train as it does to load wood, independent of how much wood is actually loaded. If there is – say – only 100 units waiting, the train loads the units basically hat half speed.

    Hm, and I often have “Line usage: No” at an industry, even though it’s been connected for years with several trains running the line.

    @PI: ich weiß nicht, ob die Stadtentwicklung auch von der Einstellung abhängt. Im Prinzip ist’s mir auch egal ;-), ich bin zufrieden mit dem Stadtentwicklungstempo. Praktisch jeden Monat tauchen neue Baukräne in Städten auf, die ich mit Bussen u.ä. bediene.

  29. Die patches sind super. Hatte das Spiel zum Release gekauft und viele der Sachen die jetzt eingefuehrt wurden steigern den Spielspaß deutlich. Ich würd mir ja wünschen, dass es mal noch nen DLC gibt mit nen paar weiteren Fahrzeugen. Man kann auch zum Beispiel neuere Versionen von Fahrzeugen einführen das finde ich besonders für fortgeschrittene Spiele sinnvoll. Es gibt ja z.B. nicht nur einen TGV sondern viele Versionen die kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt wurden.

  30. Ich finde es schade, dass man die einzelnen Info-Fenster in der Größe nicht anpassen kann (z.B. Linienübersicht). Spiele auf einen 4k Monitor und habe dadurch genug Platz dafür. Bei mehr als 100 Linien ist das eine ganz schöne Scrollerei.

  31. Great improvements so far! Would be nice to get an update where the development is right now. In the beginning you gave a small update every two weeks. Now we are lacking information for three months. I would be happy to get updates More frequently. Thankyou

  32. Hi, I love the look of this game so purchased it with much enthusiasm. However, when I load up the game I get to the main screen and then that is it i.e. no mouse, no keys or even a D-Pad will work, so stuck at main screen and have to Ctrl-Alt-Del to shut it down. Assistance required please.

  33. I can’t get stations paths to link up although there is no problem with buses or trucking. Keeps saying “no station connections”I have checked all the obvious remedies like Depot connection, breaks in the line etc.. I have reistalled this game three times with no advancements.!! Every one is complaining about this issue and and yet you do nothing to put it right. A direct contact with you is impossible, so what happens now. I would like some help with before I go nuts!

  34. I have spent three days trying to get this stupid system working properly. It seems like many other people they can’t get the stations to connect with each other therebye making the the main principle of the game unplayable. Buses and trucks accept the paths given but trains keep on saying “NOT CONNECTED”. Three times I have reloaded the whole game with the same result. There also seems no way to contact you for any advice, there is no manual pdf ublished which is probably the other major problem. Do you people ever resond to your pulic?

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